Bosch has announced the completion of a €1 billion investment into its Dresden Wafer Fab (D-Fab) facility, which will drastically increase the number of chips produced in Dresden. The plan will see the number of chips produced by D-Fab more than double, from ~50M to ~100M to ~150M by 2022.

Bosch, a world leader in automotive technology, is investing €1 billion to construct a new wafer-fabrication facility in Dresden, Germany. The investment will be used to build a new wafer fab to produce highly targeted high-performance semiconductor devices. The Dresden fab will be Bosch’s first fab in Europe. The investment will also enable Bosch to expand its technology portfolio in the automotive industry with next-generation technology.

Image: Bosch Given the global shortage of chips, Bosch continues to invest heavily in the production of semiconductors. The company has already invested more than 2.5 billion euros since 2010 and is adding another billion with the opening of a new plant in Dresden. The ultra-modern factory is located in Silicon Saxony, the largest micro-electronics region in Europe. The new state-of-the-art building will open six months ahead of schedule in July. It currently employs 250 people, but this number is expected to rise to 700 by the end of construction. The factory is equipped with machines that think for themselves and wear glasses with integrated cameras. For example, remote technicians in Asia can use AR to optimize production in real time or solve problems using artificial intelligence.

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  • Europe, Germany, Saxony, Dresden. Bosch semiconductor factory. Europe, Germany, Saxony, Dresden. Bosch Waffle Factory. 19.05.2021 Sven Döring for Bosch
  • Europe, Germany, Saxony, Dresden. Bosch semiconductor factory. Europe, Germany, Saxony, Dresden. Bosch Waffle Factory. 19.05.2021 Sven Döring for Bosch

The new heavy plate plant is a boon for Europe, for Germany and for Saxony. This means directly and indirectly many new jobs in a growing sector. This $1 billion investment strengthens Silicon Saxony and the entire European semiconductor industry, said Michael Kretschmer, Prime Minister of Saxony. Sources: Bosch, OC3D

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