Deoxys is a Pokemon that was released in early September as the 151st Pokemon of Generation VI. Deoxys has had some big changes from its old form, including a new “Powerful Forme” with increased defence and attack stats. The newly-released Legendary monster also comes with three different forms; Normal, Attacker and Defender. Even though it’s been around for less than two weeks, there are already counters to all three of these forms!

Deoxys is a very strong Pokemon in Pokemon GO. It has many attack counters, but it also has weaknesses. The article will list the Deoxys Weaknesses and Raid Counters in Pokemon GO.

Deoxys Weaknesses and Raid Counters in Pokemon GO

Deoxys was created when a spaceborne virus fell on Earth on a wayward meteorite, according to the Pokedex. When the virus was exposed to local elements, it mutated and evolved into a real Pokemon. Deoxys is the only Pokemon proven to not be from Earth, with the exception of supposedly extraterrestrial Pokemon like Clefairy and extradimensional Pokemon like the Ultra Beasts. Needless to say, such a monster should not be treated lightly, yet it may be a valuable asset if caught. In Pokemon GO, here are Deoxys’ vulnerabilities and Raid counters.

Resistances to Deoxys and Weaknesses

Deoxys is a tough type to work with since its shape and stats aren’t fixed. Deoxys might manifest itself in one of four ways:

  • Forme Normale has a high attack, a mediocre to average defense, and a moderate amount of endurance.
  • Attack Forme: The most powerful attack in the game, with almost little resistance or endurance.
  • High defense, medium assault, and stamina are the defensive forms.
  • Attack and defense are above average, and stamina is average.

Deoxys’ four forms all have the same type, pure Psychic, which means their resistances are broken down as follows:

  • Fighting, Psychic attacks are all things that you won’t be able to do to you.
  • Weaknesses: Bug, Ghost, and Dark

Here’s where things get tricky: each of Deoxys’ Formes has its own set of maneuvers to remember. The maneuvers in Deoxys’ kit, starting with Forme Normale, are listed here.

Deoxys Makes a Move

Forme Normale

Quick Actions

  • Headbutt Zen (Psychic)
  • Beam of Charge (Electric)

The Most Important Steps

  • Hyper Beam (Hyper Beam) is a (Normal)
  • Thunderbolt is a fictional character (Electric)
  • Boost Your Mood (Psychic)

Assault the Formes

Second, these are Deoxys’ Attack Forme moves:

Quick Actions

  • Jab of Poison (Poison)
  • Headbutt Zen (Psychic)

The Most Important Steps

  • Pulse of Darkness (Dark)
  • Cannon Zap (Electric)
  • Boost Your Mood (Psychic)

Forme de défense

Thirdly, here are Forme de défense Deoxys’ moves:

Quick Actions

  • Headbutt Zen (Psychic)
  • Defend (Fighting)

The Most Important Steps

  • Sliding Rocks (Rock)
  • Thunderbolt is a fictional character (Electric)
  • Boost Your Mood (Psychic)

Forme de vitesse

Fourth and finally, here are Forme de vitesse Deoxys’ moves:

Quick Actions

  • Headbutt Zen (Psychic)
  • Beam of Charge (Electric)

The Most Important Steps

  • nimble (Normal)
  • Thunderbolt is a fictional character (Electric)
  • Boost Your Mood (Psychic)

Counters for Deoxys

List of Counters for Deoxys

  • Bite/Crunch Tyranitar
  • Snarl/Foul Play – Houndoom
  • Lick/Shadow Ball – Gengar
  • Snarl/Dark Pulse – Darkrai
  • Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball Giratina
  • Snarl/Dark Pulse by Absol

Let’s go down the line here and prepare for every possible contingency. First, for Forme Normale Deoxys, you want a Pokemon that can exploit its weaknesses without exposing its own. Even in Forme Normale, Deoxys has a very high base attack, so a weak shot could be an instant knockout. For this Forme, Chandelure would probably be your best bet. Chandelure’s Ghost attacks can exploit Deoxys’ weaknesses, while it isn’t weak to anything in Deoxys’ kit. It helps that Chandelure also has a pretty high base attack, so you should be able to wrap the fight up quickly.

For Attack Forme, the name of the game is absolute defense. Attack Forme Deoxys’ base attack is, quite frankly, absurd. Where Forme Normale’s weak shots are potential knockouts, Attack Forme’s weak shots are all but guaranteed knockouts. This means that anything weak against one of Deoxys’ moves is a no-go, Psychic weaknesses especially. For this Forme, I would recommend Houndoom, Mega Houndoom if you can manage it. Mega Houndoom as a respectable base attack, Dark moves to exploit Deoxys’ weaknesses, and perhaps most importantly, double-resistance to Psychic moves.

For Forme de défense, we have to flip the script. We need a Pokemon with high DPS to pierce Deoxys’ defenses, so it’s okay to sacrifice a bit of safety in this regard. For this Forme, Gengar’s your guy, and Mega Gengar especially. While Gengar’s partial Poison typing does make it weak to Psychic attacks, its DPS potential vastly outmatches Forme de défense Deoxys’, so it can beat it in a DPS race with no problem.

Finally, Forme de vitesse is actually the least threatening Forme because it doesn’t have any particularly weird tricks or stats. A standard weakness-exploitation strategy will work just fine here. Once again, our ideal pick is Chandelure. Pummel Deoxys with Ghost attacks and bring the fight to a swift, decisive close.

Darkrai, Giratina, and Shadow Rider Calyrex, for example, are all great Legendary counters to Deoxys in almost all of its Formes.

Check out our Pokemon GO area for additional information and guides.

Deoxys is a Psychic-type Legendary Pokémon that was introduced in the fifth generation of Pokemon. Deoxys has two forms: Normal Forme and Attack Forme. In order to get its Attack Forme, you need to collect all four parts of the DNA Splicers. Reference: deoxys speed pokemon go.

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