The fawn bows in Final Fantasy XIV are the most important vegetable you can grow, as they help your Chocobo to grow once you reach level 10. Finding and collecting Tawny Bows can be a bit tedious, but if you’re confused or want to know how to get Tawny Bows in Final Fantasy XIV, check out this guide.

How to get fawn bows in Final Fantasy XIV

There are several ways to get plush bows in Final Fantasy XIV, but they all require you to spend a lot of time in the game. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, but depending on how you play the game, you can decide which method suits you best.

  • Free companies
  • Questions
  • Agriculture

How to get plush bows in Final Fantasy XIV.

Many companies

If you’re part of the free society in Final Fantasy XIV, there may be Tawny Onions waiting for you. This was done because other players know how difficult and time consuming it can be to get Tawny Bulb seeds in Final Fantasy XIV. It’s also helpful to have a good enough Chocobo on your team to do extra quests and more.

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There are two quests in Final Fantasy XIV where you can familiarize yourself with the game: Getting a steady job and the true nature of a hunter. You must complete the Level 50 Main Story quest to begin the Landing at the Stables quest. Once that’s done, you get a secondary search for Ishigard. Go to coordinates X:6 and Y:9, and take the Jewel Stick to Mathye.

To complete the second quest, titled The True Nature of a Hunter, you must complete three side quests on the Dravan Islands. These side stitches are pest control, steps in the right direction and garbage collection. Only after you are done can you visit Hevoix in Tailfeather at coordinates X:32 and Y:23. Here you can build your research and your bow.

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Finally, the last option is to grow your own Tawny bows in Final Fantasy XIV. This can take weeks and you will need to monitor them daily. If you are not a regular, using this method can cause serious damage to your land and crops.

But if you choose tavnai onion seeds in the game, you will have to cross some plants to get them. First, you have to cross the crab root with the mirror apple to get the kerry root.

Then you have to cross almonds and mandrake to get Nimeya Lillis. Once you have Lilly Roots and Curiel, cross them for a chance to get Tawny Bows in Final Fantasy XIV. All you have to do is plant a bulb and take care of it until it grows.

How to use Fawn Bows in Final Fantasy XIV

Once your Chocobo reaches level 10, it won’t go back up unless you think it’s Tawny Bows. Each bow helps him reach a level, and you need to give him 10 fawn bows in Final Fantasy XIV for him to reach the maximum level of 20.

Chocobo are perfect for combat and work like tanks, they also give you healing abilities and give you extra damage so you can challenge different enemies that are above your level. That’s all you need to know to get plush bows in Final Fantasy XIV.

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