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what is a stage channel in discord?

With the version updates come new events, such as. B. initiation into the energy booster. This latest event is a promising glimpse into the future of Genshin Impact. Over the next week, several acts will be unlocked with new content for players. Here’s our guide to performing the Genshin Energy Enhancement Initiation, so you can learn a little more about this exciting event.

Message: Players must have an adventurer rank of 20 or higher to participate in this event.

Genshin Impact: Output stage switching command

Here’s everything you need to know about the Genshin Energy Enhancement Initiation Ritual.


  • Act 1: 30. April 2021: 10:00 Server time
  • Act 2: 3. May 2021: 4 hours, server time
  • Act 3: 6. May 2021: 4 hours, server time
  • End Date : 17. May 2021 3:59 Server time
  • Awards: Primogems, Mora, Hero Wit, Upgrade Ore, Crown of Insight.


Over the course of three acts, you can explore areas designated as places of interest. Each of these sites is then divided into three sections. To progress in this activity, you must complete all sections for each location you are interested in. Come back here every other day, because as the event progresses, new and interesting places are discovered.

In these special places you can find the objects you are looking for (Irminsul fruit fragments). However, you can only get them after defeating the enemies guarding the fragments.

Note that a special ore called a mutation stone gives all nearby enemies a certain buff (whether it’s an increase in strength or an increase in resistance to certain types of damage). First aim your mutation stones to reduce your opponent’s buff, then attack your enemies. You don’t have to worry too much about team composition in this event, since most of the enemies you’ll face are the usual mass fighters (hilihurls, treasure hunters, slugs, etc).

  • Act 1 Location: Linzhu Pass
    • Location of Irminsul fruit fragments
      • Terrace: 30,000 Mora, 90 Broken Fruit Dates, 1 Song of Steel.
      • Flash Point : 3 Heroic Courage, 90 Broken Fruit Records, 1 Encouraged.
      • Ruins: 30 Primogemmes, 90 Broken Fruit, 1 Manly, 1 Blade Dance.
  • Act 1 area: Vishap Holidays

event memory

One of the reasons why this event is so interesting is because of the rewards on offer. In the Event Shop, you’ll find some typical (and very useful) prizes that can be exchanged for points called Fractured Fruit Data. You can expect character upgrade materials, talent upgrade materials, character experience, weapon experience, and Mora.

Not only can you win valuable in-game materials like the ones mentioned above, but there is also the possibility to win a maximum of 300 Primogems. While this amount of Primogems is only enough to grant one wish (160 Primogems per wish), this is one of the first times Primogems have been offered in the Event Store. We hope to see more Genshin Impact events in the future!

Special Event Prize (invite Diona!)

Those who played Genshin Impact during the Lantern Festival may remember receiving one of six 4-star Liyue characters. There is a similar prize in the Energy Booster initiation event; if you bring in 1,000 dates of broken fruit, you get Diona (or her constellation). You can only do this once per event.

We recommend taking advantage of the free character reward in this event, as characters and constellations are among the hardest things to get in the game.

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