Good: Support. Specializes in empowering and supporting teammates.


  1. Shield Bubble – BR/Creative Shield Bubble, but with infinite duration and HP instead, should be between a T3 stone and a T3 metal wall. You must appear with 2 charges (maximum), the charge is restored after 25 eliminations and there is a 3 second reload time between placements.
  2. Bazooka Bandage – BR/Creative Bazooka Bandage with 10 shots, each healing 10% of the player’s health. Can be turned on and off with the same button and only goes into full supercooling mode after 90 seconds if fully used before shutdown, otherwise supercooling must be determined by the number of shots remaining.
  3. Combat Beacon – Place a beacon that increases the damage of all weapons by 50%, the rate of fire by 40%, and the stability of weapons by 30% within 2 hexes of the beacon. By default, the beacon operates for 90 seconds. If it hits a player, it doesn’t affect their life expectancy, but their life expectancy drops 5% faster for each additional player hit. The charging time is 60 seconds.
  4. Orbital Strike – Press the ability button to equip thermal binoculars. As long as the binoculars are equipped, you can score up to 5 opponents. Mark the enemies by following them for 2 seconds and pressing the fire button. The ability can be cancelled at any time by pressing the ability button again before marking the target. Pressing the same button after marking at least 1 enemy as a target will activate the attack. The satellite above your head sends 5 missiles at the enemies you have marked (split if less than 5 are marked), and each missile does 5 times the damage of an Airstrike. The charging time is 90 seconds.
  5. Field Medic: Call in a survivor from your home base to resuscitate your teammates. The field medic moves from your position to the nearest team at a speed equal to 1.25 times your walking speed. The resurrection takes twice as long as a normal resurrection, but they are protected from all incoming damage and can resurrect multiple teammates at once as long as they are within 0.25 square of the medic when he begins resurrecting the first teammate. Recharge time 120 seconds.

As with the other classes, only 3 of these abilities are available to the hero of this class.

Interesting benefits:

  • Live to Fight Another Day – Grants 25% armor to adjacent teammates (within 3 sticks) and multiplies all heal rates within the same radius by 1.25. This premium excludes other members of the supporting class.
  • Take Cover – Reduces the damage of all supporting class members by 15% and increases the health of all players and player-built structures by 15%.

Possible commander/supporter :

  • Slurp Bazooka – Transforms the Bandge Bazooka into a Slurp Bazooka that simultaneously heals health and defense (Commander: increases speed on contact by 5%).
  • Mini Storm Shield – Turns the Shield Bubble into a miniature storm shield that prevents anything evil from getting through it. 25% less HP than the Shield Bubble (Commander: only 10% less HP than the Shield Bubble).
  • Bandage Blaster – Increases Bandage Bazooka healing by 5% (Commander: increases by 15% instead of 5% and decreases maximum cooldown to 60 seconds).
  • Patrol Beacon – Replaces the combat beacon with a patrol beacon that prevents a patrol from wandering off for 90 seconds. Recharge: 90 seconds (Commander: up to 120 seconds)
  • Field Surgeon – Reduces the time it takes the Field Surgeon to recover a teammate to 1.5 times the normal recovery time (Commander: increases the Field Surgeon’s movement speed to 1.5 times).
  • More Mr. Good Missile – Replaces the Orbital Strike missiles with a single 8-pallet wide laser beam that lasts 10 seconds and does the same damage as the 5 missiles spread over its 10-second lifetime. (Commander: Changes damage type to energy and inflicts an additional 10% damage to enemies, as well as teammates in the blast zone).
  • Peel Permit – Replaces a bazooka with a banana pistol. The banana gun fires armor-piercing bananas that do the same damage to enemies as a single shot from Lefty and Righty, and can go through multiple targets, whether it’s a group of teammates wanting to be healed or a group of Husks wanting to turn into purple dust. (Commander: Increases the healing of teammates equipped with banana weapons by 15% and reduces the damage inflicted on enemies by 10%)
  • Catch Zs – The sleeping Husk can be persuaded to betray his comrades and fight for the base. He only has a 34% chance of failing, and the Husk turns into a mini-boss who doesn’t lose rewards. (Commander: bounce rate is reduced to 15%, and the launch pod gains speed and damage like that of a player).
  • Engineer’s Genius – Increases the number of all buffs granted by a combat house by 10% (commander): Increases the cooldown of a combat signal by 20%, as well as the cooldown to 70 seconds).

BR characters who can become the first heroes of this class:

  • Waipoint (patrol point)
  • Remedy (forceps)
  • Ripley (Slurp Bazooka).
  • Peely (license to peel)
  • Stratus (Mini Storm Shield)
  • Onesey (Catching Zs ?)
  • Jules (technology engineering)
  • Paradigm (No More Mr. Good Rocket)
  • A field surgeon, of course.

Yes, I know it will never happen, but a pigeon can dream.

Source: Original link

  • My idea of an update (which will probably never happen).

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Mail class idea (even though I know it will never happen) for the game Fortnite.

Top 10 most anticipated video games of 2020

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