Today is the second day of the Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge 2 and all players want to get to know the Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge 2. We’ve brought this article to help you complete Call 2 of this incredible event. You can receive many awards when you have completed all your tasks.

Push the Genshin 2-glove

Push the Genshin 2-glove

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Shock absorber plate Genshin 2

The second challenge is very interesting. This glider is located south of Mount Aosang, which is in the western part of Liue. Here you see the red trigger in the distance. You won’t encounter any obstacles during the course. It’s also hard to stay on course. To reach the first ring of Anemo, you need to use the update function. He can easily lift you very high.

You have to do your best to get through it. In the last part you can easily save the sprint. To enter the Anemo ring, you need a good speed and height. After discussing the Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge 2, you might be interested in getting to know Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge 1.

Genshin shock absorber slide 1

You will find the first slip test in the southeastern part of the Luhua basin. You can drive in that direction from the nearest statue of the Seven. You will also find several Hughes points and the launch mechanism at the edge of the rock. If you want to find this course, it will appear on your right.

Once you’ve started the challenge, you’re not allowed to open the glider. They’ll be high for the first ring. On the last part of the track you can easily maintain your jumping power. They flew in a straight line over the water.

We have discussed Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge 2 and Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge 1.

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Various obstacles must be avoided in order to be able to slide completely. The orange rings don’t let the wind in, and that’s bad. You have to avoid wind caps. You can also find dust balls that dirty your screen.

Special anti-slip properties

You can use special gliding skills, it would be useful for you. There are two different drag-and-drop options, only for events that you can use when performing the task. The Ascend button helps your character to fly away, it’s very convenient. If you missed a lot of Anemo rings, you run the risk of going into the ground. If you use Ascend, your speed will also increase. You need to stay focused on your jumping ability. It will help you to elevate your character.

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Henshin shock absorber

It is a very interesting event that allows you to win a reward. This event started on 4 December 2020 and will be published on 14 December. December 2020. A new slide is opened every day. Your reward depends on the medal you’ve won. You can also earn money in the game. Genshin Impact is a very interesting game that is becoming more and more popular every day, it is also available on different platforms.


This is a complete guide to the Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge 2. We would like to close this article now in the hope that you will receive complete information about this test. If you have any questions, please contact us in the Comment section. We look forward to answering your questions about the Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge 2 program.

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