EA, Lucasfilm and Respawn Entertainment announced today that they are developing three new Star Wars titles. The first is set to release in the fall of 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4, XBox One and Google Stadia with a standalone mobile game releasing later this year. The second will be released sometime between 2020-2021 for PC, Xbox One and PS4 while the third title is confirmed as being co-developed by EA and two other studios currently unknown which means more than one project could become fully developed over time.

The “star wars jedi: fallen order 2 release date 2021” is a sequel to the game. It will be released in 2021.

EA and Lucasfilm Games Announce Three New Star Wars Titles, including Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Sequel

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Respawn Entertainment’s blockbuster action-adventure game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, is getting a sequel, according to EA and Lucasfilm Games.

In a press release released today, the companies confirmed the sequel’s existence while also revealing that two other Star Wars games are in development: a first-person shooter led by Respawn’s Game Director Peter Hirschmann and a strategy game from Bit Reactor, a newly formed studio led by veterans of the classic XCOM series. Vince Zampella, Group GM and Founder of Respawn, is in charge of the development and production of all three Star Wars games.

EA-and-Lucasfilm-Games-Announce-Three-New-Star-Wars-TitlesImage courtesy of Lucasfilm Games

“We’re delighted to keep collaborating with Respawn’s very skilled creators,” said Douglas Reilly, VP of Lucasfilm Games. “They’ve shown their ability to create epic Star Wars tales while also providing best-in-class gameplay across several genres, and we’re excited to deliver more fantastic experiences to the galaxy far, far away.”

“This new cooperation builds on the prior accomplishments of our EA partnership, highlighting the trust and mutual respect shared by the world-class teams at EA, Respawn, and Lucasfilm Games,” said Sean Shoptaw, SVP, Walt Disney Games. “We will build fascinating unique games for varied audiences throughout the Star Wars galaxy, fueled by the talent and enthusiasm of each team.”

“Working on a new Star Wars FPS with Lucasfilm Games is a dream come true for me because this is a story I’ve always wanted to tell,” said Peter Hirschmann, Repsawn’s game director, who previously worked at LucasArts as VP of development and executive producer on the original Star Wars Battlefront games.

“Here at Respawn, we’re enormous Star Wars fans, and we’re ecstatic to be working with Lucasfilm Games on new projects that we’ve wanted to build for years,” Zampella said. “Come join us on our quest if you want to build outstanding Star Wars games.”

Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel has yet to be given any storyline or gameplay specifics by EA or Lucasfilm Games, although the game will likely follow the tale of the original’s protagonist, Jedi Knight Cal Kestis. According to current speculations, the sequel might arrive late this year, although it’s more likely to arrive in early 2023.

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EA and Lucasfilm Games have announced three new Star Wars titles, including a sequel to the game “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.” The game will be released in 2019. Reference: star wars jedi: fallen order dlc.

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