While the order remains an important feature of the FIFA franchise, a few small additions have been made to the installed modes to keep the series fresh with each new unique feature. Ultimate Team adds a new collaborative experience that allows players to collaborate with friends and progress through weekly battles and league competitions. Both players are rewarded as they pass each target, but the experience itself retains all facets of the original iteration. This simplifies the diving process in Ultimate Team for those who want to dive with a friend without having to restart full mode. This turned out to be a welcome feature when I spoke to a friend who also had experience in franchising and noticed how happy he was that the plan hadn’t changed.

Volta, or FIFA Street Lite, as I call it, is back and it is my favorite movie on the occasion of the return of FIFA 20. The mode shows a down-to-earth street style instead of the glitz and glamour of a stadium full of hardcore elite, and allows you to take control of your favorite players and take a more relaxed approach. The countdown gives the player a list of goals to achieve, but the mode remains free and relaxed. Above all, it is a practice area for those who want to broaden their skills and knowledge of the title, with a few extra herbs as a counterbalance. Classic workouts and minigames are also available, but the mode itself, available with Volta Football, is not the right sign for a heavy and somewhat slow experience. If you need to retrain these ambitious skills, it’s a good idea to get away from the training and use Volta.

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Of course we are witnessing a career that will see his triumphant but controversial return to FIFA. The campaign has suffered a significant number of setbacks due to neglect and the lack of general improvements. But FIFA 21 is trying to bring a little more confidence and diversity. The control mode allows us to process new features and updates that provide fast and error-free performance, instead of the same old hats as in previous shots. Pairing allows you to make rapid career progress, while the processor does part of the work for you the other way around. The key moments of the game are passed to the players so that they can jump in the middle of the game and hit that rare penalty and then return to the simulator. Almost a merger of the football manager and FIFA.

Overall, FIFA 21 offers sufficient improvements over the previous model, while we plan to launch a new generation this autumn. Suitable for delivery and sufficient in the supply. There’s not much you can do for an annual sports title. We can’t allow developers to work on nuclear propulsion every year. FIFA 21 is exemplary, it is an excellent fake football franchise. The only thing coming this year is a worthy offer for those who really want to make the transition from FIFA 20. An updated register with new features and some contextual updates make FIFA 21 a valuable football title for 2020. As said, I’ll be back before the end of the year to revisit FIFA 21 on PlayStation 5.

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