Destiny 2 is a game that has been in the works for quite some time, and it has finally arrived. The sequel to one of the most popular games of all time, Destiny 2 is a big step forward for the franchise. It improves upon what was already an amazing game with new features, such as player-versus-player battles and raids. This guide will show you how to beat the Astral Alignment Offensive mission on Normal difficulty.

Destiny 2 Astral Alignment Offensive

  • Seasonal Activity Mission Type
  • Dreaming City is the mission’s location.

The Astral Alignment is one of the major activities in Season of the Lost, and it plays an essential role in putting you on a path and energizing your Wayfinder’s Compass.

You may charge your Wayfinder’s Compass and revive ancient Ley Lines in the Dreaming City by taking part in the Astral Alignment.

Throughout this task, you will need to complete various stages while protecting the Blind Well from Xivu Arath’s troops.

Every week, the last phase of the Astral Alignment will be different; this will offer a new opponent and a slightly different method to accomplish the task.

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Goals of the MissionD2ASALOFF0409-2

You’ll need to charge your Compass in the same way you did in the previous Astral Alignment Offensive tasks.

Compass should be charged.

When you initially start the Astral Alignment assignment, your first job will be to prepare the Compass for charge; however, you will most likely skip to the following stage.

Some missions need you to go over and put your Compass to start the charging process, which triggers the spawning of opponents.

annihilate the intruders


The Compass’s initial charging phase is killing the spawned opponents, thus you’ll need to kill adversaries in the region until the bar is full.

The bar will be visible in the objectives, along with a marker indicating how much charge is needed to go on to the next phase.

Find the Beacon (Part 1)

You will be transported to the next location after completing the first phase, where you must go to the nearest beacon.

Turn on the Beacon (Part 1)

When you interact with the beacon, the second phase begins, with opponents spawning and you being required to collapse the Taken rifts in the region.

Rifts that have been taken must be collapsed.


You must search for the marked opponents who have the Taken Essence goods, which you must collect and deliver to the Taken rifts.

The Taken Rifts are also color-coded to assist you figure out which ones are active; those that have collapsed will no longer be color-coded.

The foes that possess the Taken Essence are known as Eye of Xivu Arath, and when destroyed, they will drop the essence.

Find the Beacon (Part 2)

After finishing the previous phase, you will be transported to a new location where you will resume the Compass charging procedure.

Turn on the Beacon (Part 2)

You or your fireteam may choose to put up a Rally Flag before continuing with this phase for benefits, so go over to the next adjacent beacon and activate it.

Connect the Batteries


The final step requires you to go to where the batteries are kept and get them after their containers have broken.

Be wary of the opponents in the area, as there will be a large number of them assaulting you, as well as invulnerable Forgotten Abominations that cannot be harmed until enough batteries have been fitted.

To install the batteries, you’ll need to get them from the storage location and transport them to the starting site.

The install sites are indicated, and one battery must be put in each of them. However, you may only carry it for a limited period before it must be picked up by another player.

Because it takes two players to carry and install one battery, teamwork is crucial in this phase.

Locate the Compass

The Compass will be charged after you’ve completed charging the batteries, and you’ll need to prepare for the last step, the boss battle.

Astral Alignment Boss must be defeated.

There will be a specific boss that you will face according on whatever Astral Alignment you are completing and which week it is.

Each monster is destroyed in a somewhat different manner, requiring you to inflict damage, wipe away other opponents, and utilize certain items.

Obtain Benefits

You’ll be able to grab treasure from two chests after killing the monster; one is a standard chest, while the other offers additional goodies in exchange for Parallax Trajectory.

Bosses of Astral Alignment

Taken from Xivu Arath, Kholks (Week 1)

When Kholks becomes invulnerable, he must be destroyed using Taken Essence, which may be acquired by killing enemies in the region.

When an opponent drops the Taken Essence, you may take it up and use it as a weapon, unleashing blasts that break Kholks’ shield and expose him.

Damage Kholks, locate Taken Essence, and demolish his shield must all be done again until he is destroyed.

Continue fighting Kohlks and wiping out opponents until you discover the Taken Essence, which you may then use to defeat Kohlks.

Reefbane, Kruutiks (Week 2)

Kruutiks is a difficult and obnoxious boss that can create duplicates of himself to distract you while simultaneously attacking you with foes.

Kruutiks will spawn duplicates of himself when he is wounded, while other opponents assault you, making it critical to eliminate the adversaries fast.

Once you’ve struck the original, keep hurting it till he picks up where he left off, but don’t let him rest too long or Kruutiks will recover himself.

Pursue Kruutiks as quickly as can, and attempt to stay up with and damage the original until it is defeated.


  • If you have enough Parallax Trajectory for the bonus chest, Astral Alignments may offer you with a lot of benefits.
  • You may easily wipe down opponents with strong weapons and area of effect abilities during the first phase, allowing the phase to be completed fast.
  • The second phase, which involves collapsing Taken rifts, may be completed quickly if you concentrate on obtaining the Taken Essence and eliminating the rifts while ignoring the majority of opponents.
  • The final step of charging necessitates cooperation; one person should carry the battery while another prepares to take it up and put it.
  • Each boss has a different strategy for defeating them, so be sure you have a weapon that can inflict a lot of damage each shot as well as one that can take care of the lesser foes.


In Season of the Lost, the Astral Alignment tasks are crucial, and they will be needed if you do not complete the Seasonal Challenges and advance.

These missions aren’t difficult to complete since players may work together in groups to make things simpler and manage goals more effectively.

Remember to work together as a team and assist your fireteam to complete the task and get the prizes quicker.

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