For example, the new buggy Garuda Increase

Claw flaps and the shortening of helmets, the so-called death, is still audible to a greater or lesser extent.

The first Claw Blending has only existed for a short time, so it will be interesting for most readers of this post:

The following change has been made to box 29.6.4 EN : Correction of Garuda’s enhancement mod: Mixing Talon won’t hit the enemies behind you at the specified distance. And that’s right, but Abbils’ behaviour always seems to be based on the line of sight; take the following scenario, which you can easily reproduce yourself.

Load 20 enemies in the ball simulation, use Fright Mirrors on one of them to do damage, drop Seeking Talons with the Blinding Talons add-on, then use the Fright Mirror Hold Throw to hit the whole group with AOE. Then look to the left and watch the enemies die, then turn around and look at the other half of the enemies.

What did you expect?
You see your enemies dying from their wounds, then you turn around to find all the enemies behind you who are already dead.

What’s really going on:
You see your enemies dying of their teeth and turn around to find all the enemies behind you, but as soon as you look at them, sharp teeth suddenly appear and start shooting to kill them.

As we can see, Blending Talons are always faulty in the line of sight, so it now expands the enemies in their entire radius, but doesn’t really apply the effect until they look at it. I’m sure someone here can abuse this behavior to break things up, but for those of us who are looking for an AOE slash attack, it’s still a useless and unintuitive behavior.

And now, my Ted Talk about how Mark for Death (M4D) is still buggy, which I have attached to a more popular thread to encourage you to read.

In the end, Hotfix 29.1 DE made a number of changes to M4D, including the following.

  • Correction of the part marked as Fatal Damage twice in AOE.
  • Eliminated the critical opportunity for the AOE Death Radial.

What’s more, the developers explained that some mods overlapped and made the AOE incredibly powerful, but the implementation was (not offensive to DE… well, a bit) sloppy. Specifically, prior to the change in the Chance criterion, Chance was applied twice to initial AOE damage, but in exactly the same way as the transferred status PCs. Aftermarket damage works exactly like the original AOE replacement, but all transferred status discs are completely devoid of character. It seems that DE has seen the first doubling of OCWA and has just removed a layer from the creatures with all the nonsense, so the status profiles have nothing to do with it.

Therefore, for a first AOE
Build A will do less damage than
V3YeBgM - Blending Talons and Marked for Death will still be bugged
Build B, as expected, good for a weapon like Fragor Prime. But when status profiles are applied, such as B. On heavy attacks/collections; constructions A and B subtract actually identical status profiles on enemies hit by AOE, because the beast is completely ignored.

This caused a lot of anger because it is too absurd if the behavior is in fact almost certainly unintentional, as mentioned in the devs subsignal wire (or perhaps the same thing); devs specifically mentioned the assumed synergy between M4D and the heavy attack status that is built up and spread.

At the same time, the asphalt multipliers are still in use, so the beautiful Bronco or Zakti patterns for Rapier pavers always allow for massive disarmament thanks to the transfer of the bevel gear.

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Mixed claws and dead marked claws are still buggies for the Warframe game.

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