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Clea has just switched to the Nintendo Switch, after its release in July 2019 last year. Sekai and InvertMouse brought the side-scrolling survival game to Nintendo. I got a review from Clea because the publisher sent me a copy of the Nintendo Switch game.

Clea is a survival horror game that relies on the meanness and invisibility of your technique, while letting you discover the horrors that lurk in the house. A small detail that caught my attention before I tried the game was his official description. Clea’s official information says there are no jumps in the game. It triggered two thoughts in my head. First of all, it will be a simple horror game with a slight sense of horror, or it will be a bit more if the player keeps guessing.

Clia magazine

But let’s talk about the game and how the plot was conceived from the start. They play like Clea, who is obviously a little girl with her little brother Ed. In the first scene of the game celebrate Clea, Ed and a woman named Florin’s birthday. Before the celebration, the situation worsens, as do the strange and disturbing sounds of echoes coming from the rooms of the manor.

Soon you’ll get to know the servants of Chaos, the main kind of enemies lurking in the halls and ready to attack you when they get a chance. When Florin goes out, Clea decides that she and her brother Ed have to look for Florin and his parents. It is also the first time you have Clea under control, while her younger brother Ed keeps an eye on everything that happens, wherever you take Clea.

Clia magazine

Sound plays a big role in Clea’s gameplay, because it will draw the servants of chaos to you. Although Clea can walk, sneak or run, every movement produces a certain sound, which changes and causes noise. Periodicity produces the loudest sound and almost guarantees that the Servant of Chaos will look for you or the source of the sound. You can run, it’s slower, but it doesn’t attract the enemy from another floor of the house. Finally, the crawling motion allows you to move very slowly, but ensures that the servant of chaos does not notice you even when he moves on the same floor.

Their goal is to find salvation by solving riddles. This includes searching for metal parts to make certain keys for unlocking emergency doors or push buttons on walls in the correct order. Each puzzle you find is solved in a unique way, and if the game does its best not to explain what to do, you solve it yourself, which is an added bonus. Collected items can be produced, used or consumed from your inventory. The inventory is a simple menu that contains all the objects you have collected so far. A full inventory also means that you can’t take more items with you, but that you can drop or collect everything you don’t need to make room for.

In addition to the servants of chaos, you also have different types of enemies that can hinder your progress. They have chaos spiders, who are annoying creatures that always try to catch you with their claws when you’re not looking. Due to the cunning of the enemies and the fact that you can only save in certain places, the player risks losing his entire progress, including the items in his inventory, which are reset when the game downloads the last saved one.

When I say the game doesn’t tell you what to do, that’s not entirely true. There are many notes and objects with which you can interact to find clues and get an idea of what is really going on in the house and who are the servants of chaos waiting impatiently for you. But instead of ruining your game, you have a lot to learn by actually playing it.

Visually, the game looks good on the Nintendo Switch, but because it’s not a graphically demanding game, it works pretty well and without stuttering on the system. The animations and illustrations can be better or more detailed than simple rooms with doors and closets to hide them.

You will also find that there is no scary music to accompany your survival horror adventure in Clea. What you have is the terrifying silence, the ticking of the clock and the sound of water droplets in the toilet. It’s ideal for Clea’s kind of game, especially if you’re always trying to hear if something is following you or chasing you or not.


Clea: A decent side-scrolling survival game has just been released for Nintendo Switch. The game has a good story, without jumps, to which the developers paid attention, but with many aspects of horror, to call it the real horror game. You can play the game in different difficulties that work. Replacement lenses will disappoint some, especially if they lose all their progress, but nothing takes away their joy. It is a survival horror game, after all, it requires skill and good decisions, whether it’s solving puzzles or fleeing from enemies. I recommend you to play the game on Switch and try this 2D side-scrolling game


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