According to the Charts League, 87.3% of players are below platinum. In NA –
87.4%, in KR 87.8%.

It has been established and documented that in high Elo, avoidance is not due to champions being picked by trolls or objectively not winning matches, but because the match is perceived as unfavorable or the player does not like the stats of one of his teammates. I think it’s worth noting that in Plat+, the player’s average gain is directly related to his rank. The average Bronze player has an overall win rate of less than 50%, while the average Flat+ player has an overall win rate of more than 50%. This corresponds to the rise and fall of each player’s rank, i.e. the player with the highest bid will inevitably move to a higher rank, and the player with the lowest bid will inevitably move to a lower rank.

I mention this because I’m going to talk about low Elo dodging and why it’s an essential part of any serious beginner’s career.

Low Elo elimination differs from high Elo elimination in that low Elo players are constantly exposed to conditions during championship elimination that result in a clearly and objectively difficult match to win in the opponent’s favor, if not outright.

I know a lot of higher level players will come on here and say, but no lower level game is really winnable! Everyone is so bad! While this is true to a certain extent, it is not realistic. This kind of thinking comes from a place of experience and skill in the game that is much higher than those who make their first rise due to a low Elo.

In Low Elo, eligibility is determined by a list of fair and understandable factors:

  • The fact that you or your teammates are new to the game.
  • It doesn’t matter if you or your teammates read your skills like a champion.
  • Do you and your teammates know how to use summoning spells (especially teleportation).
  • You or your teammate may not like how your champion plays against another champion.
  • You or your teammate may not be able to properly assess the value of the goal.
  • Whether the bone line contains the CS priority against the dragon or not.
  • Do you or your teammate have good eyesight or even know what the different trinkets do.
  • Does your jungler (or you, the jungler) know how to get through the camps and clear them?
  • Do you or your teammate have a rudimentary understanding of murder conversions, especially when it comes to gun plates.
  • It doesn’t matter if you or your teammate is watching his mini card.
  • Whether you or your teammate perceive your own pushes or those of the opposing team.
  • Do you or your teammate know how much mana they have or how the coolers work?
  • Do you or your teammate know the lane priority and how to defend against assaults or turn around targets?
  • Whether or not your top level (or you, the top level) recognizes the threat of the 3-hour jungle.
  • Recognizes your bot lane (or are you a bot lane) its role in securing Dragon.
  • Do you or your teammate know when you can roam and sometimes NOT roam.
  • and, most importantly, whether the opposing team has a better pure understanding of any of these concepts than your team.

As well as a list of unfair and unpredictable factors:

  • If you or your teammate have a 30% win percentage over 50+ games or worse (indicating consistent failure, maybe in one of the above areas, or super bad regression, or afk tendency, or who knows what).
  • Chances are you or your teammate mourns when you’re angry…..
  • Are you or your teammate going to turbocharge on the hill?
  • If you or any member of the team goes to observe a level one attack.
  • Did you or your teammate promise to troll because they didn’t get the champion they wanted.
  • Whether you or your teammate were playing, which they clearly overestimated. My friend tells me Jin is thinking about Renecton.
  • If you or your teammate collects resources during the flames.
  • Gather or begin to grow your jungler’s supply while feeding for up to 10 min.
  • Deaths in your team or not ≥ playing time.

Low Elo dodging is a tool, and should remain a tool, to avoid matches where your team’s choices or your team’s players will surely put you in an undesirable match. This is especially true for low Elo, where a player’s stats on or you can show in advance whether a player can detail, or if he just lost to an all AD team without armor, even down to his boots. This can show you things like being in the worst 8% of yasuo players in terms of CS or points. It can show you that your top tryndamere mastery is 7 OTP tryndamere with a 38% win rate over 112 games. Escape is a means to protect players with low Elo who may go up from players with low Elo who will definitely go down. Punishing low level players by banning them from the ladder for 12 hours just because they wouldn’t put up with 40 minutes of avoidable nonsense (which is all too common in low level ranks) will reduce interaction between low level ranks, reduce the number of wins in low level ranks, prevent players who would otherwise have progressed, and increase flagging significantly.

Finally, the waiting time for higher ranks will increase because fewer players will be able to reach the highest rank.

Reduce penalties for evasion of gold fines and below, do not include

Edit: many high level players come here to talk about how evasion gets in the way of improvement. I’m sure this is true for some players, but most avoidance options are designed to create a fair game. This is the difference between black and white: High eloquence seems to be aimed at creating optimal conditions, low eloquence is aimed at preventing unmanageable conditions.

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  • The inconsistencies of supply in the High Elo are a problem.

Hello all, yesterday I played with Tyler1 after a few months break from the league I came back to grind for Grandmaster + and streaming. After entering the hall with 4 lines of jungle net (3 branches). There was a discussion in the room about our poor chances of winning. However, we were

  • How do you prevent low level players from joining high level missions?

Problem In recent months, the problem of leeching and rolling players has become unbearable. Players with a low PL join missions with a high PL, making them unplayable. I think this solution will prevent low level players from participating in high level missions via taxis etc.

Low Elo escape and high Elo escape are as different as black and white. Punishing them for this would prevent more than 80% of the players in a League of Legends match from improving their rankings.

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