First of all we took a look at part 4 of our articles about the upcoming Deathguard release, which we received yesterday and which has recently been repaired and is disgusting. This preview was the most important one! A rule that has completely changed! Well, let’s see.

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This is an important change from what it used to be. Originally Deathguard 5+ units made sure that they didn’t feel pain, but could only save. It was a good rule that showed how hard it was for a killer to kill in the 40k universe. The old rule gave us a one in three chance to ignore any point of damage. The Death Guard now completely ignores 1 point of damage for each attack! If you break this rule change, you will notice that there are better and worse scenarios. This rule change initially provoked mixed reactions in the community, so let’s take a good look!

Disgusting stability – Poor

The most obvious case where this change is clearly the worst is that of a damaged weapon 1. Until now, you had a 33% chance of ignoring the one shot that went through your armor. You will now suffer this damage every time, which will be disappointing once you get used to your rescue by the FnP. But I don’t think it’s as bad as it looks at first glance. The Marines and the Death Ranger in general are a very tough army. Simple damage weapons are generally not designed to kill the elite infantry.

Weapons such as hurricane bolts, flames, heavy tyres and bolts are designed to shoot down hordes and crumbs. Units like Guards, Thermagauts and Skeitarians should be worried, not the Plague Marines. Don’t forget you’re gonna give Plague Marines two wounds with the new code. The following code still requires two strikes at once to kill a Chuma Marine, and more for other units.

And my poor vagrants from smallpox! Yes, with a transition from disgusting resistance to -1 damage, a horde of zombie suicides has just lost its only salvation. The novelty is almost useless to them, but don’t put these models on stage! We don’t have an overview yet and the code won’t be released until January. I would have suspected that they would retain some form of FnP in the new code, although this is pure speculation on the part of the author.

Feeling of pain

Let’s not forget the deadly wounds! Many armies rely on a large number of deadly wounds to do their damage. A thousand sons and gray knights are the most terrible criminals. Saving FnP in these games has been invaluable and often the saving grace of the Deathguard players. Anyway, it’s a loss with a disgustingly strong new rule. All we can do here is wait for the new Deathguard code to make further changes. I know there’s already speculation that the plague surgeon will become the DG equivalent of a space pharmacist. Is that gonna happen? We don’t know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you did.

Stability Disgusting – Good

Disgustingly Indestructible

For this article I try to remain as objective as possible to change these rules. But I can’t help being annoyed by this change!

He’s all yours.

All the way.

The army.

It’s just that…

I get it, I get it, I get it.

-1 damage.


It’s so noisy! But he’s as strong as the Death Guard change. Your pestilence gets two wounds each. Until now, the ideal weapon to kill a plague marine was anything with great strength and two wounds. In this role plasma cannons and car guns shone, but now as a Death Guard actor you have no choice but to worry. Let’s look at the math:

  • Before moving to the DR, a plague marine with 1 injury had a survival rate of 11% after 2 FnP injuries.
  • Before moving to the DR, a marine with 2 FnP injuries had a 55% chance of survival after 2 FnP injuries.
  • After conversion to DR, a plague marine with 2 FnP wounds has a 100% survival rate.

They went from an 11% survival rate to a 100% survival rate. This is the fundamental choice of troops against the weapons with which they can be killed most effectively. This is a very important change that shows how good this rule is.

Makes this resistor disgusting

Now let us look at your possessed, lords of light and the savannah of death. All these units get three wounds each. All 3 wound patterns are ideal targets for thunder hammers and are generally the number one target. The disgustingly strong new rule has now halved the effectiveness of these weapons and the damage to 3 weapons. It takes two to kill a model, that’s a big change. Let’s say in the form of a game: The captain of a spaceship with a thunder hammer and an average of 6 attacks kills 0 – 1 Terminator with new changes. The charged plasma weapon had the ability to kill these models at once under the old rules. The new changes mean that at least 3 pictures have to be taken before a model dies. The disgusting new elasticity rule is perfect for all these models.

What about your cars? Well, now each of your vehicles has -1 damage against all incoming attacks. Yeah, it feels like there’s no pain, but I think it’s a balanced rule. All your Deathguard cars will still be hard to move on the table. Now, with 2 weapons, they got incredible resistance to damage, doubling the number of wounds needed to kill one. Statistically, it’s better than before. The weapon with damage 3 is mathematically the same as before, but with damage 4 and higher it is slightly worse. In general, vehicles are more of a secondary assessment based on what we know so far. I would say that the consistency of the -1 persistent damage effect would be better than relying on averages. Time will tell.

A disgusting new resilience, better or worse?

The loss of nPf savings is of course painful in some cases, but on the whole I would say that this is a stricter rule. The ability to limit damage has always been strong, remember? Iron Hands Iron Stone survived everyone? Remember when they pushed him into the ground because he was too powerful, like a 6-inch aura of a single character? Well, now your whole life unfolds with an iron stone in your pocket. I wouldn’t be surprised if the DG has access to an FnP rule in the following code. It’s either the look of the character or the trick. Imagine how much that has changed with the new DR!

If you still regret the loss of the old DR rule and think the change is much worse, just wait with the code. I’m sure we’ll see many more positive changes for the Death Watch! January can never come early enough!

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Many thanks to Games Workshop for using their images and creating the best game!

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