Final Fantasy XIV’s latest update 5.41 was released a few hours ago, and all players of the game are happy about it. You want to know about the new features and changes that come with the latest patch, which will be released on the 12th. January 2021 will be done on the contest.

Here you can find all information about the latest Final Fantasy XIV 5.41 update, download instructions, update file size and other information. Now let’s look at those details.

latest fantasy xiv 5.41 update

Final Fantasy XIV Update 5.41 released

Final Fantasy XIV remains popular with players long after its release. The developer of this game makes regular updates to improve the gameplay. The latest Final Fantasy XIV Update 5.41 was released on the 12th. January 2021 is out and brings a number of changes, new side quests and more to the game.

You can now download this latest update to get all the new side quests and many other features. Below are the patch notes for this latest update. This will allow you to learn about new side quests and other changes in the game.

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Final Fantasy XIV Update 5.41 Patches

Here are the detailed patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV’s latest update, 5.41, which was released a few hours ago. Read it in its entirety to learn more about the changes made and the new side missions added to the game.



Two new side missions have been added to the game.

1. Ishgardia Recovery tasks

You have to talk to Augebert in the company (X:11.4 Y:14.1) to unlock the stories of the Ishgardians’ recovery.

2. Ishgard Page Retrieval Request

Once you complete the quests in the story of Ishguardian’s recovery in the game, these subquests will be unlocked for you. After unlocking these side quests, you can enjoy them in the game.


New furniture has also been added to the game.

This latest patch also adds a new orchestra.


In addition, a new emo has been added to the game.

Combat System

Players get the power of the echo in Eden Verse.

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New items have also been added, but the list of these items is not yet available. We’ll be adding more soon.

New recipes have also been added. Details on these recipes will be added soon.

The names of some items also change in the game. Check out the new names below.

  • Edenmete Sabatons or Striking -> Thigh boots Edenmete or Striking
  • Edenmorn Sabatons Striking -> Edenmorn Bede Striking
  • Edenmete Sabatons of Scouting -> Edenmete Bedriki of Scouting
  • Edenmorn Sabatons of Scouting -> Edenmorn Beda of Scouting

Ishgardia Recovery

The fourth phase of Ishgardian’s restoration has also begun in the game.

  • Players can no longer collect stamps for Dupo Fortuna.
  • The number of scenarios that high-rise buildings receive at the time of application has been reduced.
  • The number of points you receive for sending sky requests has been reduced.
  • Skyward points received for entries will no longer be included in the rankings.

New conditions for expert recipes have also been added.

  • Smooth (Action) -> Increases progression by 1.5 times the normal value. (Impact)
  • Started -> The next status assigned by the action has two additional steps. (effect)

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These are the short release notes for the latest version 5.41 of Final Fantasy XIV. The full patches are available on the game’s official website.

Conclusion: Final Fantasy XIV Update 5.41

Finally, we hope you have obtained complete information about Final Fantasy XIV’s latest 5.41 update, patches and other information. If you have any questions or requests regarding this latest update, please feel free to ask us in the Comments section. We are here to help you answer all your doubts and questions.

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