Dino Galaxy Tennis is an action sports game developed by Vixa Games that uses dino elements in space. It’s a brilliant approach to the classic tennis formula, taking it to space and adding dinosaurs for intense space tennis that’s incredibly fun to play once you get the hang of the game’s controls. In Dino Galaxy Tennis, which spans the galaxy, you fly with jetpacks, shoot comets at your opponents and much more. Here’s our review of Dino Galaxy Tennis, in which we fly through space like a dino and shoot comets.

Dino Galaxy Tennis follows the story of two little dinosaurs who want to compete in a dino tournament in space. There are many elite players in the tournament, and to win the championship our dino duo must travel across the galaxy and visit different planets to challenge the elite in their own game and win. To travel, you have your own spaceship that you can control to move and land at different locations on each planet. In addition to the main battles, each planet also offers different challenges and cool boss fights that you must overcome to win the galaxy’s championship. All levels are in the progression tree. Once you unlock a level, you can play it as many times as you want after you finish it.

You have three game modes to play Dino Galaxy Tennis. You have the story mode, which is the main game mode after our dynamic dino duo. You can play both single player and cooperative mode. If you choose to go solo, there are no AI dinosaurs to accompany you, and for most battles you will be fighting in 1v2 story mode. You can also switch to Vs mode if you want to challenge your local friends to intense bench battles. This is probably the hardest and most fun mode in the game. If you want something different, you can also switch to Challenge Mode, where you can take part in a number of fun challenges to test your skills at hitting (or dodging) comets.

The Dino Galaxy Tennis arena is essentially half a planet on each side of the screen, with a wall surrounding the entire arena to prevent the comet from flying away. The ball here is a real comet that lights up if you hit it hard enough. As you progress through the main storyline of the game, you will experience different twists and turns in these arenas. Most arenas in the game have additional challenge modifiers that really test your skills in the game. These include modifiers such as comet eaters, which eat a comet on one side and spit it out on the other at an angle. Some planets have low gravity, while others have other modifiers that affect the game in different ways. You have to adapt quickly to each planet if you want to win, otherwise you go home a loser.

The gameplay in Dino Galaxy Tennis is really intense and challenging, but in a good way. I highly recommend playing the game with a controller, as it is much more fun and convenient to play with a controller than a keyboard. You have four main attacks that you must combine during your battles to win. You have your usual attack that just sends a comet back at your opponent. Then you have a spin attack that sends the comet back to your opponents, but the extra spin makes the trajectory a bit hard to gauge. Finally, you have your special attack and your super attack. For these attacks, you must enter your ad at the bottom of the screen. When the meter is full, you can unleash your super attack or your special attack.

The special attack is unique to each dinosaur in the game and consumes a bar of the attack sensor. But for the super attack, you have to completely fill the attack sensor, and then activate it. They have a special button for each of these attacks, so landing on them is pretty easy. To move around, you have a dashboard and a jump, and if you hold down the jump, you can fly through space for a while. Jump and flight attacks are more powerful than normal attacks, but they require more precision, and if you miss, there’s nothing to stop a comet from hitting your planet. To master the gameplay, you really need to get your head around everything. In some levels there are also different bonuses that you can hit with a comet and use against your opponents.

The game is actually very intense and requires accurate aiming to win. You have to find the right punch at the right angle to maximize speed and power, and make sure it lands on the opponent at an angle they can’t defend themselves from. I would add that Dino Galaxy Tennis emphasizes cooperative play. In most story missions, you have to compete against two AI players, even if you play alone. Now it’s up to you to see if you like the extra 1v2 challenge or not, because it definitely puts you at a disadvantage. Personally, I’d rather the game stay 1 vs 1 and the AI difficulty be increased instead of 2 opponents in each game, as it seems a bit unfair at times.

The Dino Galactica tennis club games aren’t bad either. It may look like a cartoon tennis title with dinosaurs, but I really enjoyed playing it. I’m not a big sports fan and I’ve never played tennis, but Dino Galaxy tennis is a really fun sport. The added task of moving in a semi-circle to protect your planet from enemies and trying to hit them is just too much fun. To enjoy the game, however, you must first master and improve your muscle memory, as there is often not enough time to think when a super-fast comet is hurled at your face.

Visually, Dino Galaxy Tennis has decent graphics, and the dynamic soundtrack really complements the title’s dynamic gameplay. The effects and explosions are fun, and the dinosaurs look great too. There are a few cutscenes in the game, but they are just pictures with text, and there is no narration in the game. But that doesn’t matter, because the real strength of the game lies in its brilliant gameplay, which is definitely worth the effort. The gameplay can be challenging, intense and fun at the same time, and Vs mode is a great mode to enjoy when your friends are done playing. I give it a very high rating among co-op games for its complexity, crisp gameplay, and catchy soundtrack.

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Dino Galaxy Tennis is a great cooperative game that offers a lot of fun and action as you jump around and play tennis with dinosaurs in space. The game mechanics are easy to learn, but hard to master, and once you get the hang of the game controls, the fun really begins. I loved the intense gameplay of Dino Galaxy Tennis, and it brings a completely unique take on tennis or the tennis title by incorporating a dino and an element of each planet with a unique atmosphere, which adds to the challenge of the game. It’s fun to play together, but playing alone is just as fun, making it ideal for a wide audience. If you like challenging games where you have to work really hard to win, then you’ll love spending hours immersed in Dino Galaxy Tennis.

Overall score: 8.5/10

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