Leading the demons of the war of souls

The remake of Demon’s Souls may be the starting shot for this generation, but anyone who has played the original PS3 version of this incredible role-playing game knows that Demon’s Souls is one of the toughest games in the world. This high degree of hardness doesn’t come from complex levels or surrounded by too many enemies, but it does occur because the battle of the Demonic Souls requires skill, so it’s important that you feel comfortable in the battle with the Demonic Souls as soon as possible. This diabolical soul guide will help you.

Battle Guide – Demonic Souls

Our Guide to Fighting Devilish Souls contains everything you need to know about fighting devilish souls.

Housing plays a key role in the battle.

The position of your character in the soul of the demon plays an important role in the battle. Each enemy in the game has a specific attack pattern. Some come with remote attacks, others with a hand throw, while others are combined with a mix of both. When I talk about character placement, it means I’m in the right place at the right time. For example, the boss may have a melee weapon, but that attack can actually land within a few meters of the boss, and the area closest to the boss should not be affected by that attack. So it makes sense to stay close to the boss during this attack, even if it was a fierce fight. In the same way, if you move too far away from the boss, he can launch a more deadly attack from a distance instead of staying close and forcing the boss into a more controlled melee.

It all comes down to understanding your enemies. Every time you start a fight with the enemy, you give him a little space and give him time to launch a few attacks. Dodge their attacks and understand their plan of attack. Develop an attack strategy in your head about where you’re going to attack the enemy. When you’re done, go ahead, follow this attack strategy strictly and you should be able to defeat the enemy boss as soon as possible. Going after the enemy always works, but almost all enemies or bosses attack from behind. So even if you’re behind the enemy, take a few hits, go back safely and plan your next step. Never attack bosses without the right investment strategy. Also be careful not to fight your enemies in an enclosed space. Attract them to open spaces or to more advantageous locations.

Never be greedy.

I’ve never been good at any soul game, until a friend of mine gave me some advice that never gets greedy when fighting enemies. Since then, I’m in no hurry with all the opponents I fight with. Demon Souls is not a slash hacker where you can eliminate enemies and go to the next zone. Even if you start cutting, your enemies will cut you instead if you’re not careful. Most enemies will just pierce your attacks and put you on the run, so never be greedy for your attacks. If you’ve got a window, quickly go in, land there, and then retreat to a safe place. This is especially useful in boss fights, because you always have a short window before the boss comes back from a powerful counter-attack. Understand the time in the window, take a few hits and go back.

Land Hidden attacks from behind

One of the most important attacks you have is from behind. These silent attacks will tear apart even the most powerful bosses. However, in order for these attacks to be as effective as possible, you need to land them underground. Sneak up on your enemies, and if they don’t know where you are or where you are, just stick your sword in their backs to do them some serious damage. If small enemies are killed in one fell swoop, many large enemies also suffer heavy damage, making them vulnerable to your next attacks, which they are likely to complete.

Use of the shield

If you’re not such a confident franchise veteran, you should always keep your shield well rested. The shield not only provides you with valuable protection and a means of repelling enemy attacks, it also allows you to repel enemy attacks. If your strength and stamina are high enough, you’ll be able to ward off attacks from bosses and the game’s biggest enemies. Even if you’re a pro, shields are very useful in a game like Demon Souls. This gives you even easier access to areas full of traps, as they can block incoming fire, burst arrows and many other projectiles, making them extremely useful in the game. I’ll always recommend having a good shield on hand when you play.

Exploiting the weaknesses of the enemy and the boss

Every enemy and every boss has some kind of weakness in the souls of the demons. He may be weak in the face of a certain type of weapon, spell or object. Always make use of these weaknesses, because that gives you a much-needed advantage in your battles against them. Due to the difficulty of boss battles in the game, you’ll need to do maximum damage to your weapons and cast spells to defeat bosses quickly, so these achievements can certainly help you gain just that little extra advantage over your enemies.

The remote fight is just as important as the remote fight.

While your main attacks in the game will always be melee battles, unless you choose to use magical constructions, your ranged attacks will only play an important role in melee battles. Some bosses react differently to a melee and shunting fight. So, depending on your opponent, you can sometimes use melee and ranged combat with a bow and crossbow and stick to ranged combat with a bow and crossbow. While they don’t cause serious damage to your enemies, they’re a great way to piss them off or to go to a place where it’s desirable to fight. You can also use remote weapons to detonate barrels or other explosive objects near enemies, set them on fire or knock them off the rocks. Make sure you always have a few arrows and a bow with you. You never know when you need it.

General combat tips and tricks

  • Always the best weapons and armor to help you fight your enemies. You can also upgrade your weapons and armour to make them more effective in battle.
  • Make sure you spend your character’s points and level every chance you get. Invest in the statistics you need most for your facility, then look for statistics you don’t need at the moment, but which may be useful in the long run. Avoid wasting points in the statistics that you will never use in your construction. For example, skip the magic that increases the stats if you prefer the knight class and want to focus more on pursuing weapons of great strength and brute force.
  • I always use a bow and arrow instead of a crossbow, because it is much easier to use and much faster. If you prefer magic, keep your wands away from the fight.
  • Parrying will save your life and make you exceptionally well in battle. Start practicing mating, then riposte at the beginning of the game to become familiar with this handy mechanic.

That’s all we can tell about the battle of the devil’s souls. If you need extra help in the game, read the following instructions.

Beginner’s manual

This is the end of our guide to fighting demon souls. If you have tips and tricks to fight us, share them with us in the comment section below.

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