Europa is an icy moon that first appears in Beyond Light and is what remains of the long lost settlement city.

This unique and proud cradle of exo civilization has now been destroyed and is being fought over by the Fallen and the Vex.

The three lost sectors are scattered across Europe, including State, Hidden Void and Bunker E15.

State (Alcestis’ habitat for artificial intelligence)

  • Leader: Alceste, Artificial Intelligence.
  • Elites: Hydra, Quantum Minotaur.
  • Group : Vex
  • Square: Cadmus Ridge

The lost area is a shipwreck found on Cadmus Ridge if you follow the glacier wall to the stranded area.

When you enter the Lost Sector, you first pass through an ice cave, after which you find yourself in a ship inhabited by Vex forces.

Several enemies, including Vex wyverns and Hydras, are in the Corruption, and you’ll have to fight them to reach the Lost Sector boss, Alkestis the Sacrificial Spirit.

Hidden Void (Telix, home escape location)

  • Leader: Telix, save the house.
  • Elites: No
  • Group : Like
  • Square:  The Asterion Abyss

The hidden hollow is located in the Asterion Chasm and has several entrances leading to a small opening that can be seen through the orange glow emanating from it.

After entering, you will pass through an icy cavern, at the end of which is an alien object inhabited by fallen forces.

Most of the enemies in the game are thugs, miscreants and other fallen enemies that you usually encounter in fallen areas.

While there are currently no elite enemies, there are a few fallen enemies that will try to invade you before you reach the lost sector boss, Telix, and save the house.

Bunker E15 (Hydra Inquisitor salute site)

  • Leader: Inquisitor Hydra
  • Elites: Captain of the Resistance, Quantum Minotaur.
  • Group : Vex
  • Square:  The devastation of the evening

Bunker E15 in the Lost Sector is a hidden underground warehouse full of Vex enemies, as well as imprisoned BrayTech security cadre.

You’ll encounter the most common Vex enemies, as well as a few elites like Captain Resilience and a few Quantum Minotaurs.

In the fight against the E15 bunker you will encounter cells with BrayTech security frames, which you can free by destroying the cube lock on top of the cells.

BrayTech security cadre’s you free, fight for you and guide you to the end zone, where you take on Inquisitor Hydra.


  • Hydras, like Inquisitors, can teleport, making them fairly elusive and able to grab you if you take cover.
  • Look for the glacier starling, which is found both in Europe and in lost areas.
  • Some of the lost sectors may have multiple entries, but each of them leads to only one instance that you need to navigate to.
  • The BrayTech security frames in the E15 bunker can be very useful when tackling enemies in a lost area, and many can be activated to help fight the final boss.


The E15 bunker is a great place for players to kill Vex’s enemies, as they are all locked in this place and come in large numbers.

Of the three lost sectors, the hidden void is the only one that has no elite enemies and can be easily completed.

The entrances to some lost areas can be difficult to find, and it is best to stick to the walls or structures and look for signs of lost areas.

frequently asked questions

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An article on how to unlock a leg…. unlock

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