Winter comes slowly to the islands in the New Horizons of Animal Crossing, that’s all you can experience this month.

Nintendo has released a winter update for Animal Crossing New Horizons and has added a lot of new features that you can now discover and enjoy all month long.

From building snowboys to collecting snowflakes, buying toys and much more. Put yourself at the top of that list so you don’t miss the fun.

Christmas decorations

From the 15th. In December you can collect jewelry, as well as acorns and pine cones, you can shake the trees to collect this jewelry.

By collecting these enchanting spheres, which come in different colors – blue, red and gold – you can decorate the cedars that surround your island.


So start planting cedars everywhere, because they carry the light of the lines and just give your island a much more festive look.

You want to do Snowball… 1Б9…

You may have noticed that snowflakes have fallen from the sky, but they’re not completely blocked yet. If the snow has stopped at the end of this month and your island is covered with this beautiful white powder, one or two small snowballs may appear around your island.

You can roll these small snowballs into larger balls by simply pushing them through the snow. As the ball gets bigger, you can start collecting the Snowboy.

If you manage to make a perfectly proportioned snowflake, you will usually receive a snowflake from which you can make special seasonal items from the ice bowl/snowflake collection.

Winter collection Iconic Sisters

Skilled sisters have activated their game and added a new winter and Christmas collection to their shop. Don’t forget to bring winter beans, party sweaters and much more every day.

It will also be a nice gift for your villagers. The presentation of holiday sweaters, accessories and winter clothing will help your villagers get used to the cold of winter.


Evidence Christmas Games

Another important reason why you take care of the animal every day is Nook’s Cranny. During this holiday period you will find a special section.

Currently Timmy and Tommy offer a wide range of toys. Collect as many toys as you can, because the villagers will have a big gift change on the first New Horizon Toys Day of those years. You can already find the toy department at Nook’s Cranny – if your store has been upgraded.

Toys day

The first annual toy day is held on Christmas Eve, the 24th. In December, on the other hand. You’re about to meet Jingle for the first time. If you’ve never played Pocket Camp or made previous payments for the Crossing Animals franchise, this could be your first encounter with a strange deer.

Jingles is a Christmas figure from Animal Crossings. It brings a festive atmosphere to your island and introduces you to this year’s Toys Day event. Make sure you have lots of toys to share with your villagers.

Enjoy the beautiful Aurora Borealis

From the 11th. In December, when the snow begins to attach itself to the ground, you can also discover the Northern Lights, which are absolutely beautiful. These events are random and there is no guarantee that you will receive them on a particular day. Just cuddle up in the evening for a cup of tea and enjoy Animal Crossing, and we hope a pleasant surprise awaits you.

Now you can buy these beautiful seasonal items for a limited time only, so you can enjoy Aurora in your own home.

Meeting with Isabelle from downtown

This year, Nintendo is hosting a special New Year’s Eve event. To celebrate the end of 2020 and report the explosion in 2021, party in style.

For the New Year there is a big event where you can buy special items. And what’s even more unique, it will be your first meeting with Isabel in front of the town hall! So don’t forget, the game on the 31st. December.

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