In Clockwork Aquario players take on the role of an underwater explorer with a submarine and must explore, collect and battle other submarines. Each map gives you three different objectives to complete before advancing to the next level.

The “clockwork aquario review” is a game that has been designed with colorful visuals and brilliant gameplay. The game is set in the underwater world, where you have to collect pearls while avoiding obstacles.

Clockwork Aquario – A Colorful Title with Brilliant Gameplay


Clockwork Aquario is a long-lost arcade game that has been resurrected for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch for the first time. Clockwork Aquario was originally created by Westone but was canceled by the developer at the last minute, and the game was never given to the public. ININ Games and Westone have finally published it on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, and we can finally play it after decades of waiting. This is our review of Clockwork Aquario for the PlayStation 4, in which we pop some balloons and fling opponents at each other.

Clockwork Aquario gives you the option to play the game at your own speed right from the start. You may start the game on Training mode, which allows you to play the first two levels with unlimited lives. If you believe you’re ready for the main title, there are three difficulty levels to select from: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Each of these difficulty levels gives you less and fewer lives until the game is finished for you, but since there is no monetary system in place, you may simply keep playing until you die.


Clockwork Aquario’s gameplay is perhaps one of its strongest features. Clockwork Aquario’s controls, in comparison to other platformers of the period, were well ahead of their time in the 1990s. It was designed to push the technology to its boundaries at the time, and the game’s superb controls prove it. The controls are highly snappy and seem quite versatile, allowing for precision platforming. While the platforming in Clockwork Aquario isn’t very difficult, it does need precision, which the controls readily provide. As you bounce about smacking balloons and landing on adversaries to shock them, movement feels fluid and silky.

You may simply increase the region over which you can jump in the game by touching or holding down the jump button to reach higher locations or regulate your leaps. The game’s foes are also rather unusual, yet virtually all of them aren’t too difficult to defeat. This is also dependent on the difficulty level you choose, but on standard difficulty, the game feels good. Each level also has a big number of balloons that you may explode to travel about the level or reach higher locations that would otherwise be inaccessible, but all of this requires precise platforming and time jumps.


In the game, certain adversaries may be stunned by slapping them or leaping on their heads. You can kill them by slapping them or leaping on their heads again, but if you move towards stunned foes, you may pick them up and fling them in different locations to take out other enemies or explode balloons that are out of reach. Almost all of the game’s enemies can be stunned, picked up, and tossed about. Most bosses are destroyed in this manner as well, as they send their lesser minions towards you, who you stun and toss back at the boss to do damage. Mini-bosses are also present in certain stages, which must be defeated.

The ability to choose and toss adversaries in the game may occasionally lead to some very spectacular combos. For example, you may leap on one opponent, bust a balloon, slap another adversary, pick up the balloon while going forward, and rapidly hurl it at another enemy, killing them all in one hop. These are not only great to look at, but they’re also a lot of fun to make. This is why I claim the game has highly fluid and seamless gameplay and controls, allowing you to move about freely and accomplish these combo kills with ease. You may even pick up and fling the other player around if you’re playing in co-op.


Clockwork Aquario has some of the early platformer’s flaws. You can’t go back in certain stages, so if you miss any balloons, you’ll have to repeat the level. If you mistakenly moved too far forward, the balloons traveled to your left and out of the frame, you’ll have to restart the level. When anything moves out of the left frame, it’s gone for good. You also have a limited number of lives and each level includes a timer. This isn’t a significant problem, but the game lacks a stop button, and clicking the emulator pause often restarted my game when I returned to it after a while, requiring me to restart it from the beginning. Obviously, they aren’t game-breaking problems, and nowadays, lives aren’t as important since you don’t have to input cash and can simply glance over them.

Although Clockwork Aquario is a contemporary game, you can make it seem as though you’re still playing on a CRT screen by using a number of filters and texture effects. You may pick from choices like display settings, shaders, and filters on the main game menu. Thanks to the emulator on which the game plays on the PS4, you can modify the settings and build your own CRT monitor display within your contemporary 4K display. The PS4 version has trophies as well, and I’d say it’s a very simple Platinum. This edition provides a comprehensive experience of the game, including an art gallery and music. Clockwork Aquario was a blast to play, and I’ve been playing a lot of old games lately.


Clockwork Aquario was never launched in 1993 because fighting games were taking over arcades and 3D games were becoming more popular. It’s a pity that this fantastic platformer was discontinued back then, but cheers to ININ GAMES for bringing it back to life, and with the support of the game’s original creator, Westone. The release demonstrates that Clockwork Aquario was considerably ahead of its time in the 1990s, and that it retains its development value to this day. The gameplay is more sophisticated than a lot of current platformers that have come out in recent years.


The Bottom Line:

Clockwork Aquario is a fantastic arcade game that belongs in the repertoire of each vintage gamer. It has lovely, bright graphics, a catchy music, and excellent gaming mechanics. Clockwork Aquario is definitely among the greatest of the current rush of classic and vintage games landing on contemporary platforms, and as this is the title’s first official release, it is also possibly the perfect moment for it. Clockwork Aquario is a solid title that deserves a spot in your retro collection if you enjoy playing retro platformers and have been adding the recent releases to your library. This game is a must-play for everyone who like playing platformers.

8.5/10 for the overall performance.

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The “clockwork aquario digital” is a game that has beautiful graphics and intriguing gameplay. The game features a unique blend of puzzle and action-adventure elements.

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