With the rise of mobile games, many classic titles were forgotten or lost to time. Cotton Fantasy is a game that has successfully rediscovered this market and brought it back in style.

“Cotton Fantasy – A Triumphant Return of a Classic” is a game that combines the best elements of classic platformers and modern roguelikes. It has been in development for over two years now. The game was released on the Nintendo Switch last year, and it will be coming to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this year. Read more in detail here: cotton fantasy (switch).

Review: Cotton Fantasy

If you like playing 2D sidescrolling shooters, you’ve probably heard of the Cotton series. To commemorate the game’s 30th anniversary, Success and publisher ININ Games have revived the brand and launched Cotton Fantasy, which brings the classic back to life on current platforms with all of the modern niceties you’d expect from a modern release. We devour a gigantic willow and smash enormous monsters with our bullets in this review of Cotton Fantasy’s PS4 release.

Cotton Fantasy brings the renowned Nata de Cotton to life, who has been the franchise’s protagonist since its inception. The game’s plot is set in Fairyland, where willows are mysteriously disappearing, and the responsibility of recovering them has fallen to the small fairy Silk. Silk approaches her old friend, the tiny witch Nata de Cotton, for assistance, and she accepts immediately as she learns that willows are involved. The tale starts with a brand-new adventure that takes you all around Fairyland and allows you to select your own route ahead at important moments.

Review: Cotton Fantasy

Cotton Fantasy’s plot lasts around an hour and a half, making it ideal for fast pick-and-play sessions. The Training mode is also available if you wish to play specific levels with custom settings. As of now, the game only has two modes: Plot and Training. In Training mode, you may try out all of the courses without worrying about the story or high scores. If you merely want to complete the levels or repeat them with a new character, you may also turn off cutscenes for the main tale. You have a larger assortment of characters to pick from this time around in the game.

You have five basic characters in addition to Nata de Cotton, and you may unlock more by completing the game’s main plot. Some of the characters in the game are also guests from other series, such as Kawase from Umihara Kawase, who is riding a swollen fish. Then there’s Luffee from Doki Doki Poyacchio, who appears in the game as a guest character. Apart from them, there are dozens of other characters to pick from, and by advancing through the main tale, you can even unlock new characters.


Each of the game’s characters isn’t merely a different skin for the same basic character. Each character in the game is distinct, with their own set of shots and special abilities. Cotton has her fairies firing with her, Ria may graze foes and bullets for point multipliers, and Fine has a countdown instead of a life system, and she dies when her timer hits zero. Cotton Fantasy now offers outstanding replayability, which will tremendously help high-score chasers or enthusiasts who want to spend more time with the game.

When you switch characters, the game changes as well, since you must respond to new bullets and special attacks. The remainder of the game plays similarly, and even the major plot stays unchanged. Even if the character is changed, the narrative is still told from Cotton’s point of view. Each level contains a number of entertaining cutscenes that enable you to immerse yourself in the game’s universe, but they are entirely in Japanese. The game includes English subtitles that help players outside of Japan to comprehend what is going on in the game. Apart from that, the audio is pretty much what we would expect from a Cotton game.

Review: Cotton Fantasy

Gameplay plays a vital role in these side-scrolling shoot ‘em ups and Cotton Fantasy is no different. It brings back the same tight and enjoyable gameplay with controls designed particularly for contemporary platforms and newcomers to the genre. At its heart, Success has done all possible to keep the original IP’s action alive, and they have done it masterfully. Cotton Fantasy has a similar degree of difficulty, but is more accessible to current players. It completely exploits the capability of current consoles to give a whole new Cotton experience. The opponents are well created, and the weaponry are as so. Each weapon in the game has its own personality, and you must overcome their flaws in order to defeat wave after wave of adversaries. The enemy design is also extremely good.

Destroyed foes drop crystals, which you may blast to alter their hue and then pick up depending on what you need. Yellow crystals provide you experience points, while blue, red, and green crystals strengthen your weapons and abilities. You may fire the crystals with your weapon of choice and then run through them to collect them. This mechanic may also be a bit stressful since you must avoid collecting these crystals if you want to stick to a single weapon, yet they appear all over the screen and there is no way to get rid of them, making them a little bothersome.


While the stages aren’t as long as those in other side-scrolling shooters, the original Cotton offers fewer levels with an emphasis on action and high score chasing. The opponent waves are harsh, and on higher levels, the whole screen is flooded with gunfire, forcing you to carefully move between them in order to live. The same may be said for boss fights. The boss designs are fantastic, and the battles with them are even better. The last battle was a huge disappointment for me, however the bosses on the usual levels were fantastic. If you die and run out of lives, you may restart the game, but your high score will be reset to 0, which is a major problem if you’re aiming to beat the leaderboards.

Cotton Fantasy, like Cotton Reboot, has its own dedicated Online Leaderboard area. The higher your score is at the conclusion of each level, the better you do in it, but if you truly want those numbers, you must increase the difficulty and then take on the game. I’m not much of a high-score hunter, but I do like side-scrolling shooters, so titles like Cotton Fantasy appeal to me. If you enjoy chasing highscores, the game provides lots of opportunity. The title has something for everyone. It also offers iconic HD graphics while maintaining the franchise’s distinctiveness in terms of appearance and game design.


Final Thoughts:

Cotton Fantasy is the ideal game to release during a series’s milestone anniversary, since it comes exactly in time to commemorate the 30th year of this outstanding franchise. Cotton Fantasy is the ideal side-scrolling shooter to introduce newcomers to both the series and the genre. It keeps the franchise’s original spirit while making it accessible to current gamers and fitting wonderfully on new systems. It looks nice, plays well, and can be quite difficult if you want it to be. If you like the Cotton series or 2D sidescrolling shooters, you should not miss out on this fantastic game.

9.0/10 final score

Cotton Fantasy is a classic game that has been revived for the current generation. The game was originally released in 1982 and is now available on mobile devices. Reference: cotton fantasy release date.

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