The Poor Sims Children 4. Technically, they are objects – very needy, but objects nonetheless – and as such, they are forever tied to their cradle.

As if that wasn’t sad enough, they also always wear the same outfit.

We’ve all seen it. Green shearwater with a monkey for the boys, yellow shearwater with a butterfly for the girls. In fact, you’re probably tired of seeing the same damn outfits all the time.

Who doesn’t after a while? Where is the individualism, right?

There’s really only one option if you want to get away from those monkeys and butterflies, and that’s find custom content to override the defaults.

Yes, to dress Bébé Sim with the clothes of your choice, you must forget the originals. Tragic, I know.

If you’re new to this field, I’ll give you some advice that you usually learn the hard way: You can only have one baby outfit per gender at a time in the game. Otherwise, she’ll be very vulnerable.

As fascinating as everything I’ve collected here is, don’t hesitate, my darlings.

1. Lam 2.0 Equipment

Consult this CC

First of all, this long-sleeved outfit is the perfect start to a list specifically dedicated to cute baby outfits.

Everyone looks good in stripes and sweatpants. It’s twice as much for the kids.

Casual wear is also important to them. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable baby. They introduce it with deafening screams.

Keep your baby sim fashionable and comfortable in this Martin outfit!

2. Bearsuits

Consult this CC

Is there anything cuter than animals in children’s costumes? No, not really.

Simplicity certainly doesn’t mean boredom, as these beautiful outfits from McRadh prove. They are all plain, pink or blue, with a bear in their arms holding a matching heart.

They look so comfortable!

3. Onashi baby skull

Consult this CC

Your Sim’s little bundle of joy may not be your typical child’s outfit.

Maybe you need something stronger, something with skulls and flames… or both?

Fortunately for you, A2J3 has done just that, the antithesis of the bear trek: the Flaming Skull Crawl.

I have to admit, it’s pretty cool. It’s definitely a change from what you normally see, which makes perfect sense.

Not all people (or sims) have a nice style, which of course affects their children.

4. Baby skins and standard clothing

Consult this CC

There are many, many options of clothing for your child. It’s a little crazy.

I can’t imagine how long it took the creator of Koli to realize this, but I’m surprised.

Overalls, jumpsuits, shorts and T-shirts, sweaters, rompers, everything is there. A style for every child, every season, every occasion.

Many of these outfits are heavily inspired by the base game or other packs. If you’ve always wanted to take photos of your siblings, including the baby, now you can!

Other than that, they’re all perfect. The colors are perfect for babies, as are the engravings and drawings of animals. They look like real baby clothes.

5. Purple Hearts Combinations

Consult this CC

You can never wear too much purple.

And now your sim girls can be just as stylish.

This dungaree is definitely a step up from the standard dungaree we are used to. And that’s what’s so great about CC children’s clothing: discovering different designs and styles that you won’t find in a game.

6. Standard replacement

Consult this CC

This elys-symsalabism standard replacement garment is valuable. It consists of a blue long-sleeved shirt under a pink or green jumpsuit, depending on the gender.

As if that wasn’t cute enough, you also have the option to incorporate your hair into your outfit!

After all, your child can have a little peachy hair instead of being bald his whole life.

But if you want them to stay bare, that’s fine. It’s a matter of choice.

Naked, blurry, whatever you want. Your baby will always be so beautiful.

7. Standard Child 2.0

Consult this CC

They made me squeal a little, that’s how cute they are.

Clothes with animal prints never get old.

You can choose from a variety of animals for your little one, including a faithful rabbit, bird, fox, wolf or bear. They all come with sweatpants, which is never a bad way for a kid to go.

Everything seems so natural, I wonder why these options weren’t already available in the game!

8. Baby angel clothes

Consult this CC

Every parent thinks their newborn is an angel.

It usually doesn’t take long.

But with these Sassimissolly slides, you can project an image of holiness even if they turn into devils.

I love their uniqueness. I have never seen such an angelic pattern, but it has produced adorable outfits for boys and girls.

9. Overalls for children

Consult this CC

Maybe it’s just my campaign speech, but suits are by far my favorite baby outfit.

A child can do anything cute. It’s not the same as being an adult and giving in to fashion pause. The little ones can make anything happen.

So I don’t know why the suits are so exceptionally nice, but they are. Look at his arms and legs sticking out! Yay!

Sassymissollie has struck again, this time with a timeless look in classic pink or blue.

10. Combinations for boys and girls

Consult this CC

At the top of this list, we have a third creation from the incredible Sassimissolly.

It’s probably a minor struggle, but I think these are two of the best outfits on the list.

For boys there are shirts with buttons and khaki shorts, for girls pink jumpsuits decorated with flowers and bees. The adult version would be so nice.

They make me feel like spring – imagine how picturesque your little ones will be on the day of love that is just around the corner. But of course, they’re perfect year round!

frequently asked questions

What is the best CC for The Sims 4?

20 Best Sims 4 CC on PC | Rock Paper Shotgun

Which shops have nice baby clothes?

The best places to buy baby clothes – Baby Clothing – Superfine

Do I need to download CC for Sims 4?

FALSE. Downloading mods and CC is perfectly safe. The creators will not include any malware or viruses in their downloads. Creators create game content out of a genuine passion for The Sims, but many publish their downloads on websites with pop-ups.

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