Derponce Fortnite Spot Different Puzzle is a new puzzle game in Fortnite that you have to solve. The difference between Derponce Fortnite’s puzzles requires good concentration and observation, and it’s not as simple as it sounds, so if you’re looking for a guide, you’ve come to the right place.

Derponce Fortnite Spot the Difference Puzzle Answers and Guide for All 7 Stages.

Here is the complete guide and all the answers to Derponce Fortnite Spot the difference Puzzle, see how to see the difference in Derponce Puzzle.

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Fortnite got a new puzzle card made by Derponce, and this puzzle place is actually the same as all other puzzle places of Fortnite. These puzzles are very difficult to solve, but they actually seem simple. The code for Derpon Fortnite Island, where the index card is located, is 6278-1230-9351.

You have to distinguish two very similar scenes on the cards. It takes concentration and observation to solve this puzzle. However, this guide should help you if you get stuck somewhere while solving the puzzle. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

We have provided all the answers to the puzzles below, and you can easily find the rest of the answers in the next section of the article.

Level 1

  • Tent
  • Wood pile next door
  • A fallen chair, among other things.
  • Canoeing
  • The fish in the cabin
  • There’s a bench hidden behind the bear.
  • Marking on the left side of the cabin

Level 2

  • Lamp
  • Next to the coaster is a chicken.
  • On the box, there’s a possibility
  • Starfish
  • There’s a floater missing in the wing of the handrail.
  • Find the missing teddy bear in the boat.
  • There’s a fish on top of the coaster.

Level 3

  • There’s a teddy bear missing at the top.
  • Purple flower on the left side of the house.
  • There are fish around here.
  • No swimming track
  • There’s a box next to the house, by the stairs.

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Dertpolis Fortnite Spot Differences Puzzle Answers

Level 4

  • An umbrella
  • Sign the boat rental
  • A bird on the wall
  • At the bar. A teddy bear.
  • Behind the bar there’s a man smiling.
  • A coconut is missing next to the man on stage.
  • Above the fire, the Zephyr was gone.

Level 5

  • There’s purple jelly on the floor.
  • Valve on a pipe
  • The blue jelly on the rim
  • A stone is missing above the purple jelly.
  • There’s not enough rock behind the valve.
  • On the left is the second radiator.
  • The toilet is on the left.

Level 6

  • The only difference in code 3-7-9
  • Light difference in the central G-spot

Level 7

  • There’s a difference in the beam of light from UFOs.
  • There’s an asteroid
  • Not enough tank.
  • There’s an extra strap in the trunk.
  • There’s not enough light on the ceiling…
  • There’s an antenna on top of the capsule.
  • A stone is missing next to the telescope.

These were the answers to the Derponce Fortnite Spot the Difference puzzle.

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So it was Derponce Fortnite Spot the Difference, a guide and answers.

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I hope you enjoy our answers and our leading approach to Derponce Fortnite Spot the Difference.


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