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The demand for Sterbelicht 2 was even greater than expected. Last week, Techland announced that they would be providing a progress update and inviting fans to their new Discord server. During yesterday’s update, so many people connected to the server that it briefly crashed. The developers assured them not to worry and that they would have it back in about five minutes. This was done as promised and a short video was provided.


In an update, the developers show their sense of humor with several tweets and comments about the long delayed release of Dying Light 2. Reading everyone in turn, it’s clear that fans’ feelings ranged from polite anticipation to potential anger, and the team appreciated that. After a while, they explain the team’s current direction in the game.

Okay, guys, we have a message. We understand that you’re interested in the game because you want Dying Light 2 to be as good as you thought it would be, and maybe you’re even a little impatient because you’re waiting for news or updates.

It’s a big and complex project, and we needed time to make sure it fit our vision. We all want to give you a game that you will still be playing months later. Very soon, we’ll start talking about Dying Light 2. The whole team needs your trust and support, because that is what motivates us, especially in these difficult times for everyone. We are proud to have loyal fans like you, no matter how you express your feelings.

The team asked fans to be patient and showed more footage of the upcoming game. It ends with ominous music that signals the year 2021. The developers wrapped up the update by announcing a new form that fans can fill out to ask questions of the team.

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