I can’t stress how cool it was to be a player in the nineties. Everywhere you look, you seem to get free demos to try out recently released games or games that are about to come out. These demos were my introduction to many series that have been dear to me over the years. For many of us, the transition from Super Nintendo and the Sega Master to Sony’s PlayStation was a bit difficult. What could this TV maker and pedestrian who isn’t yet saturated with Mario and Sonic bring? And here was a demo of Crash Bandicut. What happened from then on was a deep gratitude for the next 24 years. There was a silence and some unconvincing additions to the series, but Crash is a baby again!

I admit I was worried about the original Crash Bandicoot 4 trailer. I was afraid that the game would be modelled in the same way as the original PlayStation games, or that it would become a game for nostalgic gamers. That’s what I thought, or they went the other way. It will be very different from the show that many of us know and love. I couldn’t be happier that the game we got is the perfect marriage for both of us.

The outrageous name is Crash Bandicut 4: It’s About Time cannot be called more accurate because of the history of the game. The game takes place after the events of the Crash Bandicut: Deformed. The villains in the series Neo Cortex and Harmful Tropy have discovered how to create cracks in time and space. Soon Crash and his sister Coco will hear about it and embark on an adventure to stop the duo before it destroys the history of the world!

But they can’t do it alone. Quantum masks help them in their adventures. There are four ancient medicine witch masks that have great power over space and time, which spread throughout the game and give special powers to Crash or Coco. From slowing down time to turning the world upside down, this is not the typical left to right turntable race. They’re not the only satellites that get you on your way. There are a total of 5 different characters that you can play during the game.

The game itself offers a PLANT for you. Although the levels aren’t too difficult at first, they do get pretty brutal at the end of the game, of course. Fans of the series already know that there have always been many collectibles along the way. I tried to find hidden gems and do my best, up to 100% at every level, but when I reached the middle of the path, I gave up this difficult task. At some point in the game, open the reverse mode, which allows you to replay all the levels to collect even more gems! If you look, Crash Bandicoot 4 has over 100 levels and flashback levels!

Although the game retains all the classic mechanics of the original game, there are a few additions that work strangely. If you’re worried about facing some of the toughest levels and having only a limited number of lives, you can switch from retro mode to modern mode, which gives you an infinite number of lives, but you have a death counter. I’m not ashamed to admit that the number of deaths at later levels has reached a fairly high level: I’M OLD!

Anyway, I was very happy to see Crash Bandicut 4: It’s time to change course and reverse my expectations! Some steps can be long, and the difficulties can sometimes be quite serious, but not entirely impossible. I love the art direction and the sound of the characters. Humor is class A when it should be. I hope the big boys of Toy for Bob prepare another race after this one, because I’m already on board!

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: 2. The platforms of October 2020: Overview of the PlayStation 4 platform, Xbox One
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Bandicoot 4: It is time for.




  • Fun and colorful graphics
  • Funny story
  • The big voice plays
  • The masks add a new mechanic to the game.


  • The difficulty is to really buzz at the end.
  • Some levels are quite long.


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