Bubble 4 friends - PS4 2

Friends of the Bubble 4 - PS4

Taito has brought these charming little dragons back for another entertaining adventure on a new action platform. Since the first game was released in 1986, Bub and Bob (and their friends) have grown considerably – well, at least their graphics have improved.

I jumped at the chance to play the game again when I remembered that I was with Mummy and Daddy as a child and that we were running around the Playstation to complete the puzzle levels.  Shooting small balls in a game with different flowers gave us a lot of fun as a family, and we were able to share game night with parents who share their love for Playstation as a family.  I always blame this game on my mother’s obsession with color-compatible games (even now she sits and flips through Candy Crush – and other similar applications on her phone).  So I was ready for the bubblynostalgia.

Bubble 4 friends - PS4 1

However, I forgot that the game is more of a distraction from the original style, so I was disappointed at first when I realised it was more of an action/platform type.  However, the sight of these cute and colorful characters brought me back to my childhood, and because it was a multiplayer mode (up to 4 people), my mother could still join in and enjoy the madness.

That’s when the madness started.  Let’s just say that my mother will definitely stick to her colorful games instead of trying to do something that most children can handle without any problems.

It’s a simple game, you walk through each level, shoot bubbles to catch the enemies, burst those bubbles to destroy them, collect fruit to earn points along the way.  Take it easy, will you?

Well, although my unborn nephew probably could have easily gone through all the steps, my mother couldn’t understand the concept and ended his life quite often, so she spent most of her time watching my father and I have fun together.  But the fact that it was so terrible at the same time really gave us a lot of fun, and everything that can entertain the whole family and make them laugh a lot (even at the expense of a dear family member) gets a push from me.

Bubble 4 friends - PS4 4

Jumping and dodging levels is easy in the beginning, the enemies are usually just inanimate objects that you don’t want to get too close, so you can just fly through the first few levels without worrying.  As the game progresses through the five levels, the bad guys really get harder as they start to move, and some even offer resistance. So you have to be careful that the bad guys don’t chase you or time your moves to avoid grenades.  Boss levels are also a lot of fun, but while you’re practising the patterns of your enemies, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finishing the game in one session.

I think maybe that was my biggest problem in this game, it ended too soon.  I wasn’t expecting a big adventure, but since I only had five levels with six or seven levels each (plus the boss battle), the fun ended just when you took a bath, which was a little disappointing.

But it was good while it lasted.  The story takes place in the children’s room, where the characters are scattered throughout the room, and the levels, from the book forest to the bonanza bed, create a colourful dream world with lots of cute creatures bubbling and bursting along the way.

Bubble 4 friends - PS4 5

There is also an arcade mode for the game that represents only a few levels of the original game button from 2020. What’s the point of going back to this bullet-based graph from the same game?  I think it would be better if they put all the old games in the slot machines (maybe there would be a game with a colour adapted to my childhood, and I would give the game 15/10)!

So if you are looking for a cute, simple game that is easy enough to kill time, or if you want to introduce children to the world of Baba and Bob, it will probably give you hours of entertainment.  If you’re looking for something to bring more than 80 hours of intense story and adventure into your life, you might want to pass it on.  But I think most people who watch this game know what they’re getting into.  It’s the kind of game that would end up in the dustbins of Blockbuster Deal, but it’s a game that you have to win, if only for the pleasure of multiplayer.

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The promoter: Publisher Taito: ININ Games, Taito, Arc System Works
Release date : 19. November 2020. Platforms : Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 platform
Discussed : PlayStation 4 PRO

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