Cyberpunk Fighting Manual 2077

In this guide we guide you through the Battle of Cyberpunk 2077. Night City is a dangerous place, and you can’t hope to survive in the cyberpunk world of 2077 if you can’t reach the coolest speed with combat mechanics. That’s why we offer you this fighting guide, which will help you master the martial arts in the game.

Fighting guide – Cyberpunk 2077

Our Cyberpunk 2077 Combat Manual details everything you need to know about fighting in Cyberpunk 2077.

The basis of the combat grade

As you enter the battle, you can press the triangle to quickly fire your last used weapon. By clicking on the triangle again, you can switch from one weapon to another. In the context menu, you can register three long-range weapons at the same time. Click and hold the triangle to access this menu and select the weapon you want to fight. When the fight is over, you can touch the triangle twice to remove the weapon.

The basic principles of close combat

Melee weapons are also included in your inventory and with remote weapons in the access menu DeepL. Make sure you always carry a melee weapon in your Quick Access, as these are extremely useful in certain situations. You also have a lot of attacks with your melee weapons. We have described them in detail below:

  • Rapid attack: R2
  • It’s a strong attack: Press and hold R2, then release R2 to land the accused attack.
  • Blocking: Hold L2 (only works if you have stamina)
  • Counterattack: Press R2 just before the enemy attack reaches you.
  • Defensive attack: Press R2 while locking with L2
  • Go on the attack: Press R2 during jump or in the air.
  • Attack on wheels: Press R2 while moving
  • Sprint attack: Press R2 during the sprint.
  • Squat attack: Press R2 while squatting.
  • Rapid attack: Hold R2 with a coiled rope.

The basic principles of vehicle control

When you are a passenger in the car, you can press the button on the triangle to deactivate your weapon and enter the combat mode of the car. You can look around with the left joystick and press L2 to aim your weapon. If you press R2, your weapon will be fired, and if you want to reload it, press the square button. You can return to the car by pressing and holding the lap button. This only works if the vehicle is driven as a passenger and not as a driver.

Use Quickhawks in battle

Quickhawks are the lifesavers in some situations, and depending on your situation, you can turn the tide with these handy tools. As you fight the enemies, you can use quick hits to rotate the cameras and enemy turrets on your side and they will shoot at your enemies. You can also distract your enemies if you sneak in for a quick death. You can also detonate grenades from your opponent’s inventory, and once you’ve unlocked the grenades you can also drive your enemies to suicide by hacker attacks. It’s an extremely powerful and deadly mechanism, and you should use it when you have the chance in the game.

Stay behind the cover.

Reporting is vital for the survival of Cyberpunk 2077. You can do a lot of damage if you stay outside and die quickly. That’s why you have to hide while fighting the enemies. Press the Circle button behind the high covers to enter the cover mode. If you’re hiding, you can shoot blindly by pressing R2 or press L2 to aim from your hideout and fire at your enemies. By staying underwater, you greatly increase your chances of survival in the game.

Mind your health and your stamina.

The health bar is located in the top left corner and the endurance bar in the middle. You should always keep both grids in mind, as stamina is essential for many combat missions such as melee, dodge, run and jump, while health is essential for survival in the game. During a fight, your health is not automatically restored, making it all the more important to keep it alive. If your health deteriorates, eat something and it will quickly recover, and for your stamina, make sure you drink with you at all times.

Shoot in the head

When Cyberpunk 2077 approaches the battle in a role-playing game, the opponents won’t fall immediately, even if they meet your level. However, you can increase the damage you do to your enemies, save some ammunition and try to take as many main shots at your enemies as possible. Even if your enemies are hiding, it’s still possible that a small part of their head is above the hideout, making it much easier for you to shoot them in the head. They do great damage to your enemies and also need less bullets to kill them.

Always improve your skills and qualities.

Every time you level up, you earn honor points, and every third time you level up, you earn attribute points. You should get new benefits and upgrades for your character, as this can make your character more powerful. Your damage increases and with most bonuses you’ll end up unlocking bonuses or extra skills that can even kill enemies quickly. Always make sure you spend the advantage points and attribution points you bought to make your character more powerful.

Finding and equipping the best cyber software

Cyberware is the fashion you will find in the whole game of Cyberpunk 2077 and you will equip yourself with your body. These mods have their strengths and weaknesses, and you can customize them to the look you want. Some are offensive, some are defensive, some make you smarter, and some improve your mechanical skills, so each mode of cyberware is unique in its own way. They have different slits all over the body such as the skeleton, the arms, the legs and everywhere else. Find and equip the best mods with cyber software that you can find in the game and that complement your style of play to become powerful in the game.

Using the environment to your advantage

Over the course of your missions, you’ll find different objects and situations in the environment that will allow you to kill your enemies in a unique way. Try to shoot the barrels of explosives to quickly kill many enemies or hit the enemies to knock them off their feet. You will have many possibilities in different combat situations. So make sure you are always informed and use them to your advantage.

This is all for our combat mentor. If you need help with your game, see the additional instructions in our Cyberpunk 2077 wiki.

This concludes our Cyberpunk Combat Manual 2077. If you want to add something to this guide, you can use the comment section below.

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