Hello, residents of the Vault,

I did it! I scored 50 points last night with my first character. Especially since there have been some issues popping up in the last few levels, and the community here seems very good and helpful! I had a lot of fun leveling up and will probably make a post with my thousands about the game as long as there are new players in sight.

I am now a sneaky shooter, mostly with a rifle and a lever gun I found. The configuration hasn’t changed since my initial breakthrough, and I haven’t looked at the manuals yet. I don’t know what to build at the moment, as respect seems to be quite complicated in this game. Also, it seems that it is punishable to level up bad legendary perks. The options I can think of are to stay with the rifles or switch to heavy weapons.

There may be one thing in store for us: I play mostly solo, but I’m thinking about finding teammates.

Before someone catches me on Google: As I said, I’m looking for assembly advice because the information at …. is contradictory. Almost every build I can find has reviews that are outdated or bad (especially when it comes to full health builds vs blood builds). Even when searching for the same archetype (e.g. heavy gunner), I come across very different options in terms of specialty point distribution and perk. Finally, many builds include (in my opinion) heavily customized endgame armor, and without it, it’s hard to judge whether the build will work without it. I currently have all the cards with a one-shot Damage Rifle perk and most of the sneaky cards, but I’m missing some of the good utility bonuses in Scouting and Luck. I am currently considering two options and have a few questions about them. A general question is how fast can I get levels above 50 with my general rifle design to make it a respectable option. I still have a lot of quests to do, there’s also XP to get there.
1. The rest of the weapons:

  • Is this a viable option? (I got a Legendary Repairman (lvl 50) as a gift from a big lvl guy, so with that I can start my gun perks at 50)! Sometimes I’ve seen people say that guns are bad, and that it would be better to play commando.
  1. Go build heavy weapons:
  • The heavy weapons are big, shiny boom-boom pistols, and the designs seem to match the fancy Power Armor. My question is whether this build is viable for a new player who doesn’t have many plans and resources. This is especially true for available ammunition and fusion. I’ve read a lot about how you can get Heavy Gun with Final Word relatively easily, and I think I can make a level 45 Excavator armor at this point. You have to trade some items and get more new perk cards than in option 1. But I’m most concerned about ammo and the stock fusion, because I had problems with ammo during the lineup.

I know I can have fun with any body type, I just feel a little lost in all the options right now. Thank you very much for reading this article and thank you in advance for your comments. I will try to answer everyone!

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Posted Fresh LVL 50 with questions to build. for the game Fallout.

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