How to win, find cash and deposit money inmode

What is looting of the Call of Duty war zone?

Pillage is one of the two main game modes for Activision’s Call of Duty Warzone. In fact, this is just another version of the Battle for the King with different victory conditions. The main goal of the Danish pastry model is not to be the last person or team left, but to make as much money as possible. This is determined by finishing 30 minutes with the most money or having the most money after the start of the two-minute bonus round.

In plunder mode, players do not have to worry about the card constantly shrinking due to toxic gases. It’s also easier to remortar when they’re killed. The game mode accommodates up to 102 players in 3-man teams, with a total of 34 teams competing against each other.

How do you find money by calling the war zone looteron duty?

Players can find comfort in the knowledge that plunder mode does not involve deadly gas invasion from all sides. This allows you to perform a full search on the huge map of Verdansk. Nevertheless, the troops must be on their feet. Otherwise they won’t get the chance to make as much money as possible.

How easy is it to get money from Call of Duty Warzone junk? Who’s going to move first?!

Lightweight banknote tongs

The money is all over the map of Verdansk. The easiest way is to find stacks of C.O.D. and delivery boxes at different locations on the map. There is also money available at the counters, which are bags that are thrown out of the plane during a match. Players should be careful, however, as many easy cash purchases by multiple units are required. This is especially true for the mentioned locations and buildings, which can attract many players, or for the first drop zones.

Bank robbery

A riskier prospect to make money by looting is robbing one or more banks in Verdansk. All the banks found piles of money in their vaults. Although they are easily accessible, it is difficult to escape with cash. The bank alarm is triggered if they’re injured. This warns neighbouring units that a flight is in progress.

Contracts and contract types in Planner

Another important way to get money into the war zone is through missions or minigame contracts. Troops can receive orders by collecting plates from random locations and soup cans. The location of these boards can be seen on the map, each location is marked with its own symbol, depending on the type of contract. There are three different types of contracts.

  • Bonus Contracts – A bonus contract is a contract that gives players who accept it the task of setting up a different setup. As soon as the contract is accepted, a crosshair appears on the card with the total position of a player in the team. As soon as this player is knocked out, the visor moves on to the next player on the team. After the elimination of the three players the contract ends. The enemy unit receives a warning if they are rewarded and also if someone is destroyed. The fee contracts are relatively complex, so with $3,000 they represent the largest payment of three contracts. Conclusion of the second full contract in a row for $4,000.
  • Recon contracts – when you activate a recon contract, a special icon appears on the map. When entering the area, the location is marked on the map and an alarm is sent to the nearby controls. The Domination mini-game follows. To successfully complete the contract, your device must protect this location for a certain period of time. At the end of the mission they will be rewarded with a flight and money.
  • Garbage collection contracts – Units that accept garbage collection contracts are responsible for finding and opening multiple delivery cases. These drawers generally contain better escape products than standard food drawers. These contracts are the simplest and least lethal of the three types of contract.

Liquidation of other players

One of the best ways to make the most money is to get your opponent’s players and units out of the game. When a player is killed, about 50% of the money falls out of his hands, making it available to anyone who can take it. The more experience the player or team has and the more he kills his opponents, the more money he can collect.

Attack plane

You can raise the most money by looting one of the attack helicopters. These helicopters appear during the madness of the last two minutes of the bonus round and shoot at all players. It is the hardest way to make money, but it is perhaps the most profitable and it can change the dynamics of the game in the last two minutes.

Attack helicopters and contracts are two excellent ways to make money, but they can also be the most dangerous.

How and where to deposit money

Carrying large amounts of cash in plunder mode can be dangerous. Dead, and most of what you bring can reach your opponents. It is therefore important to deposit the money periodically. There are two ways to deposit money safely by keeping it out of reach of enemy players. First of all, the use of balloons to deposit cash. During the replenishment process, you have approximately 20 seconds to deposit as much cash as possible in increments of $25,000 to $150,000. The second way to deposit money is the helipad for cash. The Silver Heliport will be released as soon as your team is worth over $300,000. The deposit is unlimited, but it is open to all teams.

  • Separation tank Varzona

Two ways to keep your money safe. One of them is a cash deposit balloon like this.

How to win the looting of war zones mode

The team with the most money at the end of the two-minute bonus is the winner. It’s the only way to win the Call of Duty Warzone troop. There are two ways to take part in the final bonus round. As soon as the executive has won $1 million in cash or 30 minutes have passed. When that stage is reached, all the money of the troop is saved and there is a two minute madness that includes attack helicopters and a pointless fight for as much money as possible.

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