Getting started with Outrider is easy: The game gives you weapons and armor to customize as you progress. As you progress through the world, you will need to upgrade your equipment. In our guide, you’ll learn why titanium is important and how to get it.

Why do you need titanium? Epic and legendary weapons, as well as weapons and armor from other Outriders, can be upgraded. Zahedi, you can use the collected resources to improve related articles. In the world of Outriders, you can mine your own iron, but not titanium.

Where did you get the titanium? Titan drops mini-bosses and bosses, but with little luck. It’s easier if you break up epic or legendary items. This will give you a secure source to access Titan. Below we explain how you can do this faster and more efficiently.

Titanium sleeve Quick and easy to close

The easiest way to reach the Titan is to take out the bosses that leave epic loot. This works even at world level 1, the lowest difficulty level in Outriders.

The two bosses are particularly suited to growing titanium: Along with the giant lava spider and the crystalloid, the first two bosses of the game are already good places to farm the Titan. We will tell you how to achieve both patterns.

Pattern 1: Giant lava spider


  • Select Eagle Peak from the main menu.
  • Select the Explore Volcano Top checkpoint.
  • This brings you right in front of the starting point of the fight against the lava spider.
  • Kill a lava spider that gives you epic gear.

How do you kill a giant lava spider? Players playing against a spider for the first time must learn the attack pattern. In three stages, she changes her attacks. The effects are marked with a blue or red circle. Avoid these places and fight the small crowd watching you. In the third step, run in circles and pull from the hip. With a little practice, you can eliminate a pattern in minutes.

Chief 2: Chrysalis Mutant

  • Select the Forest Enclave menu item from the main menu.
  • Check the Search for crystalloid box.
  • They start just before the fight with the mutant Chrysalis …..
  • Kill a mutant Dolly who drops a guaranteed legendary item for the first time. For every additional time, you get epic gear.

How do you kill a mutant doll? At a higher global level, the boss can become demanding and difficult. In the first section, stay on the left side of the rocks and take cover behind the rocks. The closer you get to the boss, the more damage you do. His weak point is his shoulders, so pull there.

You dodge his attacks by covering yourself and rolling. In the second phase, the insects reproduce, kill first and avoid territorial attacks.

search and hunt missions give you titanium

Another way to get a Titan to join the Outriders is to complete hunting and bounty hunting missions. Once you reach Trenchtown, both types of missions are unlocked. Both types of work guarantee you epic loot at the end of your mission, which you can then sort through.

It’s easier in a cooperative: On a lower level of the world, you can stack bosses in co-op, collect bounties, and process titanium quickly and efficiently as a hunter. A well-coordinated team can make the bosses in less than 5 minutes. With a little sanding, titanium can be obtained very quickly and easily. This resource is extremely important, especially at the end of the game, during expeditions. You can only pass them if you move on to areas with better equipment.

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