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By unlocking the obstacle course with P-switches and collecting blue coins across several islands or through the Plessie gate, you can keep a close eye on each approach. However, I managed to get around the Plessie challenge by simply bypassing the path the game created and rushing to the cat flakes at the end of each race. It’s troubling, to say the least, that the game makes it available and cheats on the system like that. You can easily follow your adventure thanks to the hub map by pressing the “minus” button (“-“) on your Joy Con or Pro controller. This is very handy for those who are stuck or want to know where to collect more cat glitter. In the spirit of free mode, you can save the game at any time by pausing and selecting the “Save” option. The ability to play local multiplayer with a friend makes the experience different. If you choose the two-player option and share the Joy-Con, your friend can help you and pretend to be Bowser Jr. while you do the heavy lifting.

The 1080p/60fps frame rate and zero loading times raise the standard Nintendo could aim for with future Mario editions. The Japanese developer is no stranger to open world structure, having already applied it to established series like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There are a few hiccups and glitches that are noticeable during Bowser’s battles, and a few dropouts during camera movements, but these obstacles can be overcome with simple patches that Nintendo will surely release along the way. Bowser’s Fury is a side effect of a 3D world dominated by the Mario franchise’s ability to change and evolve, whether in gameplay, aesthetics, storytelling style or world design. It is seen as a statement that its continuity ensures quality of life; a special feature that few series can apply, is not extended.

Bowser’s Fury is a great addition to Mario’s legacy. It may be short, but for the fan looking for a new adventure to immerse themselves in. This addon contains tons of content, 7 hours of full content alone, plus Super Mario 3D World in the base title of the package, and you will have an unforgettable experience. I have always considered Super Mario 3D World to be the best 3D Mario platform game to ever get the recognition it deserved from fans who missed out on the Wii U era. This re-release not only gives players the chance to experience the adventure of this incredible work, but it also opens the door to Bowser’s Fury for the fans of open-world games that Nintendo’s mascot is looking for. Bowser’s Fury may have also taken the antagonist in this chapter into inappropriate territory due to its unconventional nature, but I would love to see the developers pick up this theme again in another form.

Frequently asked questions

Is Bowser’s Fury a full game?

There are two more important things about Bowser’s Fury. The first is that it is not a full-blown Super Mario game. While it is a huge adventure with lots to do and explore, it is probably a third smaller than similar games in the series.

What is Bowser’s rage?

Bowser’s Fury lets two players control Mario and Bowser Jr. as they begin to collect Cat Shines, the equivalent of the Power Stars in this game. Collecting these Cat Shines activates beacons that further clear the ink and reveal more of the world map.

When can I play Bowser’s Fury?

Nintendo has not yet announced an official release date for Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, but it should be in line with other Nintendo First Party games. So it should be available on February 12, 2021 at noon. You will then have access to the digital version of the game.

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