There is no denying the ancient art of Egypt is one of the world’s most influential empires. With everything from pyramids to hieroglyphs, it’s easy to see why these games would be a hit with any gamer!

The “games about egyptian mythology” is a list of four games that are based on ancient Egyptian themes. They include the game “Mythic Egypt: The Quest for Eternity”, which is available on PC and Mac, and the game “Egyptian Mythology: The Quest for Eternity”.

Four of Our Favorite Ancient Egyptian Themed Games

Ancient Egypt had a certain allure that continues to this day. It was the first “developed” society, and it signaled a break from the past. It was far closer to our modern-day civilization than anything before it, yet being very different from the world we live in now.

Ancient Egypt was a land of mighty pharaohs and colossal pyramids, all-powerful gods and goddesses with animal heads. It felt ethereal and earthy at the same time; weird and yet yet familiar. Perhaps it’s because of this unfathomable contradiction that we’re still captivated by this long-forgotten civilisation.  

Many people are drawn to the numerous types of media inspired by the old world, regardless of the psychology underlying it. There are a lot of gamers in this group. If you’re one of them, we believe you’ll love these four titles.


Smite is a game of gods, and many of the characters in the game’s large cast are inspired by Egyptian mythology. You’ll discover a number of lesser-known but equally interesting deities, like as Geb and Neith, among clear MVPs like Osiris and Anubis.

While not exclusively Egyptian, this ancient civilisation had one of the most extensive pantheons of mythical deities. Sobek is one of my favorites.  

The Temple of Osiris and Lara Croft

Any game that features Lara Croft is certain to be entertaining, and this one is no exception. It was the first four-player cooperative experience in the whole series, and it was the sequel to Lara Croft and the Guardian of the Light. That’s not all, however.

It is set in Egypt’s scorching deserts, and the main character teams up with well-known Egyptian gods such as Horus and Isis. Set, the terrifying god of chaos, is their adversary. This excellent game for anybody who appreciates Egyptian mythology and folklore is based mainly on Egyptian mythos and folklore.  

Horus’s Eye


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It’s not only video games that have been inspired by our favorite ancient civilization. There are also slots that borrow from its stories. You can play Horus’s Eye to see for yourself. Set in a forgotten temple covered over by sand and lost to time, this slot has a really well-researched backstory.

Its designers have certainly done their study, as you’ll see a slew of themed symbols on the reels, ranging from scarab beetles to Egyptian hieroglyphs. It’s immersive and intriguing, and it transports players to a fascinating moment in history.   

5th Civilization

If you’re looking for something more historically accurate, try your hand at 5th Civilization. This clever strategy game puts players in the roles of ancient leaders, with one of the most exciting characters being Rameses.

The goal is to construct and govern a prosperous civilisation, and you’ll be in charge of leading it to war, handling diplomacy, and expanding it into a great empire as its emperor. Many real elements have been incorporated to give you a glimpse of what life in Ancient Egypt would have been like.  

Which one of these Egyptian-themed games would you prefer to play first?

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The “egyptian themed video games” is a list of four games that are Egyptian themed. There are many other types of themes, but these four seem to be the most popular. These games include: “Age of Empires,” “God of War,” “Assassin’s Creed,” and “Call of Duty.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What games did ancient Egyptian play?

A: I am not able to tell you the games that ancient Egyptians played.

What were the most common games that children in ancient Egypt played?

A: One of the most popular games that children in ancient Egypt played was tic-tac-toe. Other more common games include a game where you place pebbles on a board and then proceed to knock them off one by one, or another similar game which involved making lines across four spaces with your finger.

What games did ancient people play?

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