A lot of people in the game industry are a little sick of first-person games. They want more third person experiences and don’t mind playing as NPCs for a change. That’s what Elden Ring is aiming to be, but it needs your help getting there!

The “elden ring bleed weapons” is a game that is currently in development. It is an action RPG with a heavy focus on crafting and player progression. The game was created by Elden Ring, who are well known for their work on Darkest Dungeon.

Elden Ring Bleed Build - Gamer Journalist

Build the Elden Ring Bleed

In Elden Ring, you may use your weapons and spells to harm adversaries with a range of various status effects (which they can, in turn, hit you with). These status effects may deplete health, impede mobility, siphon FP, and even cause death in rare situations! What a blast. Hemorrhaging, or Bleeding, is one of the most harmful of these status effects, as well as one of the simplest. Here’s all you need to know about Elden Ring’s Bleed builds.

Bleed is a status effect that is neither supernatural nor unfathomable, but rather a sad consequence of being alive. The Bleed meter shows on your screen, tinted in dark crimson, when you suffer Bleed damage from an adversary that uses sharp weapons or claws. Every subsequent Bleed attack increases the meter, and if it reaches zero, you’ll be hit with Blood Loss, which suddenly slashes a large amount of your health bar. It’s tough to resist Bleed because it’s so easy, yet that strength works just as effectively on your enemies as it does on you. You may design a Bleed build in Elden Ring that can cause huge damage by continuously filling up an enemy’s Bleed meter with the correct weapons and some creative stat allocation.

Build the Elden Ring Bleed

So, what do we need to get the blood pumping in this place? Weaponry is the first order of business. As previously stated, most bladed weapons cause Bleed damage by default, even if it isn’t their main purpose. Applying various Ashes of War and/or changing a weapon’s affinity with a Whetblade may improve a weapon’s ability to inflict Bleed damage, while altering a weapon’s affinity to Blood lowers all stat scalings except Arcane.

We’ll need a weapon that’s already inclined to provide Bleed damage. There are a few contenders here, but the katana Rivers of Blood is without a doubt one of the greatest. This thing’s name alone should give you a hint as to what it’s capable of.

Rivers of Blood’s statistics are as follows:

  • Phys, Fire, and Crit Damage Types: 89 Phys, 89 Fire, and 100 Crit
  • STR E, DEX D, ARC D are the scalings.
  • STR 12, DEX 18, ARC 20 are required.
  • Effects on Status: 50 Bleed
  • Corpse Piler is a special skill. A succession of broad red slashes are released.

Rivers of Blood’s basic damage output is already ridiculous, and it becomes even better if you improve it, so when you combine the Bleed produced by both its standard slashes and Corpse Piler, you may slash off massive amounts of an enemy’s HP in a matter of seconds. 

Bloody Finger Okina, an NPC invader that spawns in front of the Church of Repose in the Mountaintops of the Giants’ eastern portion, drops Rivers of Blood.

Rivers of Blood can supply more or less all of the bloody awesomeness you’ll need on its own, but you can dual wield it with a second katana if you really want to bring it home. Any basic katana, such as the Samurai’s beginning Uchigatana, would suffice, but if you want a recommendation, attempt to get Bloody Finger Hunter Yura’s hallmark blade, Nagakiba. If you finish his questline, he’ll give it to you, or you can simply kill him and grab it. In any case, if you apply the Bloody Slash Ash of War on it, you’ll have two swords whirling one after the other, doing crazy Bleed and normal damage.

When it comes to stat allocation, you’ll want to prioritize STR, DEX, and ARC, since those are the stats that Rivers of Blood and Nagakiba scale with. Because Katanas are heavier than other sword-type weapons, some END could be beneficial. If you’re feeling very inventive, you could utilize some Faith, or at the very least enough to use the incarnation Bloodflame Blade, which increases a weapon’s ability to cause Bleed damage.

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