Genshin Impact is a community made game which has more than 300,000 players. A recent study of their most popular characters found that none were considered top tier in terms of picks by the playerbase and only one character was consistently picked over 40% of the time from December 2017 to March 2018.

Genshin Impact’s most popular characters are the tier list. The tier list is a list of all the current tiers, and what each character can do in that tier. Read more in detail here: genshin impact tier list.

Genshin Impact's most popular characters: Genshin Impact pick rates

Genshin Impact has a large number of playable characters, each with varying degrees of power. As a result, certain characters will be stronger than others at clearing endgame stuff.

Because Genshin Impact is a gacha game, measuring “pick rates” is impossible. This implies that a pricey, low-selling character may have lower pick-rates, albeit this isn’t always a sign of their strength.

We can, however, obtain a reasonable picture of a character’s overall strength and pick rate by combining data from websites like Genshin Lab and The data from various data gathering sources varies significantly, but the top 10 characters or so are very constant. As a consequence, the following list is not necessarily arranged in any particular order.

Here are some of the most well-known characters from Genshin Impact.


1634008165_563_Best-characters-to-use-for-the-Spiral-Abyss-in-GenshinPhotographed by

( has a 78 percent pick rate, whereas GenshinLab has a 95 percent pick rate.)

Due to his capacity to perform practically everything at once, Kazuha has a historically high selection rate since his debut. As he swirls, he improves his team’s elemental damage, has exceptional crowd control skills, and can even deal some damage on his own.

As a character, he’ll almost certainly be remembered. Unlike Venti, who depends on crowd control, Kazuha is a versatile character whose buffs are always beneficial, but crowd control is less effective against monsters.


Genshin-Impacts-most-popular-characters-Genshin-Impact-pick-ratesPhotographed by

(GenshinLab Pick Rate: 91 percent | Pick Rate: 68 percent)

Zhongli is the best choice for any account since his shield renders most of the game useless. A well-built Zhongli can take a lot of damage and defend your squad with his shield. It’s no surprise that he has a high pick rate.

In teams with DPS characters like Hu Tao, Xiao, and Arataki Itto, Zhongli is crucial. Characters like Yoimiya and Eula, for example, like the tankiness that Zhongli brings. However, miHoYo has been significantly fighting shields with new mechanisms like Corrosion, thus Zhongli’s crown may not last indefinitely.

Ayaka Kamisato

1643232031_815_Genshin-Impacts-most-popular-characters-Genshin-Impact-pick-ratesImage courtesy of miYoHo

(GenshinLab Pick Rate: 88 percent | Pick Rate: 84 percent)

With a powerful Elemental Burst and the ability to fit in a freezing squad, Ayaka is presently one of the greatest DPS characters in the game. Once you freeze foes, she uses her Elemental Burst to deliver a lot of damage.

However, since Ayaka is a DPS character, her pick-rate will very certainly decrease in the future. She won’t be able to hold her reign indefinitely as the material becomes more difficult and other personalities are required. However, she’ll almost certainly be a formidable contender for any account.


1643232032_351_Genshin-Impacts-most-popular-characters-Genshin-Impact-pick-ratesPhotographed by

(GenshinLab Pick Rate: 91 percent | Pick Rate: 81 percent)

Bennett has been one of the finest selections in Genshin Impact since his first release, and with good cause. His Elemental Burst heals your squad, increases their Attack, and even delivers some damage on its own. He also has a powerful Elemental Skill that allows your squad to create a large amount of Pyro energy particles.

Bennett’s selection rate is unlikely to diminish until he gets power crept, since his healing and Attack bonus are just too useful for most teams. He also fits in with majority of the game’s teams, therefore he isn’t restricted by team configurations.


Genshin-Impacts-most-popular-characters-Genshin-Impact-pick-ratesPhotographed by

(GenshinLab Pick Rate: 89 percent | Pick Rate: 84 percent)

Xingqiu is a powerful character because to his ability to use a lot of the Hydro element on his foes. His Elemental Burst lets you to perform elemental reactions like Vaporize, Electro-Charged, and Frozen on a regular basis. His Elemental Skill does a significant amount of damage on its own.

Xingqiu’s Hydro application is vital for many elemental reaction-based teams, therefore he’ll likely stay relevant until better choices arise.

Shogun Raiden

1634008171_724_Best-characters-to-use-for-the-Spiral-Abyss-in-GenshinImage courtesy of miHoYo

(’s pick rate is 74%; GenshinLab’s pick rate is 88%)

The Shogun Raiden is one of the best supports in the game, dealing tons of damage and empowering your other sub-DPS characters with tons of energy. She’s extremely flexible as support, DPS, sub-DPS, or all of the above.

Her pick rate is expected to stay high, since she becomes stronger as her other allies get stronger. She can assist most of the game’s supports, therefore she’s unlikely to ever become weak.


1643232033_791_Genshin-Impacts-most-popular-characters-Genshin-Impact-pick-ratesImage courtesy of miHoYo YouTube

(’s Pick Rate is 75%; GenshinLab’s Pick Rate is 69%.)

Kokomi was formerly seen to be a weak character, particularly because healing was not a big deal in Genshin Impact. She has, however, found her niche, giving a great deal of protection to various teams while still contributing to team damage. In Freeze teams or elemental reaction-based teams, she is adored.

Her pick rate will most likely vary depending on the topic she’s utilized for, but she’s still a good choice for the Spiral Abyss.


1643232034_788_Genshin-Impacts-most-popular-characters-Genshin-Impact-pick-rates Photographed by

( has a 62 percent pick rate, whereas GenshinLab has a 73 percent pick rate.)

Xiangling has proved to be one of the game’s most powerful sub-DPS characters. Pyronado, her Elemental Burst, does a lot of AoE damage, thus she’s still useful. Not to mention the fact that she’s unattached! For partaking in the Spiral Abyss, each participant receives a free Xiangling.

Xiangling is such a powerful free character that she will almost certainly always be helpful. She can compete with most, if not all, of the game’s 5-star characters, and she’s easy to make. It’s a win-win situation.


1643232034_447_Genshin-Impacts-most-popular-characters-Genshin-Impact-pick-ratesPhotographed by

( has a 50% pick rate, whereas GenshinLab has a 76% pick rate.)

In the Genshin Impact community, the dispute between Ganyu and Ayaka has raged on for years, with many people arguing about which Cryo DPS carrier is the superior choice. While Ayaka may be a stronger DPS carry for the time being, Ganyu is unquestionably superior in other scenarios. Ganyu may also be used as a sub-DPS instead of a primary DPS.

However, when new content is introduced, Ganyu’s pick rate has been progressively decreasing, and it may be time for her to relinquish her position as one of the top DPS characters in the game.

Hu Tao

Hu TaoImage courtesy of miYoHo

( Pick Rate: 51% | GenshinLab Pick Rate: 74%; Pick Rate: 51%; GenshinLab Pick Rate: 74%; Pick

Hu Tao is the game’s most powerful single-target DPS character. While she can’t deliver much damage to large groups of foes, she can deal a lot of damage to the Maguu Kenki. As a consequence, she’s still one of the game’s greatest DPS characters.

Hu Tao’s pick rate has been progressively declining, therefore it may be time for her to creep out foes rather than shock them.

Venti receives an honorable mention.

1634008175_719_Best-characters-to-use-for-the-Spiral-Abyss-in-GenshinPhotographed by

(’s Pick Rate is 23%; GenshinLab’s Pick Rate is 83%)

Although the two websites offer vastly differing selection rates for the once-famous Anemo Archon, the reality remains that Venti has weakened over time. As miHoYo added more enemies that are immune to crowd control, his ability to crowd control enemies deteriorated significantly.

His pick rate will change based on how effectively his Elemental Burst works in a certain Spiral Abyss cycle. However, he’ll almost never be a negative choice for your account.

The “genshin impact tier list reddit” is a list of the most popular characters in Genshin Impact. The list was created by /u/GenshinImpact on Reddit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most loved character in Genshin Impact?

A: The most loved character in Genshin Impact is Yukari.

Which character in Genshin Impact is the rarest?

A: The rarest Genshin Impact character is the green mascot, Red.

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