This Article is the ninth amendment to the Convention. Release of Blood Angel Tactics for the 40k Heat Hammer. The Noble Pure Blood Sons, no matter what, are a challenge. These lines show how the Blood Angels are represented in the legends and fully translated on the table. Let’s dive directly into the water and see what the sons of Sanginius have achieved in this 9th full year. Warhammer 40k’s Tactics of Bloody Angels edition

Tactics of the Bloodthirsty Angels 9. edition: Relevant rules for the 40k hammer

Chapter Approved destinations

The secondary role is the key role in the competition. Several games were won or lost, all about how well you can play. At the end of this article you will find my top 3 reuse options at Blood Angels. If after the ninth week… If you are looking for a new release of Blood Angels Tactics, please read this section. The Leech Tactics 9.

Leech Tactics 9. Edition Part 1: Suppressing the enemy

Blood leaf

Be sensible and make sure you have looked at your opponent’s list and hired a first class staff member. Take the new captain of the death company as an example. They’re strong enough to fight. With their new Death Vision bonuses and other tricks to support this unit, every enemy will die. Then you certainly deserve those precious victory points.

Leech Tactics 9. Edition Part 2: No mercy, no bureaucracy

Horn of the Lost

If you’re thematically building the army of the Death Company, this is definitely for you! The ability to simply play the game and destroy units at will is what the Death Company does best. A good way to take advantage of a miner like this is to include units like the Company of the Death Intercessors, the Company of the Dreadnought, and of course characters like Lemartes or Tycho the Lost. If you really want to succeed in a second step like this, concentrate on how to attack your opponent through the waves. This allows you to constantly score points and prevents your opponent from having to put all his strength into one of your small units.

Death above

This is a complex side task. It takes a lot of resources and shows your strategy. As sons of Sanginius, all our units do excellent work in destroying enemy units. Especially according to these secondary objective criteria. With this secondary option, the best option is a small power unit with jump packs. I’ve got three units of marines from Death Company. One wave after another, pulling the opponent bit by bit, is a very strong way to play this goal. You may be wondering how you can do this successively for units that are under high influence and need to arrive at turn 3. Well, there’s an answer to that. On the firewings (stratagem) they can be placed in reserve and can be used on the secondary as well as on the secondary. Leech Tactics 9.

Leech Tactics 9. Edition Part 3: Excellent performance on the battlefield

Continuous attack

This secondary option is more interesting and accessible than one might think at first glance. Leave the reservation and use great tricks like Forlorn Fury. If you do that, you can certainly cause problems for your opponent. Units such as the Death Company, Assault Marines, and all Phobos units on the subject (Codex Partisan Tactics: Space Marines Trick) are essential.


Medium Echo

Bloody Angels are still one of the most deadly gladiators in hand-to-hand combat. They also kept the tactical chapter of the code: Space marines. A good example is a vanguard veteran unit. They can hit the dandruff immediately with incredible force and hamper the ability of most units to react effectively if they have not yet been destroyed.


A new concept for the Bloody Angels is their ability (if you can call it that) to climb up to the rank of captain or lieutenant to reach the ranks of the Death Company. It’s a really cool theme idea, inspired by an even older legend and publication rules. With incredible new skills, like death visions, we all know why adding such a character to your army can be a pretty cool idea. This figure looks like a rocket ship. He’s not the stagnant breaker character we all know. However, the Death Company uses characters who are also in anger. It is therefore important that these devices are close to each other to protect each other at all costs. Leech Tactics 9.

Tactics of the Bloodthirsty Angels 9. edition: Stratagems

Combat tactics

The coming of the angels

This trick plays a niche role when necessary. Sometimes the name of the game is efficiency. Auxiliary units such as attack troops can move quickly in battle. It’s also great if the acceptors take it even harder.

Revenge for bloodshed

The Black Legion will fight the day it crossed the border with this trick so many years ago. Almost every unit of powerful armor becomes an insanely efficient killing machine. It works better against some of the Marines’ traitors than any other faction in the Warhammer 40k universe. It’s really effective for veterans of urinary tract safety. Apply it to them and have a chance to cut legions of traitors!

Exemption from payment in the event of death

He really embodies the way the unity of the Death Company should feel on the table. Death Company Squadron, now 2 wounds per model, stronger than your opponent could ever think. This significantly increases their sustainability. Especially when a unit of 5 interiors of the Death Company is able to use Transhuman at the same time. This tactic is absolutely worth the cost of the command post.

Aggressive attack

In this new application the meat people learned some special tricks. A bunch of high speed vanguard veterans look good in close combat. Using such a trick has so many different purposes! Help her go undercover. You can also aim them to challenge them or keep them away from your opponent. I like it when they combine harder machines and monsters in certain situations. It prevents my army from being bombed by larger models.

Epic Law

Sacrifice of angels

The angelic sacrifice is a brand new and big winner. Blood-gells are written everywhere, with some of the most heroic characters in the galaxy. The ability to dictate the opponent he is swinging against is a real miracle skill. A good tactic for this is a heroic intervention with Pureblood from the reserve. Then you provoke them to basically dictate what’s going to happen in battle. It’s great to have the other friendly units you need at your disposal.

Spiritually powerful

It’s definitely a trick you can’t keep in your back pocket. Especially if you don’t think your army is up to the task. The blood disciplines have returned with great benefits, but it is sometimes difficult to determine which forces should be used and when. This allows a powerful psychiatrist like Mephiston to have this extra instrument at his disposal at all times. The use of a blacksmith you would not normally have is an excellent example of the strength he can have.

Vision of Sanginius

Use with the Death Vision Engineer and this trick has a lot of potential. Death visions are described later in this article. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll understand why it might be useful. In principle one becomes an absolute piece for the liberation of the masses and at the same time one feels invincible. There are several combinations you can rely on to keep your mission alive. Leech Tactics 9.


Example of an angel

For the first time in the history of his armies, the model of the warlord can carry the power of different abilities. The fantastic use of this combination gives your captain the attribute of a warlord of your choice. Then choose Warmaker as second line of Warlords. Choose Indomitus armor for excellent durability, which can then be chosen as your free relic. You will then receive the weapons of your choice made by a master to get the best of both worlds.

Ascension of the angels

It can certainly be used in many ways. An excellent way to use this trick is the masterful construction of a Thunder Hammer on a Detective Sergeant. Now more than ever, this model looks like a miniature figure, and something your opponent should definitely have in mind.

Lucifer ModelEngines

This is undoubtedly a situational trick, but if used correctly, it can be decisive for victory or defeat. Many of these things require movements and transitions between different parts of the table. This ensures that the vehicle goes where it is needed during the driving phase. This reduces the chance that you will not be able to achieve your chosen secondary objective. It also allows you to take points away from your opponent.

Dear Arx Angelicum

If you are using a single chapter on tracking, you can use this tip to take advantage of some of the best variations of barbarism available. Use Icon to significantly increase efficiency and add an excellent delivery system for the surrounding units. This is just one example of why a successor should use such a trick.

Strategic approval

Red Fury

It is certainly a useful tool when it comes to applying a force to activate the current to turn. It is best used for melee attacks with weapons such as chain swords and Encarmine axes. These two weapons in particular will contribute to significant efficiency gains. Another deadly weapon, such as inserted swords, is a nightmare to deal with. If your opponent has units without invulnerable rescue equipment, you have to deal with them quickly.

Irresistible zeal

This service is only available to the Golden Master of the Arx Angelicum. At first glance it may seem a bit boring for his old version. Thanks to the extremely low cost, CP control and availability only apply to the most powerful devices in the code. It’s really a big win if one or two of these guys are on a mission. This forces the opponent to make a serious effort in the team before approaching the target.

Devastating Anger

The dream of the alpha forwards is back and almost better than before. You can use it for smaller units for a smaller CP. This will force your opponent to use screens they may never have used before. As soon as this happens, the rhythm of the game is determined from the start. The beauty of this trick is that you can use it even if your opponent goes first. In fact, you can move the device to a safer or simply better location if necessary. His ability to dictate and react at the same time makes him an absolute goalkeeper.

On the wings of fire

Theme-jump packs are the heart of the Blood Angels’ power. It also dictates where your opponent expects you to go to the game. It can certainly upset the enemy if you understand your strategy before it’s too late. Take the Death Company Squadron and play Defensive Movement 1 in the back hex. Use it only in the second round and surprise them in a place you can use during the game.

Mean deviation

Flesh Reapers are unscrupulous and are known to frighten the enemy more than any other armor head. It’s useful against hordes of massive infantry. What’s super strong is that there’s not much left after that. The hordes are in Warhammer 40k, 9. circulation, definitely back on the menu. There is nothing more popular than the current Necron Warrior Silver Tide, which is undoubtedly a formidable opponent. This advantage should not be overlooked, and it can make a real difference in a competitive game. Reducing models and even enemy units in another phase of the game is a must. Leech Tactics 9.

Tactics of the Bloodthirsty Angels 9. edition: Varka

Overflow cup

This tool is great for early game attacks. The most powerful naval corps in battle really have to wait for three to come into action. This gives you a big advantage if you have to work quickly on an opponent you can’t afford to play too late. Two units of the Death Company will be extremely deadly at any moment as long as this Blood Priest is around. In most cases, this distracts the opponent’s attention from the early interaction. They should focus on a few badly injured people instead of a threat.

Tactics of the Bloodthirsty Angels 9. edition: Characteristics of a warlord

Primary speed

In most cases it is powerful on an ad hoc basis. When the device is loaded, it always has priority over the device. However, if you’re stuck in the fight for several rounds, you get a couple of blows. The captain of the battle separation can make a real difference. Equipped with a storm shield and Black Fury capacity, they’re tough enough to stay here.

War Artists

A new and improved feature, extremely unique and the first of its kind. Name one nameless character as your warlord. Then give him a powerful warrior feature of his choice, like the warrior rite in the Codex: Space marines. Then use this line to pay for an extra warlord line on the same symbol. With this trick Bloody Angels is the only chapter that can have a character with 4 different properties / umbrellas that are combined in so many different ways!

Shower room

In general, it has become a much more useful tool than the previous code. Use them to gain strength against tough armies like the Grey Knights or the Thousand Sons. He’s even working against the Necrons and their ultra-powerful T’Tan. An attack led by Astorath with a bloody guard is likely to reach its destination as he is there to limit the damage upon arrival.

Hero camp

This attribute truly embodies the attribute of a leader. The synergy effects are very good and the main buffers need to be activated in several areas at the same time. He is very deceptive with his extra reach and is a big fan of a character like Dante. Use the main chapter rolls and massive combat aura rituals for nearby units. It’s like the potential level of Codex Vox Espiritum: Space marines


This attribute can almost behave like multiple free teams throughout the fight. Use it for every bit-stop character you make or for Brother Corbulo. It has become more effective when it hits with truth and precision, and at the same time it has a great extra power. The best time and place to do this is when you can’t save an armor. Use this feature and the command post to keep this character alive and even in top form!

Uninterested value

This allows your character to be extremely heroic at any point in the battle when the enemies are around. This is particularly useful when a task has been set up. This completely frees the enemy from the approach. Calm in both forms he can handle, and it really suits him. Try to blame the new captain of the death company and really threaten the field wherever he goes.

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Characteristics of carnal warlords

Ruthless butcher

Use it and cut out more of your opponent’s patterns. I recommend using it with a character like Gabrielle Seth. It’ll be completely fake. Leech Tactics 9.

Anger and anger

It’s not the best capacity, but it certainly increases the chance of blocked strikes. It’s best to use it on a captain with a Terra Tooth relic. I expect an increase in production. This capacity depends on the quantity. What could be better than using a relic that improves both the number of views and their quality?

Christian born

This line comes back with an updated turn of 40 kilometers. This improves the efficiency and use of character in battle. Especially good against forces that can really do a lot of damage along the way. The lieutenant of Death’s company taking the line becomes a real rocket on its way. You completely ignore the fact that your opponent stands in your way, which gives your list a lot of power.

Blood discipline


Compared to that time, it was absolutely necessary that it was a success of the previous variant. Still, it’s always a big advantage if you give it to the right psychiatrist. With Mephistopheles it’s very powerful.

Unleashing Angle

This new and improved power indeed allows a jump in likelihood. Put it on the death squads table before you lead them into battle and see how their effectiveness increases! This results in a success rate of 110% (and yes, this is possible with hot rollers).

Pure shield

It is certainly an extra layer of thickness that can change the good games. The weapon of fusion is on the rise, and it gives you the advantage of surviving it now more than ever. It’s like a psychic fortress, but you don’t have to stay near the psyche. An excellent tactic for this is to occupy a unit like the Death Company. Then you send them to the center of the battle, knowing that they have three layers of strength to support them (keep the armor, that strength, and the Black Anger – which can also be polished by refusing to die).

Boiling blood

It’s the hidden jewel in the deadly wound. Use the blood shaft to fight the C’Tan, inflicting three wounds in three different stages. You need it to take down one of these monsters. The following tactic is perfect if you want to move and do some damage. Use astute spiritual power with the wings of Sanginius, Smith and Cook with Mephistone. She has to compete with C’Tan!

Blood lance

It’s a powerful force against hordes of infantry. Also excellent to use against an army where multiple units are overloaded across the board. Use it to start whistling on various devices before charging them at full power after they have softened. Here is a large range of games to make the most of this opportunity. Start by damaging several screening units with fatal injuries. Then finish them off with a new Angelus extended-range cannon on the Sanguinary Guard before charging them at juicy targets in the back.

Pure-bred Wings

They have the strongest mental capacity there is! Especially as strong and belligerent as Mephiston. It gives the psychiatrist a sense of independence. Not only can you follow your army reliably, but you can also handle the affairs of your army. For example, you can score secondary points and even remove primary points from your opponent.

Tactics of the Bloodthirsty Angels 9. edition: Published

Toorn van de Waal

This relic must be taken by the Bloody Angels! This gives you that extra mobility that can really flood your list. Movement means playing with the 9. edition. What could be better than increasing the number of infantry in the jump and increasing the range of attack? Some of the best parts of this relic are a stand, starting with the device you place on the sideboard. This disrupts the enemy’s plans and increases the mobility of the unit, which he underestimated.

Angel symbol

This relic is a bit different from the previous version. Still, it is a bonus for important units in the area. An excellent tactic for this relic is for a team to leave the reserve and land in its aura. It gives them an extraordinary opportunity to achieve their goal. It is especially effective with the Red Thirst capacity, which increases the likelihood of an indictment.

Visit in case of death

It’s a success or a failure. There are a few applications, but that stimulates tons of commit games on top. Be careful, otherwise you’ll end up in a risky situation. The best way to use it is to give it a more defensive character, like a bloodthirsty priest. Then, at the end of the game, wait for a timely opportunity to seize it and put it into action.

Floor hammer

Efficiency is the key. The greater the chance of being hit, the more damage you can do, it’s as simple as that! This relic really gives the wearer the feeling that his strength is fully focused on this weapon, and it is ideal for dealing with heavy blows on the battlefield. The best use for this relic will surely be the Captain. Make sure they’re presented to the Death Company. If all goes well, they’ll attack with a huge number of attacks!

Siege of Gaul

It is undoubtedly an excellent way to revitalise the psyche. They become more effective with every force they try to show and become a pretty heavy blow. Very suitable for the angel of blood.  Equip this relic with powerful powers as wings of pure blood. Moreover, bloody disciplines are carried out more reliably. Combine all this with spiritual power (trick) to have all the power you desire at every step.

Carmine red plate

This relic is super cool and has a lot of game. Unfortunately it’s for no one, only the bitter cousins of the Bloody Angel. However, this makes for one of the fastest and deadliest Terminator characters in the game! It’s best to use it when you’re surrounded by large enemy units. This character can even dictate incredibly heavy weapons to your opponents to aim at them. You might wonder how they can withstand that kind of firepower. Bring this character into the company of Death, so he can resist almost anything that happens.


Also designed for the cousins of the legend, this relic transforms a conventional weapon of the Astartes into an absolute blender. Their weapons will hit harder and cause far more damage than any other similar weapon. Use these rights and take on a super powerful relic in Jaws or Terra. Applying it with an ordinary lieutenant to cause major budget damage.

Tactics of the Bloodthirsty Angels 9. edition: Helicopter with special losses

Adamant coat

This is a direct copy of the code: The Space Marines and the return as an option for the Bloody Angels. Useful when looking for extra power in a character. Use it to add an extra layer that is certainly hard to find in other areas.

Heavy shield

One of the highest quality armor for the Blood Angel is a relic. A long lifespan is the only way to save an important character when his speed is not profitable. Fortunately, the priest who’s bloody with the jumping bag now has both, if he has one. They want these signs to live as long as possible. This has to be done.

Main armaments

A very simple but powerful legacy that can really cause any kind of death from a weapon. The Relic blade is already an extremely powerful weapon. If he becomes a master, he’ll become an absolutely punishable version of Thunder Hammer. It’s the key to a heroic captain.

Digital Weapon

Only to inflict an additional wound to destroy the device. It’s also good to soften the target before reloading it with something to clean up in the next turn. Sometimes he can be sure that he has a less important character in his pocket. No automatic registration for all Blood Angel armies.

Earthquake bolts

With so many ways to add value to this code, it’s not exactly an essential relic. It’s only a niche if it promotes your playing style. The way you approach the game can change in an instant and tear the enemy army to pieces.

Shard of the Archangel

Compared to any chaos list, it’s a very solid relic. The standard relic leaf profile is already a very solid option, comparable to the relic leaf profile. But if you’re fighting legions of traitors and above all (you can’t go to enough trouble) monsters you meet, it really becomes an absolute must! You can throw creatures eight times your size on the ground without them sweating. The captain can easily make adjustments and is equipped with this relic.

Carnivorous grenades

This relic is actually a glorified grenade. You can equip almost any grinding character with it. If you are considering other options, this should not be the first thing that comes to mind. There are so many great relics here that this is not the first choice.

Clear gears

This one too, like most of them, is back from the previous addition (Baäl blood). He usually has a solid game when it comes to placing the hero in your ranks. The ability to always dictate who you’re fighting, when and where the clutch is in many situations. Armed with this relic of the new captain of the Death Company, they can do some serious work. They jump from picture to picture and will never stop as long as they have visions of death. Drag and drop this combination correctly, and this relic will update the effectiveness and likelihood of your models. And if he does all this with his two solid skills, the wearer benefits.

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Tactics of the Bloodthirsty Angels 9. edition: Passport data


Black Anger

The new improved capacity sees the return of the Death Company, and it is incredibly bloodthirsty. What’s unfortunate is that this power has now limited the capabilities of this unit. If we consider a unit with such capabilities, it is only because of its pure fighting ability and destructive nature and for no other reason. Units can use Stratagem Lost Wrath to get to the heart of the action as they polish a ton of supporting characters in your ranks.

Death grants

This newly introduced engineer is a very interesting skill to bring the master or mate into the company of death. It gives them the capacity for Black Anger. Use the following 3 functions tactically.

On the Bridge of the Avenging Spirit

A great opportunity to get to the heart of the matter. This ensures exceptional efficiency and the ability to hit your brand with revenge. An ideal moment when you’re surrounded by a treasure or a mass of enemy units. Get him and the captain of the Death Company started with a relic keeper. It’s even better if it’s done masterfully. It’s close to a warrior knight with the kickback and damage to the edge of the sword.

The grace of the angel

This tradition is the best option for sustainability. When the time comes, this character becomes almost uncontrollable. Especially in combination with the trick of refusing to die.

Auxiliary heating

The latter option has the ability to bring the feeling of instantaneous death back to the table. That’s very good for a fast captain, especially in a game in which the characters suffer this kind of damage on weekends. The perfect combination for this is the captain of the Death Company, equipped with a relic of the Shining Pioneers. This maximizes their movement and they can even run after the character.



There wouldn’t have been an article on Blood Angels Tactics in the style of Warm Hammer without diving into Dante! The noblest of all heroes of the Empire returns with a technical chip that is almost better than ever. A lot of fans came to see him. It has the abilities of the Master and is equipped with the most sacred relics, such as the Mask of Death. He truly embodies the spirit of his primate to lead your Bloody Angels into battle. When you add this character to your army, it’s very important that he’s at the centre of the action and pulls all the strings. He has the ability to do this throughout the game that awaits you. Almost every unit of code improves with it.

Gabrielle Seth

Dante’s dear friend also comes back better than ever with an improved technical sheet. He also has the Head of the Master as an extraordinary and brilliant ability with an aura like a Lord of the Slaughter. Any army of carnivorous hoops is more viable if you surround Seth with an experienced urine keeper. It allows them to hit as hard as the Thunder Hammer as they hit with precision and really turn on the Meat Tear.

Whole blood

This savior of the Bloods is better than ever. Reserve this model and wait for the perfect moment to launch the Wonderful Saviour. He will make your opponent pay every time he decides to fight in a melee. In addition to this extraordinary power, there are other excellent ways to use it. It is an extraordinary fighter plane and an absolute rocket, floating with FLY and time on the table. Not only a thematic model, but also super efficient in the game. The Leech Tactics 9.

Brother Corbulo

I had hoped Corbulo would get a little better. He is the chief pharmacist of the Bloody Angels and possesses the unique ability that the Red Grail has given him. Unfortunately, the codex should elevate the blood priest to the rank of chief pharmacist: Space marines. Do this and use the property of the Warlord of the Unselfish Healers to deter other units and recover fallen models on command.

Blood priest

It must be used in all cases to increase the durability of the surrounding material. I want to make it clear that this MUST be the case. Equip it with a jump bag and update it as described above. That’s the best way to put this model on the table. Play this model on defense and keep him alive. You make the best of it by caring and giving to amateurs. Especially at the beginning of the battle, throughout the fight.

Mephiston Head librarian

It is an amazing model that can be cited for several reasons. Not only is it the strongest infantry model there is, but it can also become a destructive character ball. He shows very good performance in many games of his own power. Sensual forces such as thoroughbred wings and acceleration support its character. He’s a powerful psychiatrist and full of cool legends.

Librarian Battleship

With the loss of the relic of the biomantic sarcophagus, this character is no longer the best option. Mephiston will be the librarians’ first choice. However, it’s still a dreaded psyche, so there’s room for it in your style. Use the power of eternal duty to keep it on the board for a long time!


The holiness of the Master of Blood Angels is your best chaplain. It gives you the opportunity to sing two litanies. He is also the only chaplain in the game who knows the 4 Litanies. One of them, the so-called requiem mass, is reserved for him. Place them in strategic reserves and sing a song of hate to increase your chances of success in recharging.


If you lead the troops of the Death Company, this character is the strongest in the crushing units. Don’t forget that Lemart is now using the new Death Vision capability. It is also one of the cheapest options available.

Captain Tycho

Captain Quiet is an exalted captain who has nothing to offer. Consider it a legendary list, but not competitive.

Lost in silence

This discrete option is of strategic importance. First, it has a wide range of auras to crush other units. He also receives a vision bonus in the event of congenital death. Put him in the heart of your troops on the battlefield. This version can and will determine the pace of the games when they are played strategically. Anyone who plays Death Company has to add it to his or her list.


Roof cover

The best unit of the faction is in charge. I bet for a point they’re among the best in the game! Don’t throw them in too early, you risk losing them for no reason. Play a long game and project your threat onto the battlefield. That way, your opponent can guess what you plan to do. Welcome back On the wings of the wire, you have the ability to move this device. Play correctly and form the opponent’s hand. Leech Tactics 9.

Old blood

Arm these boys with Ba’al’s relic of rage. This exhausting character is a plus in almost every situation. This will enable your knights to move faster than any other faction. Use it to find the right position to jump on your shield and set the pace of the game.

Death company Battleship

An absolute model killing machine, literally. The Death Company Battleship can carry out up to 8 attacks per charge because it is fully polished! He hurts almost everyone in the game in pairs. Add to that the power of Forlorn Fury, and you can really see a lot more game play than ever before. If you use the right tactics, it will survive any other battleship. The eternal, black rage of duty can be accentuated by rejecting the ruse of death.

Company of death at sea

These Classical Marines are extremely important to the success of your armies. They move very fast and are able to play hopelessly against the opponent at the beginning of the game. That makes them powerless against your alpha and beta movements.

Enterprise interprocessors

The parts of the Primaris meter in the above device are processors. Due to the absence of jumping bags, it is better to use them in a counter-attack. They’re also coming pretty well from the strategic reserve. They could be harder to kill than any other Death Company junk. Take advantage of transg human physiology and black anger, which can be improved by refusing to die.

Battleship Furioso

An interesting choice, but not the best. If you decide to take it, don’t be aggressive. The anti-reimbursement option will certainly be a strong strategy for this unit. It can help to sort the characters and is quite resistant to the power of eternal duty.

Heavy support

Predatory fish

In any case, an updated technical data sheet and a very large main tower are available. The Baal cannon is a solid variant with a heavy payload, with which you can easily fight off enemy infantry. Place this model on the target. He can do it fast with supercharged engines for power. The rival will have to think twice before loading this powerful car. It is able to automatically hit incoming units and cause chaos in the middle of the board.

First three secondary selections for competitive trading

  • A ruthless attack
  • Raise the banners.
  • Crush them

These three seconds together offer you serious potential for high scores. Many competitive games are won in the second half, so this is the secret sauce of the 9th round. Edition of Blood Angels Tactics.

Since it is quite easy to penetrate the enemy’s operational area, either by means of reinforcements or simply by redistribution with tricks such as party-political tactics and firing.

Collect posters about a mission with 5 or more goals. This is made very reasonable by the high dexterity and the elastic combination of the Blood Angels to stay alive during the action. Use a shield of blood and sodium in combination for multilayer resistance.

Crushed can be a really good choice in most games. They’re going to destroy a lot of units every turn, so it works. It’s not so bad with the second corner. It gives you an idea of exactly what you need and does not unnecessarily cover the equipment.

Use this series with everything else in this Warhammer 40k Blood Angels Tactics article and you’ll see that your gameplay has improved and you’ll have a much better understanding of how to play and win! Leech Tactics 9.

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Would you like to know more about the history and origins of the Blood Spirits? Read this article under 25 facts about bloodthirsty angels.

After all, it’s old, but hey, you can see the battle report here where the Bloods take the dew.

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