Paula and I are a very good couple: We love statistics, and for those of you who love me, too: I’ll give you the facts and figures. What happened on in 2020?

Traffic in Part

In 2020 we published 730 articles. Much more than the 562 posts in 2019. Reviews, guides, articles with the best, game news and editorials. They were all there.

The best written article appeared in 2020: Tips for playing History of Time : Friends of Mineral City is a real highlight and takes us to new horizons!

But who’s read our articles? Like our authors, our audience is spread all over the world. In total we collected the opinions of 195 countries. But most of them (67% of all hits) are in the United States, as you can see in the chart below. Only the most important countries are included in the table.

Assessment level

We have seen 422 races this year (we saw 186 in 2019!). James was our most active reviewer with 132 reviews, Paula was second with 90 reviews.

As always, we’ve classified them in our filing system. You can see below how we scored them, 9 of them are sample demonstrations and were not scored. I’m pretty surprised how many matches have been given with two thumbs! 64 of them were donated by the whole team.

Highest digits

One would think that games that get good ratings get a lot of attention, but that’s not the case. In fact, we have found that magazines where our opinions differ from those of the mainstream generally do well. Of course, this is never a reason for any particular assessment: It always reflects how we feel when we play the game.

I have also noticed that critics of the games for which LadiesGamers is famous (the casual simulators) are doing very well. Just like Calico’s review, he is growing so fast (he was only published two weeks ago!) and is already almost the best review. Then let’s continue our mission! Here are the top 15 reviews:

Manuals, guides and other forms of instruction

Besides the reviews we liked the instructions on As I wrote last year, it’s really a love work, it takes more time than writing a review, but it’s also very satisfying. In my opinion, you can’t write a manual if you don’t really like the game you’re handling. Our readers like them too, so it’s really good for us. Here’s our top 15.

The best of the best!

Besides magazines and guides we also publish Best Of… Article : Lists of the best games of a particular genre, collections of highly rated games. They have worked well over the years, so a few months ago we decided to add some for specific genres.

With this kind of material, it usually takes longer before the number of views actually increases. The same items as last year are still at the top of the list. The article Which fitness game to buy, published in January this year, has moved up the list. I think Paige had the good feeling of getting rid of the extra weight of the crown!

  1. Best Switch Girls Games (release in 2018).
  2. The best simulation games on the Switch (released in 2019).
  3. Which fitness game to buy? (published in 2020)
  4. Top 15 games for girls of all ages (published in 2017) The above games look great, as they do every year. The ones below are new, have only recently been published, but it’s going well:
  5. The best wholesale games on the switch (released in 2020).
  6. Otom’s best games on the Switch (released in 2020).
  7. Best City Building Games (published in 2019).
  8. Recommendations for the board game #stayhome (to be released in 2020)
  9. Top 5 things you didn’t know about intersections with new horizons (published in 2020)
  10. Best Urban Construction Games, Part 2 (to be released in 2020).

So this is our year for website statistics! Let’s say goodbye to that until 2020 and look forward to 2021!


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