Come witness the birth of a new champion! Crayon, our newest bot has been brewing on the back-burner for quite some time and is finally here. This little guy will help you find your favorite items with ease by searching through all available data and providing comprehensive info in realtime! Join us as we watch Crayon grow into his full potential!.

The “discord bots” is a bot that allows users to search for items, triumphs, guardians and rotations. The bot is available on the Discord server.

Crayon - A Discord bot to search for Items, Triumphs, Guardians and Rotations

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I’m Mijago, and I’m the creator of d2armorpicker - Crayon - A Discord bot to search for Items, Triumphs, Guardians and Rotations

D2ArmorPicker. Crayon, my Discord bot, was validated yesterday, and I’m really thrilled to share him with all of you!

In January 2020, I released the first version of Crayon. This should be Season of Dawn on the Destiny calendar. I switched him to the new slash commands in mid-2021 and gradually granted him access to servers outside of my Clan. And then, on January 10th, it all sort of blew out, and as he’s now confirmed… Why not share it with you here?

Crayon was never intended to be a substitute for Charlemagne, but rather a friend! Crayon, for example, is already in D2Sanctuary!

Here’s a link to a short webpage about Crayon. And certainly, I address Crayon as he/him.

What is the purpose of Crayon?

Four slash instructions are added by Crayon:

  • /item — Allows you to search for specific items. This displays the Manifest’s basic information, including each perk. It also displays a huge preview for decorations, ghosts, and other stylish things! It also connects to and other database sites at all times. This command also displays Clarity information wherever available! * Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the content of any of these websites. Look at this example:
  • /triumph — Allows you to look for victories. This just displays basic victory information and cannot display titles at this time. But I’m certain that with enough input, I’ll be able to significantly enhance it! Look here for (very dull) examples:
  • /rotation – Displays Nightfalls, Raid Challenges, Nightmare Hunts, Europa Stuff, and Draming City-Stuff rotation information. It also allows you to see up to ten weeks ahead. Parts of this command will be disabled when WQ is released, since they will be obsolete. I’ll also provide a summary command that displays all of this data at once. Look at this example:
  • /guardian – Finds a guardian and connects to a number of stat monitoring sites for this user. Raid Report, Trials/Crucible Report, Destiny Tracker, and many more are among them. Take a look at this example:

The /item and /triumph search functions are also really clever: they let you search for an object even if you don’t know precisely how it’s spelt. This is so effective that it can even locate Reed’s Regret while searching for reds regrt. It should be noted that the query Timelost Fatebringer will not be found, but Fatebringer will. Fatebringer will be the proper name for Timelost (Timelost).

What exactly do you mean when you say “He is now verified”?

A Discord bot can only join 100 servers before requiring verification to join additional. This is a safeguard against disagreement. That means Crayon may now join as many guilds as he wants! He also received a lovely checkmark next to his name.

To set the tone straight away, let me state the following:

  • Crayon does not read any messages from your server (it’s physically impossible since he hasn’t been confirmed).
  • Your server’s information is not saved by Crayon.
  • Crayon does not keep track of any user information. This may change if I add features that require logging in.

What’s in store for the future?

  • Some of you have asked for weapon basestats, and I understand. I’m now searching for a compact approach to display it – and to make the outcomes more compact overall. I’ll let you know as I find out more!
  • Send me a note or join the dev discord if you’d want to see a feature!

Issues that have been identified

  • When you add Crayon to your server, he does not display any emotes for certain players. In this situation, the Everyone role in the channels where you wish to utilize him requires the Use external Emotes permission. This is a Discord-Library-Limitation, and I’m trying to figure out how to get around it.
  • In certain strange permission-constellations, Crayon may need the Manage Messages permission to edit his own messages.
  • If the bot does not reply to your requests, it is most likely because he is upgrading. Simply wait a few minutes before trying again!

As usual, I welcome criticism and suggestions! You may also join the dev discord to test Crayon before adding him, as well as ask questions and provide comments!

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For the game Destiny 2, write “Crayon – A Discord bot to search for Items, Triumphs, Guardians, and Rotations.”

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Crayon is a Discord bot that allows users to search for items, triumphs, guardians and rotations. It is perfect for those who are looking to find the best builds or just want to know what they should be doing in game. Reference: light gg discord bot.

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