Geralt of Rivia, a professional monster slayer, is on a quest to slay the monsters that have invaded the land of Temeria. The Witcher: Monster Slayer is a role-playing game developed by CD Projekt RED, the studio behind games like The Witcher, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, and the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077.

This list is a complete list of all monsters in The Witcher: Monster Slayer. This is not 100% accurate since some monsters may not be in the game, and others can be found in one of the expansions. I don’t think this list is complete, since some monsters are just missing.

The Witcher franchise has been around for a while, and its latest addition, The Witcher: Monster Slayer, is no different. The game, which was released back in January, has you take on the role of a monster hunter who has to take on the terrifying (and quite diverse) monsters that are running rampant in the game. Needless to say, the game has a lot of monsters—and we’re here to help you track down the full list of all of them.


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The Witcher: Monster Slayer is an augmented-reality game in which players must eliminate various creatures. Players would have to explore the actual world in quest of monsters, similar to Pokemon Go. The difficulty of the game will grow as you advance, and you will encounter creatures of greater rarity. Having said that, below is a list of all the monsters presently in the game.

Every creature in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Monsters that are often encountered

Name of the Monster Type
Alghoul Necrophages
Alp Vampires
Arachnomorph Insectoids
Archespore Those who are cursed
Barghest Specters
Basilisk Draconids
Bloedzuiger Necrophages
Nekker Carnage Ogroids
Chort Relict
Arachas are often seen in the wild. Insectoids
Cyclops Ogroids
Drowner Necrophages
Ekimmara Vampires
Drone Endrega Insectoids
Worker from Endrega Insectoids
Fiend Relicts
Fleder Vampires
Foglet Necrophages
Forktail Draconids
Gargoyle Elementa
Garkain Vampires
Ghoul Necrophages
Toad Giant Those who are cursed
Golem Elementa
Grave Hag Necrophages
Forktail, Green Draconids
Griffin Hybrids
Harpy Hybrids
Arachas, the hermit Insectoids
Worker Kikimore Insectoids
Leecher Necrophages
Nekker Ogroids
Warrior Nekker Ogroids
Nightwraith Specters
Noonwraith Specters
Fleder, Pale Vampires
Ghoul with Pale Skin Necrophages
Pixie Elementa
Arachas Poisonous Insectoids
Rarasha Draconoids
Troll Rock Ogroids
Rotfiend Necrophages
Arachas Royales Insectoids
Scolopendromorph Insectoids
Sea Witch Hybrids
Shaelmaar Relicts
Siren Hybrids
Spriggan Relict
Spriggan Hound is a kind of dog. Relicts
Succubus Hybrids
Swamp Nekker is a swamp creature. Ogroids
Sylvan Relicts
Fiend of the Tiger Relicts
Vodnik Ogroids
Voiceless Specters
Water Hag Necrophages
Werewolf Those who are cursed
Wight Necrophages
Wraith Specters
Writher Insectoids
Wyvern Draconids

Monsters that are very rare

Name of a monster Type
Garkain Alpha Vampires
Beann’shie Specters
Forktail (blue) Draconids
Bruxa Vampires
Burier Necrophages
Cockratrice Draconids
Lurker in the depths Necrophages
Devourer Necrophages
Drowned and Deceased Necrophages
Charger Endrega Insectoids
Warrior Endrega Insectoids
Farbaut Ogroids
Elemental of Fire Elementa
Gernichora Relicts
Gray Slyzard is a character in the game Gray Slyzard Draconids
Harpy, Green Hybrids
Grimnir Ogroids
Grottore Relict
Howler Relicts
Fatuus Ignis Necrophages
Warrior Kikimore Insectoids
Leshen Relicts
Hound of Leshen Relicts
Liho Relicts
Lycanthrope Those who are cursed
Troll of the Magma Ogroids
Shaman Nekker Ogroids
Succubus of the Night Hybrids
Nightmare Specters
Putrifier Necrophages
Foglet, Royal Necrophages
Nekker Royal Ogroids
Wyvern Royal Draconids
Shaelmaar Russet Relicts
Scurver Necrophages
Shrieker Draconids
Alghoul seen Necrophages
Golem of Stone Elementa
Striga Those who are cursed
Dearg, Sylvan Relicts
Wailwraith Specters

Monsters of legend

Name of a monster Type
Leshen the Ancient Relicts
Archgriffin Hybrids
Wyvern of Copper Draconids
D’jinni Elementa
Shaelmaar Dung Relict
Erynia Hybrids
Frightener Insectoids
Slyzard of Graphite Draconids
Grim Hag Necrophages
Hym Specters
Elemental of Ice Elementa
Ice Giant Ogroids
Ice Troll Ogroids
Katakan Vampires
Garkain has a mottled appearance. Vampires
Penitent Specters
Maiden of the Plague Specters
Sandcrab Insectoids
Basilisk of Silver Draconids
Swamp Hag Necrophages
Chortle of the Tarry Relicts
Tormented Relicts
Ulfhedinn Those who are cursed
Elder Unseen Vampires
Devil of the Waters Necrophages
Striga (white) Those who are cursed

Each monster has flaws that players may use to defeat it. However, killing high-rarity creatures becomes increasingly difficult as you encounter more of them.

In the game The Witcher: Monster Slayer, monsters are the only way to get money. If you’re not a monster, levelling up in the game is pretty much impossible, since the amount of experience points from monsters is way too small to advance a character to a higher level. So, what are monsters in the game? Let’s find out!. Read more about witcher monsters list and let us know what you think.

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