The game is finally here! Destiny 2 has launched with a brand new expansion, the year-long event known as the “Rite of Dawning”, and more. This guide aims to help you complete your first Nightfall Strike for some sweet rewards in just about 20 minutes.

The “rite of dawning destiny 2” is a quest that requires players to complete the following steps: 1) Complete the Failsafe Quest. 2) Talk to Cayde-6. 3) Go to Nessus and talk to Variks. 4) Return to Earth and find a new way into the Vault of Glass. 5) Kill Atheon, 6) Defeat Skolas and his forces, 7) Kill all enemies in the Vault of Glass, 8) Loot chests for items, 9) Ascendant Challenge

Destiny 2 Rite of Dawning Quest Guide

Destiny 2 Rite of Dawning Quest Guide

The Rite of Dawning is one of two new missions in the Dawning event of 2021. The Pigeon Provides, its sibling quest, has us include the Fallen in our festivities, while the Rite of Dawning deals with Caiatl and her Cabal. 

We’ll be assisting Zavala in winning her devotion by gathering a number of ceremonial Cabal decorations and giving them to her in the form of a macabre love letter. At least, that’s how I’m reasoning it. 

I’ve got you covered if you’re searching for a Destiny 2 Rite of Dawning quest walkthrough. All ten stages are shown here, along with instructions on how to finish them. 

Quest Guide for Destiny 2’s Rite of Dawning

  1. Consult Commander Zavala.
  2. In Firebase Hades, look for the Festive Intel.
  3. Gather the Ritual Schematics and the Ceremonial Cup.
  4. Get your hands on Torobatl Ceremonial Vestments.
  5. To the Drifter, provide Dark Chocolate Motes
  6. Return to the Tower of the Drifter.
  7. Consult Commander Zavala.
  8. Complete the Strike on the Proving Grounds
  9. Consult Commander Zavala.
  10. Eva Levante is the person to contact.

Consult Commander Zavala.

You must first speak with Zavala to begin the Rite of Dawning. He’ll be drooling over Caiatl, as usual, and will seek for your assistance in delivering some of that unique Dawning Cheer to her. 

This quest is very brief as compared to The Pigeon Provides. Even if you don’t have any materials or ingredients on hand, it shouldn’t take you more than an hour to finish. 

In Firebase Hades, look for the Festive Intel.

Destiny 2 Rite of Dawning Quest Guide - Festive Intel

The Festive Intel in Firebase Hades is the first step in completing the Rite of Dawning objective. You won’t be able to spawn immediately in the base, so transmat to the Winding Cove and take the Sparrow to the base. 

In your quest tab, make sure you’re tracking the Rite of Dawning. 

You’ll notice a flag on your screen pointing you to the Festive Intel after you’ve arrived in the Firebase Hades load-zone. To finish this phase, interact with it. 

Gather the Ritual Schematics and the Ceremonial Cup.

Destiny 2 Rite of Dawning Quest Guide - Ceremonial Cup

Do a full 180 and start traveling towards the Pathfinder’s Crash Lost Sector once you get the Intel. Run it through and take the Ceremonial Cup from the prize chest. To obtain the requisite Cabal Ritual Schematics, kill 25 Cabal soldiers along the route. 

The Pathfinder’s Crash Lost Sector should be rather easy to complete. But if you do, pack some rockets and concentrate on the boss. To get the chest, all you have to do is kill him. 

Get your hands on Torobatl Ceremonial Vestments.

You need to go purchase some expensive clothing when you receive the Schematics and Cup. To accomplish so, you must first finish the Arms Dealer Strike. 

Rather of tossing the dice with Vanguard Operations, go inside the EDZ on your map and load right into the Strike. It should take you no more than 15 minutes to finish. After you kill the last monster, a chest will appear with the Vestments. 

To the Drifter, provide Dark Chocolate Motes

By far the most vexing aspect of the Rite of Dawning quest is this. You’re going to have a hard time if you don’t have the materials in your inventory. 

We need some Cabal Wine, and the Drifter, being the slime-ball that he is, has some. The problem is that he won’t agree to it without a bribe. A slew of Dark Chocolate Motes, to be precise.

To create the Chocolate Motes, you’ll need Taken Butter and Null Taste. That isn’t the issue. Because the Drifter is greedy and wants three Dark Chocolate Motes instead of one, you’ll need 45 Essence of Dawning. If you’re fortunate, you’ll come across a Dawning bounty or two that will assist you in obtaining the Essence swiftly. If you don’t, you’ll have to resort to agricultural activities until you do. 

Destiny 2 Rite of Dawning The Drifter

Wrathborn Hunts is the quickest method to get your hands on Essence of Dawning. Each completion should net you roughly 10 Essence, implying that you could complete all 45 motes in around half an hour. It’s not perfect, but it’s preferable than running Strikes for three hours.

Return to the Tower of the Drifter.

You’ll need to have a brief conversation with the Drifter after bribing him with chocolate. Before sending you back to Zavala with the Ceremonial Wine you need to finish this extremely lengthy simp-quest, he’ll tell you about his late-night gambling activities with Eva and Tess. 

You’ve completed the difficult portion of the Rite of Dawning quest, so you can ease up on the gas pedal a little. There will be no more baking or scavenging for Cabal relics.

Consult Commander Zavala.

Commander Zavala will send you to the Proving Grounds Strike on Nessus, as if you haven’t already done enough for him. The premise is that after slaying Caiatl’s Champion, you leave all of your presents at the conclusion of the Strike. 

This Dawning, I’m guessing the Post Master is having some shipment troubles. 

Complete the Strike on the Proving Grounds

The Proving Grounds Strike, like the Arms Dealer, may be completed on standard difficulty. If you’re going quickly, it should only take you around 10 minutes to finish. 

Run through the Strike, kill Ignovun, and take the chest’s prizes. Because that’s evidently what a Cabal Christmas involves, you’ll have left Caiatl’s goods on the body of her favorite fighter.

Consult Commander Zavala.

We return to Zavala to inform him that his love letter has been delivered. If you’re interested in Destiny mythology, he’ll offer you some material on Cabal rituals, which is really rather intriguing. 

If not, don’t give it too much thought. To complete the Rite of Dawning quest, just finish with him and walk over to Eva. 

Eva Levante is the person to contact.

You’ll have accomplished the Destiny 2 Rite of Dawning task after you’ve finished your talk with Eva. For your pains, you’ll be given a cool-looking Emblem and sent on your way. 

While The Pigeon Provides is definitely the better of the two quests, it’s wonderful to see us trying to spread some holiday happiness to our non-human comrades. I like tiny pieces of worldbuilding like this in between Seasons, and I hope Bungie keeps doing it. 

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