DayZ’s latest 1.11 update came out a few hours ago, and all players of the game are happy about it. This latest update added some new features to the game and also made other changes to the game. So all the players want to know what’s going on with the patches.

Get the full patch notes for this latest DayZ 1.11 update, download instructions, update file size, and other necessary details about this latest update. Let’s take a look at the full patch notes of this latest update without delay.

DayZ Update 1.11 released

DayZ is a fantastic survival game that you can enjoy on various gaming platforms. The developer of this game regularly makes great updates to improve the gameplay. DayZ’s latest 1.11 update was released today and adds a bunch of new content to the game, as well as a number of bug fixes.

You can now download this latest update to your gaming platforms. At this time, the size of the update file for this latest version is not yet known. As soon as we know, we’ll add it here.

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How do I update DayZ?

You can easily update this game with the latest version. If you have enabled automatic updates for this game on your gaming platform, the latest update for this game will be installed automatically. If you have it disabled, you will have to manually refresh the game.

On PS4, you have to select DayZ via the option button. Then click the Check for updates button. The latest update of this game is currently being tested and installed on your PS4.

On the Xbox One, you need to go to My Apps and Games. You will then need to select this game using the More Options button. You should now click on Manage Game and Add-ons, and then on Updates. Now the latest update for this game will install directly on your Xbox One.

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On PC you will have to update this game via Steam. You can enable automatic update for this game, set the update priority for this game, or choose to update only when you start this game.

Update DayZ 1.11 Patch notes

Here are the full patch notes for this latest update. Read it in its entirety to know more about the changes in the game.


  • SVAL rifle added
  • Addition of a warehouse of 20 laps for the SVAL and VSS
  • New textures added for the static M3S truck (not available anymore)
  • Addition of abandoned truck parts for the M3S
  • The battery is slightly discharged when the vehicle’s engine is started.
  • Flags of the winners of the basic building competition are added
  • Garden plots can now be cleaned with a shovel and hoe.


  • The disclaimer for the experimental Xbox in Brazilian Portuguese was missing.
  • The information widget in the immediate area is not permanently displayed.
  • The tent doors did not collide when they collapsed.
  • The inventory interaction prompts sometimes did not display correctly for items with large quantities.
  • Operate fixed to see through walls
  • The plants can’t be infected
  • Server crash related to the extraction of bodies from vehicles resolved.
  • Fixed a bug in the game regarding item attachments
  • The player cannot perform certain actions anymore if his legs are broken.

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You can visit the game’s official website for details on the patch.

Conclusion: DayZ Update 1.11

Finally, we hope you got complete information about the latest DayZ 1.11 update, patch notes, download guide, update file sizes and much more. If you have any concerns or questions about this latest update, feel free to ask us in the comments section below. We are here to help you answer all your questions and clear up your doubts.

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