This week we have news about a free trial of the music switch for Rune Factory 4 Special, Out of Space, CIV VI, designed for life: Two kingdoms: Bridge Constructor The Walking Dead, a collection of Pigeon Dev games for Nintendo Switch and Star Renegades

Free switch test for factory rounds 4 Special

With the weekend, when more playing time is available, you can just play for free: A special review of the Rune Factory 4 switch is now available for Nintendo’s online members. Not a demo, but a real game. I don’t think you can finish the game in a limited amount of time, but still: progress is slowed down when you buy the game. The offer is 4 to 10. November 2020 valid.

This test was available last week in Japan, so who knows, America might be next!

Output space

A good strategic collaboration results in a switch (and Xbox and PS4) called Out of Space : Off the couch. The game invites you and your friends to move to a new house – to space! Clean up, set up the rooms and work on cleaning up as you try to get rid of the aliens that you plan to destroy the house of your dreams.

Like a fun game of couch out of space: The Couch Edition offers short sessions so easy that anyone can take the controller with them and have fun right away. Each game starts in a procedure-generated spaceship, which requires that you have the best planning and teamwork skills to be clean and comfortable. You and your friends need to generate resources, recycle waste and alien sludge, buy and build new technology, and take care of each other if you ever want to call home the chaos you’re in.

A virtual journey?

In circumstances where you have virtually nowhere to go in this Kovida crisis, it might be a good idea to take a look behind the scenes to see the orchestra behind the music of Civilization VI – New Frontier Pass!

Take a trip to Prague and discover the orchestra to the music of civilization VI – Crossing New Frontiers.


– 4. Sid Mayer civilization (@CivGame) 5. November 2020.

Issued: Two kingdoms

Remember when Drawn to Life first appeared on DS in 2007? At the time, it was something you could play in the event of a tie in the game itself. So the 505 games have announced what will be signed for life: The two kingdoms will be reunited on the 7th. In December of this year we are striving for change (computer and mobile phone). The next part of the Drawn to Life franchise includes a new creation tool, favourite characters, over 100 new quests and much more. Here’s the trailer:

Combination of Bridge Play with Walking Dead

Expect a new puzzle game that combines the Bridge Builder (an overview of the original game can be found here) with AMC’s post-apocalyptic universe, The Walking Dead. And it’s all about Switch (and Xbox, PS4, PC and mobile phone).

Join a group of survivors fighting hordes of undead and a hostile human community. Build bridges and other structures over dark landscapes and destroyed buildings. Team up with your favourite fans such as Daryl, Michon and Eugene to create a safe passageway for the series’ iconic cars. Use moving flat objects, explosives and bait to lure walkers into deadly traps and bring survivors to safety. Enjoy physics-based animations as walkers succumb to gravity.

Carrying case on the Nintendo Switch

Premium Edition Games, the new publisher of Switch, announced today that the first collection of Pigeon Dev games will be released on Tuesday, July 10. November at 10:00 for limited pre-orders. Eastern standard time.

The first collection consists of four names in one package: Terrific Pea, Terrific Pea 2, Bucket Knight and Blast Jake. There are three limited special editions, and if you want to know more, check out the Premium Edition Games section if you are in the USA, and if not, check out the Video Games Plus section.
At the beginning of 2021, three more collections will arrive.

Star tracks switch to.

A few months ago James Star gave the PC versions of Renegade our highest rating: Two fingers up! So the good news is that RawFury is going to move the game to consoles and thus change. The 25th. In November you can participate in the game.

James concluded that Star Renegades is a beautiful futuristic game with fun and memorable characters and deep tactical gameplay. The Star Renegades – to destroy the ominous robot power of the empire. A very dangerous and difficult enemy, which excels in destroying you and your group of heroes. Do you want to run a background check on him? Find him here!

Here we go:

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