When you fire a rifle, the round goes downrange—unless it’s a lever gun and it doesn’t. The first-shot snap of a lever gun is normally due to its lever-action mechanism, and the longer you hold the trigger down, the faster the gun will fire. The problem is that some rifles with fire rate increasing levers are bugged, and the extra rate is not occurring. This is the reason that I created this blog post, to show you how to fix this problem, and how to make the gun work properly.

The lever-action revolver has been a staple of the Wild West since the first one was invented. For more than a century, the design has been honed and refined in various ways, with one of the most famous improvements being the “fluting” of the barrel. This process involves chamfering the edges of the barrel, or grooves, to reduce the weight and increase the strength of the barrel.

If you have an airsoft rifle, you’re probably aware of the problem that plagued the airsoft market in the early 2000’s – the lever-action rifles.  Originally, they would shoot around 300-350 fps, but then the pump action M4’s started to get used in the arena, and airsofters were facing a problem.  The heavier steel barrels and high pressure airsoft pellets negated the power of these rifles, causing them to be less effective than they used to be, but that’s not the only thing going on here.  It turns out that the lever-action rifles themselves are suffering from a bug, and this is affecting the fire rate of these guns as well.

For the most part, this will be technical language; all I ask is that a developer sees it.

A brief explanation: If you’ve ever used a lever-action rifle, you’ve probably observed that receivers that promise to enhance the weapon’s firing rate don’t. The firing rate remains at 5 regardless of which one you equip. I first mistook the increase in firing rate for a decimal that didn’t show up on the interface. I discovered that they are bugged and do nothing at all after some investigation, and I can explain why. Thanks to Nukacrypt for providing the form data.

index - fire rate increasing lever-action receivers are bugged, here's why and how to fix it

According to the creation kit wiki’s talkpage:

Attack Delay slows down the rate of fire by forcing a certain amount of time to elapse before firing the next shot. Attack Delay is disabled by the Automatic and Bolt Action Flags.

Speed solely influences the speed at which animations associated with the Bolt Action flag play while the Bolt Action flag is activated. On weapons with the Bolt Action flag, instead of resuming the firing animation with each shot, the firing animation and any animations connected with the Bolt Action flag must complete before the next shot may be fired.

Knowing this, we can see it in the form data for the lever-action (if you CTRL+F the term “Flags” in quotes)

“Flags”: “Crit Effect – on Death, Bolt Action, Unknown 26”, “Crit Effect – on Death, Bolt Action, Unknown 26”, “Crit Effect – on Death, Bolt Action

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean something is broken right away, but what does is if we take a look at the form data for the hair trigger receiver mod (for example, but this applies to all receivers that modify fire rate) and CTRL+F “Property”: “AttackDelaySec” and we find our main problem right there, front & center.

The hair trigger, tuned, furious, and steadfast receiver modifications don’t really improve firing rate since they rely on the AttackDelaySec attribute, which isn’t available if the weapon is marked as bolt-action. Because there is an action after firing (which is all that flag implies), the bolt-action flag is accurate; nevertheless, the AttackDelaySec attribute is wrong.

So, how would Bethesda go about resolving the issue? Let’s look at a comparable weapon, the hunting rifle, to see how this idea is implemented properly.

When searching for “Flags” with quotes in the hunting rifle’s form data, we find:

“Crit Effect – on Death, Bolt Action,” “Flags,” “Flags,” “Flags,” “Flags,” “Flags,” “Flags,” “Flag

This is, once again, accurate. But what about firearm modifications?

We’ll utilize the hair trigger receiver as an example once again. We can observe that the hunting rifle’s hair trigger receiver mod utilizes the Speed property, as it should, given that the weapon is marked as bolt-action, by looking for “Property”: “Speed.”

It doesn’t get much easier than this. In fact, the lever-action rifle seen in Fallout 4’s Far Harbor executed this idea properly, thus it might simply be a case of copying and pasting.

I hope my explanation was clear, and that someone from the 76 team notices this and fixes it in the next version. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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