Fortnit Advanced Tips Season 10 Fortnit has finally arrived, and with it some of the biggest changes I’ve seen so far.  With new locations and missions full of action, 10 Squadron did its best, but was disappointing.

The battles with the protection of plant varieties have multiplied and will become more difficult for the actors. If you want to improve your game at Fortnite, you’ll need to learn some new tips and tricks for Fortnite Pro to gain a competitive advantage (see below for tips on how to change the game).

From the new weekly Fortnite Battle Pass missions, where Battle Stars players are rewarded with 10 Xbox XP tips and exclusive collectible cosmetics, to a brand new, messy and controversial two-seater car called B.R.U.T.E. (making some players wonder if they’re already a nerd in the making).

Season X, the official title, was one of the most anticipated seasons of the epic so far.

Rift zones (plagued in season 9) and new mapping sites were highly appreciated by Fortnite enthusiasts who begged Epic (the developer of Fortnite) to publish new mapping sites.

The bullet weapon has also been upgraded to and now includes

  • Baller
  • Four-Crusher
  • Silicone gun
  • semi-automatic sniper
  • Tactical assault rifle
  • Curtain-turner
  • Air robbery
  • Reuse of positioned gliders (although still available in large team mode)

I can tell you a lot about season 10, but I’ll save that for another guide.

With that in mind, we will continue with my three main professional tips for Fortnite, including techniques and strategies for becoming the dominant professional at Fortnit.

Determine your location at the delivery point

Professional Fortnit gamers should know that in our list of tips for season 10 Xbox Fortnit, you should first develop a strategy to find your drip point when you start a new round. The beginning of each round is important, this is the phase of the game in which you choose the spawning point.

Choose a promising position to jump off the bus and gain a direct competitive advantage over others who may not choose the ideal route.

Parachute jumps to buildings are (in my opinion) the best, because it is usually the buildings that contain the most loot.  Therefore, most Fortnit veterans are in such positions at the beginning of the cycle.

In addition, players with a parachute jump to the same place where you can present a new set of unique tasks, so that you can follow the routes of other players.

If you see the enemy and the parachute close together at the same location, separate from the player(s) and go to a new map location.

Otherwise, you may be standing next to your opponents on the field, preventing you from buying weapons and collecting resources (the two main goals at the beginning of each round).

Choosing the right Fortnite skin.

The 10th. Fortnite’s squadron saw many new skins, including the skull demon and the female version of the drift skin. It is quite possible that some of the new skins will also be added to our list of Fortnites rare skins. To know which skins and understand which ones are rare, is at the top of our Fortnite tips list, players should follow them. By becoming familiar with the rare skins of Fortnite, you can certainly master the game and become an advanced player.

Understanding the mechanism

fortnite pro tips - Using chest sounds will greatly improve your playing performance and competitive advantage. I’ve included it in the Fortnite console’s list of tricks, because it’s much easier to identify safes. If you can locate crates with expensive equipment and weapons, you’re more likely to gain an advantage over your enemies.

The chests give a magical tingling sensation that increases with the proximity of the players.  The closer you get to your chest, the louder the sound becomes.

Chests usually contain at least one useful item, sometimes a high-level item, and the Fortnite’s best weapon for use in the game.

The material has six unique colours and it will be useful for your gameplay to learn them (so you don’t have to waste time picking up a piece of blue material if you already have a purple set).

Underneath there are six class colours:

  • Normal is gray.
  • Unusual – Green
  • Rarely blue.
  • Epic – purple
  • Legendary – Orange
  • Myth – Gold (privilege of infinity and leaf of infinity – the only 2 mythical weapons).

Get to know the colors, remember the sounds, and you’ll be better rested during the game.

Stay as safe as possible

Professional advice for Fortnite, including managing your security and protection This may seem obvious, but I would like to place this in the advanced advice category for Fortnite.

Believe it or not, I’m surprised how often I see Fortnite players running around outside where they’re vulnerable to attack from all sides.

In any case, avoid running in open spaces, because then you will be clearly visible to your opponents.  Stay hidden as much as possible.  If you have to travel over rough terrain, make sure you stay close to the shelter throughout the walk (e.g. by hugging buildings).

With Unlimited Sprint you will get to your destination faster, so don’t rest!

A small technique I use to be incognito is to lie down in the bushes.  That’s why I don’t use the Bush element of camouflage, because it would be easier to recognize because I would be a bigger target.

Often you can camp in the bushes, and even with your head bare, the enemies will pass you by (easy targets).

While it’s not the noblest way to make money on murder if you’re in poor health and can’t be harmed, there’s no better way to turn the tide.

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