There are more than enough weapons in the world of Cyberpunk 2077, from more or less conventional baseball bats to all kinds of firearms, to futuristic Grasshopper blades built into weapons, almost everything is represented. One peculiarity is the so-called smart weapon, which, with the aid of appropriate cyber software, automatically targets and follows the enemy.

You can find one of the strongest covers relatively early in the game – even with little effort. In our guide we show you where to find a powerful Smartgun Skippy and how to use it in the most efficient way.

As smart weapons become more effective, especially in combination with the right software, we reveal particularly interesting updates in a separate guide:

Finding and using Skippy correctly

Skippie location

The Smart Pistol is one of the most iconic weapons in the game, which means it has unique features. In the case of Skippy, this is all the more true because the weapon is really something special. But we’ll come back to that later.

First of all, it’s important to find weapons. It is not particularly difficult, because there is even a quest marker in Vista del Rey, in Haywood. This should not be confused with the very high level of safety: There’s no fight right now.

Go to the marked spot and jump over the little gate in the driveway. There’s a body and a suitcase with Skippy in it. Take a gun and Skippy will introduce himself: Literally, because the gun is talking to you.

Unlike most weapons in Cyberpunk 2077, the smartgun has an artificial intelligence that communicates with you in sometimes bizarre ways. If you also use the German voice output, you will hear a split voice from Sponge Bob Schwammkopf at this point.

What can Skippy do?

Besides being able to talk, Skippy is special in two other ways. First of all, you never have to upgrade your weapon, because the damage spreads with your level. You can save the upgrade hardware for other things.

Skippy, on the other hand, has two recording modes, one of which must be selected. Once you have your weapon, the weapon has a choice:


  • The cold-blooded killer: He’s cutting us in the head.
  • A pacifist who loves kittens: Just pull your legs.

First reaction: Of course, choose the higher mode, because head shots do the most damage – logical. Unless you want to use Skippy in the first place to take out your opponents instead of killing them. If you try a peaceful race without death, you can dispense with extra special ammunition, which is very handy!

For all others we recommend the head shot option for Skippy in Cyberpunk 2077. However, there is a small catch that only reveals itself after a while.

Very important: Once you’ve killed 50 enemies with Skippy, the weapon will talk again and force you to use the mode you didn’t initially choose. You can’t change that!

It is therefore advisable to choose the pacifistic mode first in order to distribute effective photos later on. Do not select the option Kill wrong in the dialog box either, otherwise the weapon will remain in kitten mode.

Implementation of the side mission of Skippy

After using Skippy for a few days of play, the weapon will start a new secondary mission and reveal who the previous owner was. This is a repairman who gives you regular jobs.

If you follow the secondary mission you can bring Skippy back to the mountain. In return you will receive 7,000 euros. You can also keep your weapon, because in Ice Cold Killer mode it’s one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Thanks to our guide you’ll quickly find your way to Skippy and you’re free to make the choices you want. Also if you need advice on how to get started, need more Eurodollars or are stuck on a mission, check out our other guides.

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