The PlayStation 4 has been the most important console in the living room in 2010, mainly at the back of many of the large, exclusive consoles that it has known over the years. Numerous memories lie between the launch of the original model and the improved PlayStation 4. The props and additions published in this timeline have brought new ways to enjoy the games and will remain in the memory for many years to come. That’s why it’s so nice to see how the Astro playroom treats them with respect with its collectibles. Find all the PlayStation 4 artifacts you can find in the GPU jungle.

Forest users

PS Motion Control

At the beginning of the level walk on the rock in front of you. Look to the right and you’ll see the area below the horizon: Zero twilight reference and polygonal T-rex. To the left of the dinosaur is the grape entrance of a small cave. Blow up the windmill that appears in the vines and pull the large wires out of the artifact of the PS Move Motion Controller.

PlayStation Vita Pack game

After passing the stairs with a huge crankbait that rolls towards you, kiss the wall on the left side until you see the area where you are descending. Turn around and find a hidden room with a wire hiding the PlayStation Vita game cartridge. To get the bonus Easter egg, tap on the wall to display the text of the background song.

Teraflops tritops


Walk in a monkey suit to the first checkpoint and turn left. Take a piece of the puzzle and swing up and left again to make your way up to get here. Go to the top bar to view a collection of PlayStation cameras.

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

Take a flash after the previous artifact to return to the main path. Instead of waving and grabbing a piece of the puzzle in front of you, go to the right and wave on a white background. It opens a hidden path with rotating walls. Go to the puzzle piece on the right and release it over the line of the piece. Put the parts back and grab the bar below to open the fourth iteration of the DualShock controller.

Ruins of Reuters

Processing unit PS VR

At the first checkpoint after leaving the monkey suit, pull the wires to identify certain triggers and the bouncy castle to climb the wall in front of you. Take the walkway on the right side and pull the cables out of the virtual reality processing unit.

PlayStation Vita

Two control points behind the VR processor are located on a cable supported by the wind. Use the wind to lift you on the small right with Jak & Daxter Link. Use the rotary motion to open a new structure. Destroy the top window with a charger and pull the wires to get a second PlayStation handheld console, PS Vita.

Mt. Motherboard

PS VRHelmet

When you come back in your monkey suit, you go through a slot and pass it in front of the cannon. You will notice a piece of the puzzle above. Go to him and grab a rope lying on a small rocky hill just below him. Turn around and start climbing the secret area. For the third gripping point, only a slight pull on the tractor is required to climb it. If you press too hard, it’ll collapse. As you pass the spinning block and climb to the top bar, you’ll receive a virtual reality headset released for PlayStation 4.

PS VR directional control

After a while you enter an area with a piece of the puzzle in the lower right corner, swing over an obstacle and fall on it. Climb to the other side to find the directional control of the PS VR.

PlayStation 4

Climb to the top of Motherboard Mountain and you’ll enter a snowy area. Go to the tip of the needle here and pull the blue thread to get the original PlayStation 4 model.

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