As with the previous update (2.16), Patch 2.19 for Dead by Daylight features just a few minor adjustments. Among the changes, we see a slight rebalancing of perks and items, a new “Obsession” Perk, a new item that should make killers think twice, and some other minor adjustments.

As of today, the Dead by Daylight game by Behaviour Digital is ready for its new content update. This time around, it adds a new survivor in the form of Laurie Strode, a new killer in the form of Michael Myers, and a new map called Haddonfield. Laurie is a great survivor to have, being a particularly tough upfront killer, and being able to deal out a lot of damage, which makes her a suitable choice for all roles in the game. Michael Myers, on the other hand, is a great killer to have in the game, being able to easily catch up with his prey, and even being able to teleport around the map. This makes him a suitable choice for all roles in the game as well.

Dead by Daylight patch notes update 2.19 has been released with many changes and fixes for this game. This update has made many changes and fixed some bugs in the game.

Dead by Daylight Update 2.19 Patch Notes


Visual update

  • Visual update for all Coldwind farm maps.

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Part VII

  • Part VII of the Archives begins tomorrow, May 5, at 11:00 a.m. ET with Dead by Daylight patch notes 2.19.
  • Rift fragments for level completion rewards now increase per level.
  • The amount of XP a player needs per rift fragment has been lowered to 500 XP (from 800XP) to get through the rift faster.

The Doctor VFX Update

  • Optimize Doctor VFX for better performance.
  • Reduce the intensity of glitch and madness screen effects.


  • Settings menu : Replaced all checkboxes with text steppers (with ON/OFF options) to match the interaction of similar settings in Dead by Daylight Update 2.19 Patch Notes.
  • HUD – Visual enhancements to the indicators of the killer’s strength behind the portraits of the survivors:
  • General Information: The bottom of these ads are no longer covered by Survivor portraits.
  • Doctor: Insanity levels now have a separate view for each level.
  • Plague: Improved texture colors of disease counters for blind players.
  • Nightmare: Increase the brightness of the dream world display.
  • A spooky sight: Increase the contrast of the tracking counter.

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The Demogorgon Gameplay Update


  • Black Heart: Reduces the action time after a successful chipping attack by 20%.
  • Rat Liver: +3.5% movement speed when you charge Shred (was 9%, but the end result is unchanged due to the increase in base movement speed).
  • Rat Tail: +25% action speed when opening a portal (was 50%) with Dead by Daylight Update 2.19 Patch Notes.
  • Rotten pumpkin: If you traverse the world backwards, the portal you passed through will be destroyed, giving you blood points.
  • Barba’s glasses: Slightly increases the crushing speed when the pallet is destroyed.
  • Rotten green tripe: Increases the killer’s movement speed when traversing the world backwards by 15% (was 25%).


  • Reverse floor passage: 10 seconds (was 14 seconds).
  • Normal speed Reverse Traverse: 20 m/s (was 17 m/s).
  • Unnoticed lasts 3 seconds after being turned around (was 2 seconds).
  • The speed of the cosset charge is increased from 3.68 m/s to 3.86 m/s.

The Nightmare gameplay update


  • The speed of motion is now 4.0 m/s when loading the dream pendulum.
  • The number of Dream Serpent charges has been reduced to 5 (previously 8).
  • The cost of the dream palette has been reduced to 7 (was 10).
  • If you use the alarm clock, you won’t fall asleep in 30 seconds; this is also true if Freddy hits you.
  • Added a new killer power visual behind the Survivor portraits, with a 30 second timer for sleep immunity.


  • Black Box: When the door is opened, the creature blocks the door from sleeping survivors for 15 seconds.
  • Jumping rope: While the survivors are in the dream world, the sounds of their cries of pain become 50% louder.
  • Open the rope: While the Survivors are in the dream world, one can hear the sound of their generator being repaired 8 feet away.

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Huntress addon update


  • Berus toxin becomes yellowed tissue: +10% flight speed battle axe with Dead by Daylight Update 2.19 Patch notes.
  • Rough stone : The pain sensation of affected targets increases by 50% until they are completely healed.
  • Amanita toxin: The affected target suffers the status effect Blindness for 60 seconds (previously 30 seconds).
  • Deer leather gloves : It’s rare now.
  • The small stone becomes a heavy head: Aim at an affected target and apply the immobility effect for 10 seconds.

Changes from PTB to Live

  • In the Dead by Daylight 2.19 patch notes, the activation time for the Nightmare’s Black Box expansion has been increased from 10 to 15 seconds.
  • The length of the chance break has been reduced from 70/80/90 to 35/40/45.
  • Victor can now move during the action of a successful attack.
  • The base speed of the Demogorgon when charging Shred has been increased from 3.68m/s to 3.86m/s.
  • Demogorgon’s rat liver augmentation bonus changed to +3.5%, resulting in a movement speed of 4.0 m/s for the shredding charge.

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