CyberCode Online is a new text-based MMORPG that will combine the best elements of the old-school text RPG and the modern MMORPG. The game is text based and has low graphics which means you wont have to worry about spending hours staring at a small screen just to play the game. The combat system is fast paced and easy to learn. But most importantly, all items are purely cosmetic.

CyberCode Online is an MMORPG game based on the classic “Dungeon Crawl” series of games as well as the “Dragon Quest” series, both of which are immensely popular in Japan. It was introduced to the West in 2016 by a Chinese company that has had a huge influence on its development. The game’s key feature is its storyline, which is based on the cyberpunk genre that has spawned numerous video games, anime series, and films over the years.

CyberCode Online is a text-based online role playing game that is pretty much like every other RPG ever made. The differences, however, are very few, and they are mostly in the looks and the elements that define the game. The whole game is played in a text-based online environment. The player logs in and selects a character from a selection of different races. As the character grows, he can then create his own characters, which he can then level up, and then assign to his guild.

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Online CyberCode



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What is Online CyberCode and how does it work?

CyberCode Online is a text-based MMORPG with a minimal but carefully designed Cyberpunk UI interface, procedurally generated co-op dungeons and items, AFK tasks to level when you are busy with IRL stuff, a player marketplace to trade with thousands of players, and most importantly, no pay-to-win elements.

CyberCode Online


The game’s collaborative nature

CyberCode online is designed for friendly and nice people like you; it is entirely PVE, and there are numerous collaborative elements, such as a co-op dungeon, a global objective for obtaining a free global buff, Gangs with exclusive tasks/dungeons to complete with your friend, and the fact that all paid items benefit ALL players, not just the person who activated them.

Dungeons with a Friendship

Invite your friends and other cyberpunkers to your dungeon, where you may team up to fight monsters and get amazing treasure. Because all treasure is instanced to the player, you’ll never have to worry about other players taking your stuff or exp!

CyberCode Online Dungeon is an online dungeon created by CyberCode.

Is there no reward for winning?

Yes, I designed this game from the beginning with no pay to win elements; all monetization is either purely cosmetic and does not give you an advantage in terms of gameplay, or it benefits ALL players in-game, for example, when you activate a purchased buff, ALL players will receive the same benefit, meaning that even if you aren’t paying a cent, you will be getting the benefit of a paid buff all the time. This is what we refer to as a “global buff.”

AFK tasks

Being a mobile-first game, the idle and AFK job is a major element of the game. I understand that you may need to accomplish things in real life from time to time, therefore the AFK job was created to enable you to continue leveling up your character while doing so. You may spend the time to learn various talents, such as 3D Molecular Printing, Crypto-mining, or Ammo Crafting, or you can manufacture things or scavenge among the city ruins.

Gangs are a kind of criminal organization (Clan)

As a game with a strong community emphasis, I made care to include a number of tools that enable players to easily cooperate with one another, one of which is Gang. Gangs are secret, invite-only groups where you may plan gang dungeon raids or access gang-only features like weapon calibration (item enchantment in normal RPG)

CyberCode Online – CyberCode Online – CyberCode Online – CyberCode Online – CyberCode Online

The marketplace for players

We offer a vibrant and open player market where you can buy and sell your wares.

CyberCode Online – CyberCode Online – CyberCode Online – CyberCode Online


Many NPCs in the text-based game Cyberpunk have a distinctive picture created and donated by creative players.

Molecular 3D Printer – CyberCode Online

Weapon Smith – CyberCode Online

What is the location of the game’s download?



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CyberCode Online is a text-based role-playing video game created by a one-man team, Jay Shillingsworth. With a focus on text, it is a game where you can build everything from your character to their castle. You can also enjoy over 10 years of content.. Read more about cybercode online hack and let us know what you think.

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