Image via BungieThis week at Bungie, the update was pretty damn juicy. With Guardian Games’ games coming out next week, we have a lot of information about how things will play, and more importantly, the good news that we’re going to get our hands on them. Here’s a look at Destiny 2’s new structure: Guardian Games and Heir apparent Catalyst.

How Destiny Keeper 2 games work

There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s take a quick look at how this year’s format will work. First you have to get your medal box from Eva in the tower. In this case, you keep the medals (more about that in a moment) that you earned during the game with different activities.

You place the medals from your suitcase on the Guardian Games podium in the tower and your team gets points for these medals. Simple. Your case can only hold a limited number of medals, so make sure you buy them regularly (unless you’re a Warlock or a Titan, in which case you’ll have to waste all the medals you can get).

Speaking of medals…

Game medals

There are four different categories of medals, each awarded for different events. Depending on the level of difficulty, you will also be rewarded:

  • Bronze: 1 point.
  • Silver: 2 points.
  • Gold: 5 points.
  • Platinum: 15 points.

Laurel Guardian Games

In addition to medals, patrons also collect laurels that fall as they travel the world.

These laurels can be exchanged with Eva for Contender cards, which add additional modifiers that allow players to collect more gold and platinum medals for their teams.

If you are serious about representing your class, you need to have one of them active on as many hits as possible.

How the 2021 Guardian games will be balanced

Hunters dominate Destiny, and rightfully so. I’ve been handling the fighter since day one on Destiny 1. But even I can ignore that Warlocks and Titans are at a disadvantage in the game because there are so many of us.

Bungie knows this too, and instead of tricking the crown hunters like they did last year, the girls have come up with an alternative solution to the population imbalance.

Each week, the losing class gets a permanent 10% bonus on medals won for the rest of the games.

It’s a much better idea than trying to distribute the individual medals according to the number of players like last year, so I’m all for it.

Guardian Games 2021 Bingo

Okay, this is a nerd thing, so let’s talk about why you’re all here: Buttocks.

As the title of the article suggests, Here Apparent is getting a new catalyst. Whether it’s useful or not, it’s nice to see that it has some support. With that in mind, players who missed out on the exotic machine gun last year have another chance to score this time around.

On top of that, we have a bunch of ghost bowls. There are classes (admittedly Titan and Warlock look absolutely phenomenal), and also some generic shells, based on the Olympic aesthetic of the games. One of those shells is a tennis ball, and if you think I’m not willing to give my wallet to Evers for that, you’re dead wrong.

About the Eververse: Looks like we have a lot of new cosmetics behind the pay wall. While players will have access to Guardian Games’ class items, it looks like you’ll have to pay a high price to get universal armor. It sucks that Eververse is getting all the good stuff, but Bungie is doing much better with the store without Activision’s involvement, so I guess we should leave them alone for a while.

We’re also getting new standard emblems for the realm, as well as a new look with class-specific patches that players can earn with Bungie rewards. I still have my D1 Moments of Triumph t-shirt, so you can be sure I’ll bring that along too.

Overall, Guardian Games 2021 looks set to surpass last year’s event. So let’s cross our fingers and pray that Bungie manages to strike for us.

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