In the latest edition of Indie Celebration by Digital Dragons, the finalists of the Indie Celebration 2021 festival have been announced. The finalist were selected by a jury of game developers and industry experts, who evaluated games submitted by developers from all around the world. This year, the winners will get their chance to present their games at the Indie Celebration 2021 Festival, where they will be able to connect with other developers, publishers, and industry leaders.

The Polish city of Krakow is home to the biggest gaming convention in Central Europe. At the end of May, the city played host to the Digital Dragons conference, with more than 6,000 people from all over the world attending lectures, workshops and expositions. The prestigious awards ceremony took place on the final day of the event. The finalists of this year’s Indie Celebration have been announced, and we are proud to share the news with you.

Indie Celebration 2021: Finalists announced next week by Digital Dragons

The organizer of Digital Dragons 2021, Krakow’s technology park, has announced the finalists for Indie Celebration 2021, an event that celebrates the best in independent games. Indie Celebration is an international competition where independent developers present their games to a select audience of peers, veterans and industry experts, and receive prestigious awards. This year’s event was supported by the co-organizers of Reboot – Adria Games Initiative and DevGAMM.

For this year’s competition, over 250 games were submitted by game developers from over 50 countries. After testing each of these games, a panel of judges selected 60 finalists to play at the Indie Celebration on the 13th and 14th. in front of a wide audience on Steam. That’s 10 items more than the 50 items in last year’s celebration of independents. Most games will also be available as demos, so players can try them out before voting for the best game in the community voting awards.

The complete list of finalists is as follows

  • Guide to Babylon (Star, China)
  • The story of the juggler (Kaleidoscube, Germany)
  • Monster Expedition (Drakneck and Friends, UK)
  • Akatori (Teamnora Games, Russia)
  • Alan Machine Workshop (Laputa Labs, Taiwan)
  • Atrio: The Dark Wild (Isto Inc., Canada)
  • Black Skylands (Hungry Couch Games, Russia)
  • Campfire tips (Cory Martin, UK)
  • Breathedge (RedRuins Softworks, Russia)
  • Curious Expedition 2 (Machine Man, Germany)
  • Dandy Ace (Mad Mimic, Brazil)
  • Deepest Chamber (Balcony Softworks, Hungary)
  • Despot’s Game (Confa Games, Russia)
  • Dream motorcycles: Nomadic cities (Sankrash, Israel)
  • Dude, where’s my beer? (Arik and Edo, Norway)
  • Escape Simulator (Pine Studio, Croatia)
  • Expedition Zero (Enigmatic Machines, Czech Republic)
  • Farlanders: Prologue (Andrey Bychkovsky, Ukraine)
  • GALAHAD 3093 (Simutronics, USA)
  • Gone Viral (Skullbot Games, USA)
  • Gravewood High (EvilCo Games, Russia)
  • Happy Game (Amanita Design, Czech Republic)
  • Hard to reach room: Shipbreaker (Blackbird Interactive, Canada)
  • Hello Neighbour 2 (Spooky Guest, Netherlands)
  • Hellpoint (Cradle Games, Canada)
  • Hitchhiker’s Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game (Mad About Pandas, Germany)
  • Home Behind2 (TPP Studio, China)
  • In Sound Mind (We Create Stuff, Israel)
  • Inculinati (Yaza Games, Poland)
  • Intravenous (Roman Glebenkov, Lithuania)
  • Jampala (Yokereba Games, USA)
  • Just turn left. (Pershaland, Iran)
  • Capital: Sparks of Revolution (Team Lapovich, Belarus)
  • Royal Cannon (Incredible Two Studios, USA)
  • Labyrinth City: Peter the Labyrinth Detective (Darjeeling, France)
  • Lumberhill (2BIGO, Poland)
  • Ultimate Lust (Film Games, Poland)
  • Medieval dynasty (Render Cube S.A., Poland)
  • Midnight Fight Express (Jacob Dzwinele, Poland)
  • A minute of islands (Studio Fizbin, Germany)
  • Monorail stories (Stelex Software, Switzerland)
  • The Bird and the Cage (Capricia Productions, Israel)
  • Okinawa Rush (Sokaikan, UK)
  • Paradise Lost (PolyAmorous, Poland)
  • Please touch the artwork (Studio Waterzooi, Belgium)
  • Earthenware : Alchemist Simulator (niceplay games, Russia)
  • First words: Fishy Adventure (18Light Game Ltd., Taiwan)
  • Railway line (, Czech Republic)
  • SUNNABY: Revenant (WONDER POTION, South Korea)
  • Severed Steel (Greylock Studios, USA)
  • Song of the Farquays (Wooden Monkeys, Russia)
  • Tandem Shadow Tale (Monochrome, France)
  • Tetragon (Cafundo Estudio Criativo Eireli, Brazil)
  •  The Amazing American Circus (Klabater/Juggler Games, Poland)
  • The final battle: Aftermath (Con Artist Games, Australia)
  • Timberborn (Mechanical Engineering, Poland)
  • Tiny Lands (Studio Hyper Three, Spain)
  • Tudi and Topdi (Ditzribi, Israel)
  • UnMetal (@unepic_fran, Spain)
  • Untamed Tactics (Grumpy Owl Games, Netherlands)
  • Vagrus – The Riven Realms (Lost Pilgrims Studio, Hungary)

Prizes for the winners will be provided by AMD, which has partnered with Digital Dragons for several years to support independent game developers. Chris Kilburn, corporate vice president and general manager of AMD’s Customer Components division, said:

AMD is pleased to once again partner with Digital Dragons to celebrate independent game development. Together, we make the indie gaming community stronger and celebrate their passion. We are pleased to award all four winners with AMD Ryzen™ 5000 desktop processors, the most powerful processors for gaming.

For more information on the event, see our previous article on the upcoming Digital Dragons Business Meet Up and Indie Celebration 2021 matchmaking event.

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