The game: Like Bonky
: Puzzle, arcade, party system: Nintendo Switch (also PC, PS4 and Xbox)
Developer/Publisher : Studio Gauntlet|Crunchy Koalas
Age Rating : EU 3+ | USA All
Price : US $14.99| UK £12.99 | EU €14.99
Publication date : 29. January 2021

Check out the code, largely provided by Crunchy Koals.

Gather the monkeys

These days many people are locked inside, so we need to spend more time together and seek distraction so we don’t tear ourselves apart like wild animals. So the need for a good cooperative video game has never been greater. Something to bring people together and have a few laughs before we get back to reality. Bonkies is a game designed to do just that and bring some joy into your life with cute graphics, constructive puzzles and lots of monkey tricks.

Inserting sticks

This is the future, and scientists are colonizing different planets in space. But colonies aren’t built in a day, it takes a team of monkeys in spacesuits with giant robotic arms to put the structures together while the humans drink a nice cup of coffee. The room is bright and the 3D graphics are colorful and vibrant. The characters have big, beautiful eyes, and it’s hard not to look at them and warm to their adorable appearance.

Many planets to explore

Stackable blocks

The game features two campaigns, a cooperative mode and a single-player mode. You can choose from a variety of monkey characters, as well as various other animals that you can unlock as you move up the ladder. In both campaigns you have to build a block structure in levels on one screen within the given time. With the robot’s giant hand, you can grab blocks and place them correctly in the assigned area. The blocks often have to be stacked on top of each other, and the whole thing quickly becomes a balancing act where you have to hold the structure in place for 3 seconds before the scene ends. As you progress through the levels, more and more tasks are added, with additional blocks being added as individual tasks are completed. If you are very fast, which I rarely was, you can unlock the golden banana. It’s hard work, but it encourages you to repeat and master the levels.

I hope this structure holds up

Controls and devices

The controls are fun, but it takes a while to get used to them. You can fly the jet and propel it, then grab blocks with the robot arm and press the face buttons to orient and even stabilize the structure. It is useful when you need to put small blocks in the right place. The blocks carry the weight. Heavy objects will be harder to carry, even with a super robot arm, and if you put too much pressure on your monkey, he’ll get a little disoriented and sometimes even destroy structures you’ve been building for years. It’s about finding the right balance. So when you play together, expect to bark at each other to put some blocks in the right order.

It looks totally solid

The gameplay reminds me of the Snipper Clippers mode, where you cut out shapes and place them in a selected area. The difference with Bonkies is that the game has much more physics. Balanced blocks and objects I clung to often left me on the edge of my seat or gritting my teeth praying it would hold. There are many different blocks you can use to help you too, for example. B. Beams, magnets and blocks floating through the air. They were fun to experiment with, except for the rocket block. This device ignites the fire on one side, causing the blocks to which it is attached to protrude. It just didn’t work on certain levels because it was hard to control and balance it. Imagine shaking a soda and shooting it at a tower of boulders, and you’ll get an idea of what a rocket block is.

This rocket is not a success

Better set up

In cooperative mode, you’ll often have to work with both characters to carry heavy blocks and stabilize structures. For me, the game was more fun when I shared it with someone else. Even when structures collapse, it’s hard not to notice the fun side. Minor downside: some levels of the campaign are recommended for 3 or more players, which bothered me. We felt like part of the game was closed to us because we were missing additional players, instead of just adjusting the difficulty of the game to the players present. In practice, however, you can only play these levels with two people. That’s not the best way to clear things up.

The game is fun, even when it all falls apart.

The single-player campaign allows you to customize the gameplay to an ape. I enjoyed my time in the campaign solo, but I didn’t giggle as much as I did in the co-op. The second player can jump in the single player campaign, but he doesn’t have a robot arm, so he can only fly and help you stabilize the structures, which isn’t as fun for the second player. It’s good that the developers have taken into account the audience of individual players.

Monkey business

When you watch a game like the Bonkies, it’s hard not to smile. Nice graphics and sounds and a really fun puzzle game to play, especially if you can do it with someone else. The developers have created a wonderful experience that will put a smile on the faces of many people, who can certainly use it in these difficult times.

Last block: I likevery much.


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