Although it was the flagship franchise for the first part of the Xbox, people have loved the appeal of Halo’s demise since creator Bungie left development in the hands of 343 Industries in the late 2000s. The question of whether or not 343 deserves criticism for Halo’s development cycles: Home Collection of Halo 5 : Guards, new sneak previews of the upcoming game, Halo: Infinite, point out that it can be excellent.

The game’s delay in the early days of the Xbox Series X raised many questions about 343 Industries’ leadership. This followed criticism from fans who were unimpressed with the graphical state of the first gameplay presented at the Microsoft Xbox Games Showcase last July. Now that we know the game will be released a year later than planned, criticism from the gaming community is sure to multiply, and it’s certainly warranted. But here’s why you shouldn’t worry about the latest state of Halo: Endlessly.

The last update was very encouraging Image via 343 industries

In what 343 Industries called an Inside Infinite blog post last month, the development team gave an update on Halo Infinite, including the multiplayer map and other screenshots. The team has been fully committed to improving Infinite’s visual fidelity since the game’s delay – and it shows. An extra year to do this and correct any errors is likely to be very rewarding. The long delay is stinging at the moment, but will be forgotten when the game comes out seedless and at 60 frames per second.

Halo Infinite is structured like a live game. 343 Industries is focusing its live team on developing the content that will support the game in the future – hence Infinity. They cited challenges, progression, customization and performance as features they are working on, and suggested that there will be much more content than just new armor and a few maps after launch. It’s important to keep things fresh in a show that’s been going on for so long. Therefore, 343 has extra time to plan this content among the huge amount.

Historical campaign looks promising so far

Everything that has been revealed about Halo Infinite’s campaign and history so far has us looking forward to the game. For starters, it looks like everything that happened in Halo 5: Guard. That’s all there is. From what we know of history so far, the exiles are the main enemies this time around, a pleasant change from the Pact and Prometheus, though we can expect to see them one day as well. We don’t know where Cortana is or what her status is, but apparently the chief is bringing her back to her costume, giving her a good chance to regain her usual stability. From the plot, they seem to be doing better than they were left with. This obvious reboot implies a very necessary change in the history of Halo.

The changes continue with the events and the people in the boss’s immediate environment. The original reveal of the game showed us a moving look at a character currently known as Pilot. While little is known about him, we’re excited about the impact he had on Master Chief. Halo is known for its great supporting characters: Cortana, 343 Guilty Spark, Avery Johnson, Arbiter and Buck are just some of the memorable moments from the series’ past. It remains to be seen whether the pilot will reach these heights, we hope. A brief review of the news of his wife and daughter gave us more information about him than we usually have for any character in the series.

Everything that has been shown so far about this story is promising, and we hope it will continue from there. While we can only take it at face value, 343 is calling the campaign great, saying it’s the Halo we imagined in 2000. I hope the game lives up to those expectations. Early signs point to a good turnaround after the failure of Halo 5.

343 has proven that it can solve problems if a certain amount of time Image via 343 industries

Halo Infinite may have had a difficult development at first glance, but that doesn’t mean the game will be bad when it comes out. 343 The industry has proven in the past that it can solve problems if given the time. Check out the MasterChef collection. This game came out in a pathetic state that was a slap in the face to Halo fans. It took a while, but 343 made it a source of pride, making it the best way to play these classic titles.

Plus, 343 proved it could handle the multiplayer side of things (they were the best parts of Halo 4 and 5). Giving them more time to make sure the campaign is at its best will help get Halo back into shape.

Aside from the graphics and bugs issues, there’s no reason to give up on Halo Infinite for now. Everything we’ve shown so far should encourage, not discourage, fans to get excited. Yes, the game is coming out later than expected, but don’t let this discourage you, because it’s arguably the best Halo game of all time – just look at how Cyberpunk 2077 and a number of other games came out last year before they were ready. The delay was the right decision, and until something bad pops up in previews and gameplay demos, we’re constantly waiting for Halo Infinite’s release in the fall of 2021.

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